My Youth Began With Him Chapter 285

Chapter 285: Does Your Mom Know That You Are This Fierce? (2)
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"Who said that? Tell me, I promise I won't beat her to death haha."

Huo Mian thought in her head, Director Wu is such an honest old man, how could they tarnish his image like that?

"Others might believe these rumors, but I won't. This is because to get ahead, I tried to seduce him too when I first arrived at South Side. I was not only unsuccessful, I almost got fired."

"Holy you are very brave."

"I couldn't help it. Back then, my child was sick and needed money so I was desperate. After Director Wu learned about my situation, he gave me a grant on behalf of the hospital. He even contacted specialists in the field. I am very grateful for all that he has done for me, that's why I've stayed at South Side this whole time." Song Lin began to be a bit choked on her words.

"Yeah, Director Wu is very righteous. He is just too strict so a lot of people are afraid of him."

"I know. That's why I am very grateful you spoke up and did so much for the hospital. It's good to be young and not to have to think about your future, family, or anything. You can do whatever you want to do. Huo Mian, can we be friends? I truly like girls like you."

"Director Song, don't say that."

"Just call me Linlin," Song Lin said sincerely.

When it was time to pay the bill, Song Lin still paid since Huo Mian couldn't get to it in time. However, Huo Mian did become friends with her.

It was already 10 PM when she got back to Imperial Park. Qin Chu did not sleep yet and was reading documents on his laptop in the living room.

"Honey, I'm back."

"Come here." Qin Chu gestured.

Huo Mian dazedly walked towards him, and Qin Chu immediately took her into his embrace. Then, Qin Chu's expression darkened when he smelled the strong alcohol scent on Huo Mian, "Sure enough, you ignored my words."

Huo Mian immediately felt guilty

"Mr. Qin...?"

"Don't flirt, it's not going to work." Qin Chu slammed the laptop shut and looked at her in all seriousness.

"I couldn't help it today"

"You couldn't help it?" Qin Chu asked as he raised a brow.

"Yeah." Huo Mian nodded.

"What do you mean?" Qin Chu asked as he stared at Huo Mian.

"Uh my supervisor treated me to dinner. She's the CFO and she drank If I anger her, I won't get my paycheck. In order to support our family, I needed to socialize with her."

"Support our family? Yeah, Honey, you are so great."

"Not too bad, not too bad, hehe," Huo Mian said guiltily.

"So, if I resign my position as GK's President tomorrow, will you provide for me?"


"My monthly expenses aren't that big, I only spend about seven to eight million yuan per month. Honey thanks for everything in advance."

"Honey, don't be like this let's talk this out." Huo Mian felt like crying.

If Qin Chu's monthly expenses were at least 7 million yuan, there was no way she could muster up that amount, not even if she sold herself.

"I've been talking this out this entire time so, what would you rather we talk about?" Qin Chu came close and was only inches away from Huo Mian's lips.

She didn't dare to move

"Honey, I was wrong" Of course, good kids would admit to their mistakes.

"So how should I punish you?" Qin Chu said seductively as he looked at Huo Mian with a playful smile.

"I'll work like a horse if Mr. Qin wants me to."

"You don't have to work like a horse, you'll only need to fulfill your duties as a wife."

Qin Chu's words were so vague but Huo Mian immediately understood what he was saying

She truly felt that she was led astray by the little nurses at South Side; her thoughts were never innocent anymore...
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