My Youth Began With Him Chapter 345

Chapter 345: You Won't Die If You Don't Court Death (7)
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"Who is he? Why are you guys all freaking out?"

Zhu Lingling didn't know what was happening; she looked carefully but failed to recognize who Huo Mian's lawyer was. Wasn't he just an ordinary-looking, grey-haired old man? Was he capable of helping Huo Mian rise from destitute and head to victory?

However, she realized that might not be the case when she saw how shocked Gao Ran and the others were.

Gao Ran explained with a solemn expression on his face, "He is Dennis Wu, 57 years old, and an American Chinese. He has a JD degree from Yale University and teaches at the FBI. He's employed by Interpol USA and was the attorney for the USA Secretary of State's scandal with his female assistant. Oh right, he was also involved in the Tony Marshall case, that high IQ criminal mastermind from the U.S., and successfully put the accused in jail. He's known as the greatest American Chinese lawyer." (TL Note: not a real person)

"Um" Zhu Lingling was completely flabbergasted at Gao Ran's brilliant introduction.

"So a person like him is here is he here to defend Huo Mian's case?"

"Looks like it. I knew that even if Qin Chu didn't appear in court, he would still amaze us." Gao Ran knew Qin Chu well, so he was never worried that something would happen to Huo Mian.

Compared to everyone's shock, Huo Mian seemed calm, because she had never even seen Dennis Wu in person. However, she did see him on TV and magazines a couple of times.

"So is that really Dennis Wu?" Wei Liao asked in disbelief.

"I'm surprised." Su Yu had to admit that he only had the chance to meet Dennis Wu once, while he was studying abroad in the U.S., Dennis Wu gave a speech in the city he went to school at; it was spectacular, and even Americans respected this Chinese American very much.

Now that he was seeing him in person, as Huo Mian's lawyer, Su Yu finally realized that Huo Siqian wasn't bluffing back then.

Whoever stood behind Huo Mian was indeed very powerful He was at least powerful enough to hire Dennis Wu.

Dennis Wu wasn't someone you could hire, even if you had both money and power

"Okay, I have to admit that I'm shocked as well," Huo Siqian muttered to himself.

He knew that Qin Chu was going to take good care of Huo Mian, but he never would've guessed that he hired Dennis Wu. Qin Chu made too much of a deal out of this case.

The Zhou Family didn't know who Dennis Wu was, so they didn't react to his entrance

However, their lawyer, Zhang Shaochang's entire face went pale

Dennis Wu was his mentor when he studied in the United States, and since he learned a lot from Dennis Wu, he was technically his teacher.

He immediately felt the pressure piling up on him

With his teacher here, he could almost imagine the process and result of today's trial.

"Mrs. Zhou, let's withdraw from the lawsuit."

"What's wrong, Mr. Zhang?" Mrs. Zhou asked with a puzzled expression.

"We can't win," Zhang Shaochang said, depressed.

"That's not possible, you just said that we're bound to win. Plus, we have important evidence. Wouldn't it be a waste of preparation if we gave up? We spent so much money hiring you." Mrs. Zhou was obviously infuriated.

"I can give back every cent you paid me, none of our evidence matters. Plus from what I heard, your son was in the wrong this time. What the defendant, Ms. Huo Mian did, was justifiable as self-defense, wasn't it?"

"Hey, why are you batting for the other team? Whose lawyer are you? What are you talking about?" Mrs. Zhou was clearly irritated by what Zhang Shaochang said.
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