My Youth Began With Him Chapter 611

“Is that really appropriate? I’m just his wife shouldn’t you ask my husband to deal with company issues?”

“But I couldn’t get through to President Qin’s phone His phone might be out of battery.” Assistant Yang felt like crying.

“Then what about the chairman?” asked Huo Mian nervously.

“The chairman isn’t home, I just called. He went golfing and didn’t bring his cell phone, so Mrs. Qin told me to ask you.”

“She told you to come and find me?” asked Huo Mian faintly.


“Okay, then wait for a bit. I’m heading over right away.”

Huo Mian immediately packed up her things and rushed downstairs after she hung up the phone

“Young Madam, you’re not having breakfast?” asked Butler Uncle Li.

“No, Uncle Li, I’ve to get to the company right away. Sorry about all this, you guys enjoy it.”

“Okay, then I’ll let them know.”

Huo Mian actually felt a bit bad, since the chefs and maids spent the morning making breakfast for her; it must have kept them busy the whole morning.

However, she just went down and announced that she wasn’t having any.

Huo Mian got into her car, called in sick at South Side, and then drove to GK Headquarters, arriving in no more than twenty minutes.

She sped all the way and could be called the fastest head nurse ever

– At GK Headquarters –

Assistant Yang personally went downstairs to pick Huo Mian up.

“Young Madam, follow me.”

Huo Mian nodded and followed Assistant Yang into a conference room on the top floor.

There were eight or seven people in the conference room. There were executives for GK Film and Television, those from public relations, and executives who participated in the planning of today’s event, including Jiang Linyue.

Assistant Yang pointed at Huo Mian and introduced her, “Allow me to introduce her, this is the president’s wife, Huo Mian.”

After Assistant Yang spoke, everyone was shocked aside from Jiang Linyue

She only quietly looked at Huo Mian with an indifferent expression on her face…

“Young Madam,” everyone greeted her.

Huo Mian nodded in acknowledgment. “Hi everyone, please sit.”

Assistant Yang then took out a bunch of documents and placed it on the table as he anxiously said, “We don’t have much time, so long story short. The president has been planning the new company’s opening, and everything was in place, but last night, Annie Liang’s scandal was exposed, and she can no longer to walk the red carpet. The president made sure that she’s not going to show up today. So, we’ve only got the stars who signed the letters of intention, but this morning, these stars all backed out of the contract. All of them returned to Imperial Star, and now we only have some not-yet-famous C-list stars, and no one to hold up the stage. We only have two hours left until before the opening ceremony, and everyone will be watching, but as of right now, we haven’t got any stars to walk the red carpet. Not only would GK be laughed at, it will also hinder our president’s reputation. However, I lost contact with President Qin half an hour ago, so under this urgent situation, I’ve asked the Young Madam Qin to come and help us come up with ideas. Everyone can pitch in as well, let’s all think of a solution together.”

After Assistant Yang spoke, everyone fell silent; they looked down, each with frowns on their faces

Who could possibly come up with a good idea at a time like this?

Jiang Linyue spoke first, “I signed Annie Liang, the only person who signed a real contract. Only Imperial Star would be able to expose the scandal last night, so it’s obvious that Su Yu isn’t an upright figure for attacking us at a time like this. We should hire some people to discredit Imperial Star and Su Yu on social media platforms. What do you think?”

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