My Youth Began With Him Chapter 617

He really wanted to see how powerful Qin Chu truly was, and whether he could turn the tables around

“In a bit you should go up and congratulate him after all of those unpopular little stars finish walking. Don’t make him think that you’re a petty competitor.” Wei Liao came up with an idea.

“That’s a given.” Su Yu continued to be pleased with himself.

Even though he never made any progress with courting Huo Mian, he could still be happy for a while if he could defeat Qin Chu in business.

After all, Qin Chu was Huo Mian’s current husband

Hmm? Why did the word ‘current’ come up in his mind? It was as if Huo Mian would get divorced in the future and then get married to another man.

Su Yu couldn’t help but smile at this thought

He hadn’t been this happy in a long time…

At 9:30 in the morning, the long red carpet was rolled out from the halls of the C City Hilton Hotel to the entrance…

Several hundred media reporters swarmed the entrance to take pictures, as plenty of financial socialites and powerful political figures also came.

However, they all directly went inside and waited for the luncheon at noon

Those who walked the red carpet were all GK’s executives as well as stars that have signed on.

After a famous male and female host finished their opening statements, the red carpet event officially began

Some C-list stars began to enter, as everyone watched and waited.

“I hear that President Qin isn’t in our city. He didn’t even make it back to today’s opening.”

“Yea, T City’s issues aren’t resolved yet, so President Qin might not be coming back.”

“I hear that Annie Liang couldn’t come as well, because fans saw her in Thailand this morning. She might’ve gone abroad to wait out the scandal.”

“If no one is coming, then wouldn’t GK’s high-end red carpet event turn into a gathering of little stars?”

Everyone discussed amongst themselves…

However, after a few more C-list celebrities showed up, suddenly

An attractive figure appeared at the end of the red carpet

She wore a bright-red evening gown with a V-shaped back, along with Korean-style nude makeup; her beauty held everyone’s attention.

Someone in the crowd shouted, “Look, isn’t that Mo Xue’er? I can’t believe she’s actually here!”

“Ahhhh wasn’t she supposed to go to Hollywood? Why would she sign with GK?”

“Ya, it’s been so long since we’ve seen Mo Xue’er. I heard that the film she acted in with Hollywood stars is about to be released in theaters. She’s so beautiful now, and her vibe is totally different from the others. She’s so elegant.”

The men inside the black Bentley lost their cool

“Whoa hell why did Mo Xue’er come?” Tang Chuan went wild.

Wei Liao went wild as well

Su Yu, however, only coldly grunted. “This seems to be the work of Huo Siqian.”

“Huo Siqian? Why would he go against you?” Wei Liao froze.

“He isn’t going against me, he just wants to help Huo Mian.” Su Yu seemed to have realized what was happening.

“Help Huo Mian? Is he that close with her?” Wei Liao was completely dumbfounded; he didn’t understand what was happening.

Just then, the crowd went wild once again

The reporters and fans who watched nearby all seemed to be on the verge of going crazy…

“Look, look, Ni Yang Ni Yang came! My gosh, he came!”

“He’s so handsome, it’s been so long since we’ve seen him smile!”

Ni Yang’s appearance drove the crowd into a mass frenzy

In China, he had even more influence than Mo Xue’er…

Ni Yang was known for his cold and prideful character, and he rarely smiled.

So when he wore a black suit and walked down the red carpet with an alluring smile on his face

The crowd went out of control, and fans began screaming out

“Now this is truly interesting.” Su Yu smiled faintly.

Two massive stars, Mo Xue’er and Ni Yang, appeared one after one another

Didn’t Ni Yang already sign with them? What could’ve gone wrong down there?

Just as Su Yu finished speaking, Wei Liao immediately said, “Su Yu, look, that woman behind Ni Yang that woman with the smokey-eye makeup, why does she look so familiar?”

Su Yu squinted as he closely looked at who it was, and then he was immediately petrified

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