My Youth Began With Him Chapter 674


“Why would he know?”

“I’m not sure, it’s only a feeling I have. It’s as if he knows about a lot of things” Huo Mian slowly said as she held her chin.

“That’s not impossible, anyways It’s better to keep your distance from Huo Siqian.”

“I know,” Huo Mian nodded.

When they arrived home, Huo Mian originally wanted to eat some snacks and watch soap operas with Qin Chu.

However, he received a call and started working again.

“Honey, I’ll be on a video conference in the study.”


“Don’t wait up for me. Go to sleep if you’re tired.”

“Okay.” Huo Mian obediently nodded.

Just as Qin Chu was about to head upstairs, he suddenly stopped in his tracks and said, “Oh right, Honey, GK’s thirty-year-anniversary party will be held at the Ritz-Carlton next week. It’ll be very grand, with a magnificent banquet. If you want to invite any friends, tell Assistant Yang beforehand and get him to arrange a guest list for you.”

“Okay, sure.” Huo Mian nodded

Then, Qin Chu went into the study for work.

Meanwhile, Huo Mian took a shower, changed into her pajamas, and played around on WeChat in bed.

“Big Sis Lingling, you seem to be very busy lately. Let’s go and get food sometime?”

“Your Big Sis Lingling has been flying long routes recently. My gosh, maybe it’s because I’m too beautiful, so the head stewardess has been stalling on signing off my annual leave I have to work nonstop; I don’t time to hang out and have fun.”

“Ha, everyone has their busy days. Now that the weather is getting colder, it’s peak season for your airline company. Plenty of northerners want to fly south to avoid the cold weather.”

“That’s true I don’t even have time to drink water when I’m at work. I don’t want to work anymore. Once I marry into a wealthy family, I will immediately resign, live in a luxurious mansion, drive luxurious cars, and pick up the super rich like you do everyday.”

“Pish don’t be silly, when have I ever picked up the super rich?” Huo Mian almost spat out blood upon hearing Lingling’s words.

“Haha, right, you’re not picking up Su Yu, it’s Su Yu who wants to pick you up” Zhu Lingling laughed.

“Did you think I was a flower that could be picked up at any time?” replied Huo Mian.


“Stop your ‘hahaha’, what’s up with you and Gao Ran lately?”

“Nothing is up.”

“Don’t lie to me like a three-year-old, I don’t believe you.”

“Haha, there’s really nothing.”

“Hmph, if you don’t tell me, then I’ll ask Mr. Qin to interrogate Gao Ran.”

“Don’t, don’t, don’t The truth is, the two of us ate together a few days ago. It was his treat, and we went because he said that a new grilled pork hock restaurant opened in the west side of the city,” Zhu Lingling said guiltily.

“What happened after the grilled pork hock?” Huo Mian continued her interrogation.

“Of course we went our separate ways after the grilled pork hock.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“Haha, it’s true, don’t overthink it. We’re as pure as ethanol.”

“Hmph, I think you guys are more like alcohol”

Zhu Lingling, “”

“Please lady, please stop asking, I promise to tell you if anything does happen.”

“It’s fine if you don’t want to tell me. I plan to invite Lin Xuejiao out in a few days, get her to have a meal with Gao Ran and help them get back together,” Huo Mian said on purpose

“Holy sh*t Don’t you dare!” Zhu Lingling immediately lost her cool.

“See, I knew something was up with you”

“Don’t torture me anymore, I’ll admit that I like him a little, okay? But don’t tell him. If he doesn’t confess to me, then I definitely won’t confess to him. We’ll both keep it in, let’s see who goes crazy first” Zhu Lingling said arrogantly.

“Fine, no one else could think of this other than you.” Huo Mian’s face was filled with helplessness.

After her conversation with Zhu Lingling ended, Huo Mian made a cup of coffee and took it upstairs for Qin Chu

Qin Chu was in the middle of a video conference, as he faced a dozen or so executives

Huo Mian immediately saw that Jiang Linyue was there as well, so she purposefully placed the coffee on the side, and then wrapped her arms around Qin Chu’s neck and flirted, “Honey, I’m afraid of sleeping alone, can you end your conference and keep me company?”

The executives on the other side of the video were all dumbfounded when they saw Young Madam flirt with their boss

Jiang Linyue felt terrible

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