Myriad Realms Grand Manager With A God Class Systemrevised Chapter 168

Chapter 168: Chapter 168: demon beast shaking the earth.

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"Luckily, in the end, I succeeded to get rid of another Grandmaster rank Demon Beast, this sword, can finally rest.." Hu Shou said, unleashing the giant Rage sword from his back.

The broad sword was riddled with scratches and there were numerous dents on the blade.

Several small cracks were scattered all over the entire sword.

Qi Le carefully looked at the rage sword that Hu Shou had taken out...

After all, it is a question of the durability of his merchandise.

As long as it is equipment related to fighting, there will always be wear and tear. The more you use it, the tougher the opponent you're dealing with, the sooner it wears out.

Although the excellent grade equipment is already very strong.

But after all, it's only an excellent grade.

Even though it is already several levels better than the equipment in this world, it is not a magical or divine weapon after all.

You know, just according to the system, there are four levels above the excellent grade.

Rare, treasure, epic, and legend.

So far, Qi Le hasn't got any product above excellent grade.

"Also, if the equipment doesn't wear out, I'm afraid I will run out of business in a few years, I'll probably end up drinking air and eating clouds ." Qi Le said silently in his heart.

Of course, this cannot be said out loud.

Otherwise, he might be despised by the people in front of him.

Lan Ye exchanged a few words with Hu Shou, then settled the bill and went to the combat strength promotion room next door with others.

Hu shou walked to the shelf and took the long-awaited Dragon Marked Giant Ax in his hand.

"This momentum."

Hu Shou stared at the Dragon Marked Giant Ax in his hand as if he was looking at his beloved.

Qi Le stared at Hu Shou, thinking about this funny behavior.

"Add another chain Armor, if it wasn't for my good luck, I don't know when I would have been able to get these four thousand spirit crystals." Hu Shou placed a handful of magic cores on the counter.

With a sweep of his eyes, Qi Le easily calculated the magic cores.

Four thousand two hundred spirit crystals, yep.

There were a few Grandmaster-rank magic cores and numerous brave-rank magic cores. I really don't know how many demon beasts he has hunted these days.

"But the price is really expensive, boss, so I won't bother you about anything else today." Hu Shou placed the Dragon marked Giant Ax on his back, then took the rage sword and walked out of the store.

Probably he has enough remaining pills, thus needs no additional pill.

Looking at him rushing out of the store, he probably can't wait to go back to the Cloud Forest and try the power of the new weapon.

"With these people fighting against the demon beasts the Cloud Mist City should be able to get through the beast tide with ease." Qi Le thought

And when he saw that no customer was in the grocery store, he went to the back room, planning to get some sleep.

And Yue Xi replaced Qi Le's position voluntarily.

... ...

Cloud Mist City, outside the city walls.

Where the city guards had initially camped, the bonfire was extinguished.

And after breakfast, all the military tents were put away and the soldiers ready to fight at any time were stationed there.

At a time like this, there is no time to rest too much.

Qin Ming didn't know how much time had passed before the roar of the beasts echoed in the cloud forest.

A strong howl of a demon beast shaking the earth.

Accompanied by the loud noise of rumbling, the sky full of smoke and dust, countless demon beasts rushed out of the cloud forest and rushed toward the city guards stationed outside the city wall.

There are demon wolves and demon tigers, demon eagles and demon snakes, etc.

There are almost all kinds of monsters, mixed, with great momentum rushing towards the city guards.

"The number of demon beasts in this wave of the best tide has increased by several times, what's the matter?" Qin Ming stood on the wall, looking at the huge wave of demon beasts, and frowned.


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