Mystical Journey Chapter 756

Chapter 756: Bureau 4
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On top of a snowy mountain peak somewhere in Iceland, chunks of snow exploded like bombs and scattered snow everywhere. Looking from afar, an entire right chunk of the snow peak had been blown away, looking similar to a sugarcane that was bitten off.

The top half of the mountain crashed down and fell onto a plateau below, causing the ground to tremble.

The sky was clear without a single cloud but the sunlight did not provide much warmth. The sunlight shone on the exploded part of the mountain peak. There was a dark cave there.

There was a hint of green smoke coming out of the cave. That green smoke swirled around at the entrance of the cave and before it quickly dispersed as though it was a living thing.

Cough cough cough

A slight coughing sound came from the cave. It seemed to belong to an old man's voice.

A moment later, an old figure with a white beard slowly walked out of the cave. He was leaning on a thick white cane and dressed in shabby clothes made from hides and skins. It seemed to be a patchwork of many different kinds of animal hides. There was a necklace made from shrunken human skulls hanging on his chest, giving off a primitive impression.

"Finally got out" the old man groused. His face was lined with wrinkles like the bark of a tree. His hair and beard were a mess like the mane of a lion, totally unkempt.

He put his free hand by his mouth and blew.


A sharp whistle sound traveled through the cold wind.

After some time, a black dot was flying in the sky in the distance.

The black dot gradually came closer until its appearance was revealed. It was a big black hawk that had a wingspan of over four meters without a tinge of other colors. In the eyes of the black hawk was the strange old man at the bottom. It gave off a loud screech and flew down towards the old man.

A shadow flashed by and the old man was sitting on the back of the black hawk before it had even completely flown down. Then, one man and one hawk flew away from the place.

A few days later, the Lightless Alliance that was growing in numbers sent out a message. One of their three leaders, AG, had finally come out in spring and successfully made a breakthrough to a new realm. Originally, AG was an Upper Level but after the breakthrough, he could only be a Death Apostle.

The Lightless Alliance, which only had two Death Apostle class experts in the ranked one Holy Fist Palace, now had another one. The Alliance had now become more powerful, to an extent that it was comparable to the Blood Breeds and Witches.

Especially the Witches which had now become the weakest among them. AG, who represented the wizards, had had a breakthrough. Did it mean that the wizards who disappeared from history had returned once more? No one was clear.

However, the one point that everyone understood was that Lightless Alliance had become more powerful. Supernatural powers combined with the powers of ordinary people. More and more humans, under the leadership of Holy Fist Palace, were constantly training in fist techniques. Every second and every moment that passed by meant the expansion of Holy Fist Palace and Lightless Alliance.

In this situation, the Blood Breeds had no choice but to make a move.


Deep in the Blood Alliance Headquarters

In the crimson underground, a number of huge spheres similar to glass balls floated in mid-air while moving around.

All the Death Apostle Blood Breeds except for Ashen were gathered here, occupying each of the glass spheres.

Wellington, Scarlet Moon, the female death apostle, the mysterious blonde man, and the last one was the Lion Mother. The Lion Mother's real body seemed to be elsewhere, but she had projected through the sphere what appeared to be a virtual image standing in the sphere.

The five of them opened their eyes and looked at each other in the sphere.

"The hidden piece is in. The next step should follow the plan," Lion Mother was the first one to speak. "The world has become more and more chaotic. If it is not put back on the right track, I'm afraid there will be unpredictable severe consequences." While she was speaking, she still had a gentle and compassionate look on her face.

"Based on my recent observation, I felt that the original plan should be slightly altered," someone gave a different opinion. It was the only female Death Apostle. She slightly frowned and stared at Lion Mother.

"I feel that, with Garen's personality, even if we used his parents and relatives to threaten him, the most we can achieve is to perish together with him. Besides letting him cast aside any worries, there are no other uses."

"Why do you say that? We can use his family to exchange for the benefits we need," Wellington said. He was now developing new family descendants so his consumption was very large. Until now, his face was still greenish, evidence of his large blood consumption.

"Though there is that kind of scenario, according to my analysis on Garen's past, this person was, on the surface, protective of his family but deep down he was an absolutely indifferent and rational person. I expect that threatening him using his family will not yield a good enough result worth sacrificing our hidden piece which we took so much care to insert," the female Death Apostle retorted.

"Indeed, with Garen's personality, he will likely go straight down to fighting us to the death. Even if we kill his family, it will only fuel the fire in his heart for vengeance. In the end, it will be a war that consumes both sides with nothing to gain except damage. In comparison, the Holy Fist Palace has a huge number of humans to back them up and their speed in restoring their power and forces far outstrip us. This not worth it," Wellington also shook his head slightly and said.

"Say, Scarlet Moon, isn't there someone on your side that has a very good relationship with Garen's family? Is there a chance?" he looked at Scarlet Moon and said.

"I will not use such a despicable move," Scarlet Moon said. He looked at him indifferently and closed his eyes, refusing to say anymore.

"Stodgy!" Wellington curse at him.

"I also agree with this view. Garen's personality is not the kind that succumbs to threats easily. The most we can get out of this is a war to the bitter end. It will only remove his last worries," the mysterious blonde man nodded in agreement, "My suggestion is that the hidden piece refrains from taking any action for now, so as not to expose themselves. They will be able to display the largest effect at the critical time."

"I agree," Wellington nodded and said.

"This is fine too," Lion Mother nodded and agreed to this method.


Swish swish swish.

In the bushes that stood as tall as a man, several figures flashed by. They were all dressed in black and almost blended into the darkness of the night, like ferocious nighthawks.

At the front, there was a scarlet figure running with all its might. The speed of the scarlet figure was not slow, but the distance with its pursuers at the back was getting shorter and shorter.

When the distance was less than three hundred meters away, the scarlet figure came to a sudden halt and turned around. The moonlight revealed a cold and handsome man's face. It was the person who had killed Dahm and successfully escaped, Hochman.

"Found me out so soon?" Hochman murmured at the few shadows behind him expressionlessly.

After killing Dahm, he put on a mask and escaped since he was sure to become a wanted man in the Lightless Alliance. With the large network that Holy Fist Palace had and the mysterious means of the Dark Colors Witches. Even if he had a breakthrough, he was tracked down without realization.

"Hochman! Die!!"

Several shadows flashed around him at that moment, just like petals of a black flower, and withdrew four sharp knives that were stabbed towards his waist from all directions.

"Nighthawk?" Hochman narrowed both his eyes and recognized the secret technique they used. It was Nighthawk's improved version of Shooting Shadow Secret Technique. This secret technique of the Holy Fist Palace was the most involved in their outside work as it was specialized in high speed for assassination purpose. In order to achieve victory, they would use any methods available to them. These people who dared to come out to pursue him was obviously fierce and not scared of death.

The blade was absolutely untouchable because it was hundred percent coated in poison. One touch would spell his death.


Flicking both his hands, Hochman sent out one transparent wind punch after another in all directions and caused the blade to bend.


He kicked the belly of one of the dark shadows and made him shoot out like a cannonball. How many forces did Holy Fist Palace send out to kill him? He intended to leave one alive for interrogation purposes.

Just then, he looked at the eyes of the four men wearing masks. There was no desire for survival reflected in the remaining three people.

"This is bad!"

Just as this thought appeared in his mind, he heard three bursting sounds accompanied by extremely hot waves.


Around Hochman, red and white flames burst out from the three figures. These fiery flame tongues surrounded Hochman.

The flames had a diameter that was more than six meters and their colors were strange. Looking from afar, they were divided into three layers of colors. The inside was white gold, the middle was pure white and the outermost was pale red in color.

The huge shock turned into ripples and spread out. Looking from far away, the figure of Hochman and the three people could not be seen as they were completely wrapped in flames.

The surrounding grassland quickly turned yellow and withered before turning charred and then into ashes with sparkles on them. They were blown away by the shockwaves and some glued themselves to the surrounding grass, quickly starting another fire.

The flame lasted a few seconds before it slowly disappeared, leaving a huge pit behind. It was more than ten meters large and there was smoke inside.


A dark shadow suddenly dashed out of the deep pit and flew into the distance, leaving behind afterimages.

Hochman felt his body boiling and his clothes were almost completely burned. There were large patches of burns on his body. The original handsome face had become unrecognizable and more than half of his hair had burned away.

This was the combined power of the modern science and secret techniques. Three death soldiers with special explosives blew up themselves together. The power it brought was such that even a Death Apostle class like Hochman would receive grievous injurious in a moment of carelessness. After all, he did not have the kind of terrifying physique like Garen.

Even then, the charred skin on Hochman was rapidly healing with a speed that was visible to the naked eyes.

"Such ruthlessness!" Hochman endured the pain and sped away. Even if he was a Death Apostle class, the Holy Fist Palace was not an ordinary force. There was still a real Death Apostle, Tu Lan, there. Not only that, apart from their life force that was close to immortal, the actual gap in strength between the upper level and them was not that large. He was not a secret technique expert that was specialized in speed, hence if he was surrounded with a range of technology to delay and interfere with him, not even he could escape.

"Surrender quietly, Hochman!" a voice came from far away. It seemed to be one of the top Nighthawk members. He could not remember clearly but it was not important right now. What was important was the shrill sound on top of his head.


A dark shadow suddenly flew over his head and Hochman felt a sudden threat from the sky. Looking up quickly, two torpedo-like white missiles flew at him with a shrill sound.
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