Mystical Journey Chapter 757

Chapter 757: Conspiracy 1
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The missiles exploded with a large shockwave and Hochman was blown away, rolling around on the ground.

Soon, there were shrill sounds once again and a few missiles raced down from the sky like meteors.

After a few mechanical sounds, the second wave of missiles automatically burst into more than ten warheads. They aimed for Hochman, including all of the possible places he could dodge.

Peng peng peng peng!!...

Amidst a series of explosions, Hochman kept dodging at a very high speed. The sparks from the explosion of missiles stuck to his body and kept burning. The fact that he could not even extinguish them spoke of his current disheveled condition. He quickly took off his cloak and hid from the warheads in the sky using the surrounding bushes.


Suddenly, the roar of a female rang out.

As the sound of the roar swept past, a huge invisible force fell and pressed down on Hochman.


At this moment, Hochman shook his arms and the roar of a beast came from his shadow. He broke free from the invisible force and avoided the third wave of missiles in the nick of time.


Holy Fist Palace Tactical Hall.

Garen's eyes swept over the sand table in front of him. He was listening to the expert's explanation calmly with an expressionless face.

The white sand table displayed a map of the entire Earth, forming a miniature Earth. On top of it, some important places were marked clearly with bright red dots.

Garen's line of sight fell on the miniature Earth. The planet of this world was also named as Earth.

There were three red dots flashing on the Asia and Europe region. These represented the Holy Fist Palace's confrontations with the Blood Breeds within these two regions.

The rest of the regions in Asia, Africa and America were relatively calm. However, there were patches of red in some places in Asia like red oil, indicating that these places were also in conflict with the Blood Breeds, just that the scale was much smaller.

"In Asia, the red regions represent requests for support but the level of skirmishes are small and Headquarter has sent reinforcements there. Together with the local forces, there will be no problem in keeping the situation under our control." the Intelligence Department's personnel giving the explanation was a cool beauty wearing a black uniform with flesh-colored stockings. She was currently quickly going over the general situation for Garen with a serious expression.

"According to the latest news from our Intelligence Department, our focus is on the flashing red points, especially Europe where the Blood Breeds are deeply rooted. Their initiative to attack us is most likely a cover to attract our attention from something," the female official said.

"What about the pursuers' team?" Garen asked.

"They've caught up but Hochman is very tenacious. We've sent four bombers and a team of Special Forces with full cooperation from the Palace's fighters and support from Dark Color witches."

"Are there any other problems?"

"No, all other locations have enough support. The only thing the Holy Fist Palace has to do is to make up for their lack of Special Forces combat personnel. The Blood Breeds are only strong in special warfare. The local forces can still hold their own when facing them head-on in the battlefield. Taking out their speed and hypnosis, the so-called Blood Breeds only have slightly thicker skin and longer lifespan," the female official said confidently.

"Who's the current base commander in America?" Garen's fingers gently tapped the America region on the miniature Earth.

"It's United States' Army's Lieutenant Strong that's responsible for dispatching troops."

"Ask him to make preparations, as the Blood Breeds will protect Hochman," Garen said.

"Are you saying the Blood Breed's large movement is a cover for Hochman, forcing us to dispatch a large number of forces to guard against them?" the female official frowned.

"It is possible."

Garen took a final glance at the miniature Earth. The flashing red dots and regions were still eye-catching.

"Let the mobile team get ready to move out."

"Yes, sir!"


One week later.

The border of Canada, United States.

Hochman was running for his life. Above him came the sound of combat aircraft. Previously, an army from Canada had retreated after some discussion. Apparently, this operation to search and destroy received permission even across the border.

During this one week, Hochman had experienced, for the first time, the feelings of those who were hunted down by him in the past, along with Dahm's experience.

He was continuously hunted and bombarded by the army, one group after another, and no matter where he fled, his position would be swiftly tracked down. The combination of satellite positioning and witchcraft did not allow him to find a place to hide and rest, forcing him to run forward without pause.

When he was hungry, he could only hunt and kill wild animals and eat their meat raw. When he was thirsty, he could only drink blood most of the time. There was no chance of grilling meat and boiling soup.

If he had not mastered the Water Bird Fist and invoked some strange and mysterious change in his body, he would have collapsed long ago.

"Hold on, just hold on a little bit more." after one week of no rest while constantly being pursued, even Hochman had reached his limit. He forced open his eyelids that were about to shut any moment and rolled away on the spot. Behind him, an air-to-ground missile exploded... or was it some sort of anti-aircraft weapon?

These days, he was getting used to the continuous stream of army weapons with great power. The clothes on his body had become rags, the hair all over his body had been burnt off, his skin was blackened and there were burns everywhere. It was all thanks to these weapons.

Even though his physique had become very special, enduring all the attacks up till now had rapidly weakened his recovery rate.

However, from the moment he made the decision to kill Dahm, he had anticipated this kind of consequences. He had always suspected that the reason he was hunted down was not due to killing Dahm but to the appearance of the mysterious person, who had snatched something from his teacher, hence allowing Hochman to escape his control.

Nonetheless, he had decided to snatch the mask, and such a result was naturally within his consideration. He had arranged for subordinates that were absolutely loyal to him to secretly contact the Blood Breeds. The Blood Breeds should have taken some kind of action.

Both legs mechanically moved at a fast pace while doing all sorts of evasive actions. Behind him, Gatling guns swept over the ground, causing mud to splash around.

Hochman was unmoved and sped forward. At the end of the bushes was a dark and damp jungle where the light was dim. It was the best place to escape his pursuers.

As long as he entered the jungle, the pursuers would have a hard time to chase after him. This fact made Hochman felt relieved.

But at this moment, a familiar figure suddenly appeared before the jungle.

Pa pa pa!

A series of searchlights formed a blinding beam of light and instantly enveloped Hochman in the middle, forming a huge square.

The dazzling light temporarily blinded his sight.

"Hochman, don't struggle anymore," the person in front of the jungle had a good proportion. She wore a red silk cheongsam which revealed her long, curved legs in stockings. Her red hair cascaded downwards and her beautiful face gave off a cold feeling.

The combination of her charming and cold temperament gave off an inexplicably strong and fierce aura.

Especially that pair of apricot-red eyes, which exuded a crystalline beauty under the reflection of the white searchlights.

"Quentin," Hochman suddenly stopped and stood in the center of the searchlights. His face was haggard and his original handsome countenance was nowhere to be seen. Even his voice was hoarse as he had not drunk water for a long time.

"You have never won against me. Get out of my way, I don't want to kill you."

A hint of contempt flashed through Quentin's eyes.

"The current you is not in top condition."

"You really want to go against me?" the only spot on Hochman's body which could be considered clean was his eyes. He stared at Quentin warily, though the whites of his eyes were bloodshot.

"Not me, but us," Quentin smiled. Immediately, a person walked out from the jungle behind, wearing a white uniform upon which the word "Holy" was sewn into the chest. It was the standard clothing of the Holy Fist Palace.

The person had spiky hair, his body was taut with muscles and the shape of his body was similar to a bear. Even so, the steps he took were silent, which was oddly contradictory.

"Xander" Hochman recognized that person with one glance. He was one of the most powerful combatants in the Combat Club's first batch; one of the Four Major Generals, Xander.

"Hochman, why did you betray us?" Xander asked coldly.

"Betray? This is not betrayal," Hochman laughed. "I am not willing to stay under other people for eternity, and my life is not destined to be used as someone else's lapdog!"

"You fool!" Xander said coldly. "Teacher had delegated all the authorities to us, especially you and General Dahm! I didn't expect that you were still not satisfied. Did you think you could replace Teacher's position?"

"Why can't I?" Hochman grinned. He suddenly disappeared while being surrounded by searchlights and rushed towards Quentin and Xander.


Just then, a flame pillar burst out from the ground into the sky in front of Quentin and Xander. The flame pillar had blocked Hochman's path.

"Kill him!!" Quentin shouted while pulling Xander and retreating.

In the jungle behind, flame tongues lit up his surroundings and countless bullets flew towards Hochman. All these bullets had undergone a special process using heavy metal as materials. As long as the bullets penetrated the body, it could cause heavy metal poisoning. Some of the bullets even carried explosives which could explode and deal heavier damage after piercing the target.

After a short time, the bushes of the jungle were smashed to pieces and some places were soon lit on fire.

In the storm of bullets, Hochman dodged left and right and impressively, not many bullets had hit him. After a few evasive moves, he leaped towards Quentin and Xander.

"Let me!"

Xander was not afraid and stepped forward.

With a standard horse stance, he unleashed a punch.


Fist against fist. Hochman and Xander both trembled. One flew back and tumbled to the ground while the other retreated a few steps with a red complexion.

"Again!!" Xander roared and rushed forward bringing a burst of wind with him, like a tiger that was descending down the mountain.

At this time, the surrounding ambushing gunmen had automatically stopped their actions, awaiting the results of the brawl.

Xander rushed forward aggressively and from his waist, he delivered punches one after another like cannonballs. Fierce explosive forces were unleashed without restraint. The muscles all over his body had also twisted and tightened like wire.

The steel-like fists were launched towards Hochman one-by-one but they were countered with the same force by Hochman. The current Hochman had reached his limit. He could not even let out aura to suppress his opponent. In his struggle, he could only barely exchange punches with Xander. Yet it was in this way that more and more internal injuries were accumulated.
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