Nanomancer Reborn I've Become A Snow Girl? Book 4 Chapter 214 2

Volume 4: Volume 4 Chapter 214 Isaac Part 2

"Ah? What does she mean show me yours?" The members that recognised her skill frowned in confusion. It was as if she was suggesting that Isaac had a domain of his own.

"I don't get what you mean." Isaac smiled.

"Hou hou~ Don't lie to me. I can see the truth. When I blocked your sword, my intent of countering was pretty strong ya know? If not for the fact that you concentrated your domain in front of you, I would have countered without worry." Shiro replied while narrowing her eyes.

During the moment of contact, she had focused her killing intent to lash out at him in a short burst. This was the cause as to why he had activated his own domain in order to ensure his safety.

Hearing this, several pairs of eyes stared at Isaac in confusion and disbelief.

"So you were able to find out within that short exchange?" Isaac smiled.

"Of course. But I'm surprised, why have you hidden it till now? Not only that, why did you show it in this match?" Shiro asked while readying herself for the next exchange.

"Tall bamboo's are destroyed easily. In a situation where the city has no attack domain user, don't you think my domain will stand out a little? But the situation has changed. After this raid, I'll be leaving this city so it's fine." Isaac chuckled.

"As for why I showed it in this match, let's say you're more dangerous than I gave you credit for. From now on, no holding back anymore. Prepare yourself." Isaac said as he stopped smiling.

A silver aura flickered off his body while his sword started to give off a soft shattering sound. Several copies of the same sword seemed to overlap each other as Shiro looked at it with interest.

'This seems quite similar to my refraction skill.'

"Now that I think of it, I haven't introduced myself have I? Nytri, level 51 Elemental Sword Sage."

As she finished her introduction, Light, Dark Star and Shadow elemental orbs formed around her body gathering towards her sword.

Dying the crystal with a mixture of white, black and purple, it also started to hum as several copies of the sword flickered in and out of view.

Yin Style Asura's PathSword Path!

Crescent Moon BladeHowling Moon!

As the two activated their respective sword styles, they dashed towards each other as their swords created a faint trail of light behind them.


Both their skills cancelled each other out as the real swords clashed against one another.

The trail left behind by the sword tangled with each other as if it was two serpents fighting in a life and death battle.

Despite the fact that Shiro had activated her domain, she could feel that Isaac was definitely more experienced in the way of the sword. Not only was his domain more stable than her's, his way of controlling his sword was also more superior to her.

It didn't come as a surprise to Shiro since she was primarily a ranged fighter. However, it didn't mean that she was going to give up.

No. The harder the fight, the more it got her blood to boil. Her eyes widened in joy as she grinned with excitement.

Summoning a second sword, she started to increase the amount of pressure on Isaac. Since she could control her body almost perfectly, her spare hand was just as strong as her main hand. It was like fighting against two equally experience fighters.

Understanding that he was slowly losing the upper hand, Isaac took a deep breath and increased the pace of which he consumed his mana. The silver aura around him flared crazily as his speed increased little by little.


Stomping down with his foot, his sword shot forwards like a bullet.

Many of the spectators thought that the match was over but paused in shock when they saw Shiro's insane reaction speed and flexibility for her to be able to dodge the strike.

Her balance was on the very edge of tipping but it was still enough for her to keep her posture.

Flicking her wrist, she slashed towards his body while his guard was down.

At that moment, Isaac's body flickered and returned to the stance he had a moment before stabbing out with his sword.


Shiro was slightly surprised since she knew that this was beyond his reaction speed.

Shifting her moment so that she could retreat faster, she slid along the ground and narrowed her eyes.

'Interesting' She thought with a smile.

Tapping her necklace, she summoned four more swords to hover around her.

Sword Path Six Armed Demonic Asura!

'Amazing!' Isaac couldn't help but praise when he saw her skill with controlling the four floating swords along with the two in her hands.

It was as if he was against 6 experts of the same calibre.

However, he wasn't about to be outdone.

Once again, the silver aura around his body flickered as he proceeded to stab out towards one of the swords.


Deflecting it away, his guard was left open to other attacks. But before Shiro could land a hit, his body seemed to be reset as he stabbed towards the closest sword.

This happened for another four times as all of her swords were deflected.

"Analysis Complete." Shiro muttered as her excitement continued to increase.

The secret to why he was able to deflect her attacks despite the fact that it should be impossible for his level, was because he saved a certain stance before loading that same stance after each attack.

By calculating the most optimal location for the stance, he'll be able to essentially attack 6 times at once.

However, this seemed to have a harsh impact on Isaac's body since she could tell that his stamina and mana was being drained at a ridiculous pace.

'Analysing potential save points, calculating path, simulating solution. Counter Complete.'

Readying her swords once more, her face became void of emotions as she fully concentrated her mind.

'She's serious now!' Isaac thought as he knew that this was potentially the turning point. Should he succumb to her assault, he'll definitely lose the point.

Exploding a small pocket of mana behind her, her body flickered in front of him at a speed not expected by anyone, even if they overestimate her a little.

Quickly saving a stance, he stabbed towards her.

But before the attack could come close to hitting, she detonated another pocket of mana and shot her body into the rift.

Appearing behind him with her back facing his back, she twisted her body and slashed at the opening.


Loading his save, he was barely able to react to her attack when she relocated herself once more. He could tell that she was essentially detonating miniature bombs behind her in order to reposition herself.

Such a risky idea was insane to try in practice never mind a battle. If even one of her calculations were wrong, the explosion would either do nothing or damage her body enough to expose her to several life threatening attacks.

Not only did she need to make sure the explosion was within the tolerance range of her body, but she also needed to make sure that her body was in a way where she could predict where she'll be next so that she could pull off the following attack.

'What kind of control has she achieved with her mana and body?' Isaac questioned himself while he was barely able to keep up with her despite his advantages of a stronger domain and his ability to save a stance.

'Increasing propulsion strength, strengthening body with mana coat. I've won.' Shiro thought in her mind.


Before anyone realised, four slash marks appeared on Isaac's body as his mind blacked out for a moment due to the pain. Coughing up a mouthful of blood, his stance was broken entirely as it opened him up for a lethal attack.

Flickering in front of him, her sword was already on its course to decapitate him while her face was emotionless.

Killing intent burst out of her and swept through the entire hall. Even Kier realised that his body became sluggish due to the fear that he felt from her killing intent.

Before he could shout stop, he realised that the killing intent seemed to have disappeared like a ghost.

Her swords couldn't be seen anymore as she was chopping Isaac's neck with her hand.

"I take it as my victory?" Shiro smiled. The previous her seemed to be an illusion since the difference was like night and day.

Isaac sat on the ground in a trance as he had felt his life flash before his eyes for a moment before it was consumed by overwhelming fear. Looking down at his hands, he realised that they couldn't stop trembling.

"Amazing" He panted.

"What?" Shiro raised an eyebrow as a bad feeling started to rise up in her heart.

"This fear of death this exhilaration ah... this euphoria." He panted while looking at Shiro with a burning passion.

"Miss Nytri! Make me yours!"

"No thanks." Shiro denied instantly while backing away.

"Great, mum's broken him and made him into a pervert." Yin rolled her eyes in the background while Lisandra couldn't help but nod her head in agreement. It was scary what one match against Shiro could do to a man. He should be grateful that he kept his chrysanthemum-

Wait would he enjoy it if Shiro pierced him?

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