Nanomancer Reborn I've Become A Snow Girl? Book 5 Chapter 245

Volume 5 Chapter 245 Serious Dilemma

Looking at the separate doc.u.ment, she realised just how little she knew about Lyrica. As the youngest of the Valenstaine family, she should have been cared for like she was the star of the family.

Unfortunately, both her mother and father had died, leaving her defenceless. With her older siblings and relatives fighting for the throne, she was discarded at a young age in New York so that she couldn't interfere with the fight for the crown.

However, during the time that Lyrica had been with Shiro, they discovered that she had entered a powerful faction like Winter's Grace and had even entered C class within such a short time. With her potential exposed, the family wanted to bring her back to the elven continent so that they could deal with her.

As to how they want to deal with her, Yuki hadn't found out anything.

"Hmm This is quite serious." Shiro muttered with a frown.

Since Lyrica belonged to the elven royal family, that meant that enemies that she might have to face off against could very well be in the level 100's. If they were unlucky, there might even be people that had reached level 200+ tier 5.

Currently, she was C class/tier 3, which was from level 51 to 100. B class/tier 4 was 101 to 200. Once they reached tier 5 or rather, A class, they could easily destroy cities and the such.

Even if she had the silver dagger which boosted her up to B class along with all her berserk skills, she wouldn't be able to match an A class individual. The point gain, skills and difference in stats was simply too wide despite having skills that would double her status.

Hell, if a top tier C class warrior showed up, she'll be forced to use her berserk skills never mind monstrous people that reached B class.

"What a dilemma." She sighed. For the first time in her current life, she didn't know how to proceed. As much as she wanted to follow Lyrica to her continent, it was too much of a risk. Once she enters a fight, she'll need to go 100% to even have a CHANCE of survival.

Naturally, that meant that she had to expose the existence of her Nanomancer class. While this world's technology couldn't be compared to what was in her old world, it wasn't bad to the point where information couldn't be shared effectively.

Once she exposes her class, with the power of the internet, her existence will be exposed to the world. They'll know what she looked like and be put on top priority due to the nature of her class. The world was full of strange items and equipment, what's to say that there isn't one which could track her down no matter where she was in the world and expose her identity? This will render her illusions and disguises useless.

Plus, as the royal family of a race, they will surely have ways to stop a person from disguising their identity. This meant that she couldn't hide the fact that she was a monster as well.

'It might be time to reveal who I am to the girls. Once they know, it'll at least make the situation a bit better.' She thought to herself. If she reveals her status as a monster, it will resolve the issue of them freezing up when they find out in the elven continent.

Deep down, she hoped that they'll be ok with it. That way, she wouldn't need to get her hands dirty. One cannot live their life along and without companions. But, trying to find ones that you trust is the hard part.

For a person with so many secrets on her, trying to find someone she could trust was almost an insurmountable task for her.


Sighing out loud, she couldn't believe that a single letter had flipped her life upside down. Not only did she find someone who knew of the body's old owner, but she also needs to expose herself to her friends as well.

'I might be able to expose my Nanomancer class as just items that I received. While it may place me on the radar, at least I won't be sought out by everyone.' Shiro thought to herself. If she exposes her weapons as just items, she'll be able to decrease her priority levels since items that is 5 levels under one's level will not be usable anymore.

While she may be a target for those lower level than her, the high levels won't give a crap unless they have someone related to them who wants those items.

At the same time, while the danger of revealing Nanomancer had decreased, her status as a monster is still troublesome. Having a powerful monster walk around isn't something that humanity wants. Not only that, if the monster was one that could easily kill those of higher level, it must be killed in case they became a danger in the future.

"Arg!!! Annoying!" Shiro shouted out in anger.

"Uwa!!! Why did you shout all of a sudden! I almost choked on the crystal!" Yin cried out.

"Sorry. Just stuck on what I should do for now." Shiro replied apologetically.

"What's wrong mum?" Lisandra asked in concern.

"You see, Lisandra, a friend of mine, is needed back in her own country. But! There's a very big chance that she'll be in danger so I want to go to help her. If I do, my status as a monster and my class will be revealed, placing me in a situation where I'll be hunted down by those higher level than me." Shiro explained.

"That's quite the dilemma huh?" Lisandra paused for a moment.

Shiro was just a level 60 monster right now. While she could kill those higher level than her, it was only limited to mages since she could counter their magic. But if it was a warrior, she'll be forced to use her berserk skills. Even now, she was still suffering from some of the backlashes.

"I'll think of something later. For now, I'll go get the phoenix rebirth pill." Shiro scratched her head and stood up.

It wasn't like her to be this worried so it felt weird. In order to take her mind off the situation for now, she decided to do all she could in order to get stronger. The first step would be to repair her body a lot more.

"Ah, speaking of which, did I ever get Chen Yu's contact details?" Shiro paused as she realised a small problem.

"Hmm seems like I was a bit hasty."

Pulling out the task sheet, she made a scanner and scanned the sheet. With this, she'll be able to track down anyone who had come into contact with this item. Once she searched for the closest signal, she would find Chen Yu. Or at least she hoped so.

Seeing that the scanner had a positive response, Shiro sighed in relief.

"I'll head out for a bit. You two can either stay here or go to the canteen. Just be careful so that you wouldn't get lost ok?" Shiro reminded.

"Got it." Yin nodded and waved her hand.

Watching Shiro leave the room, Yin turned to Lisandra.

"Wanna empty out their pantry with me?" She asked.

"I'm fine. I'll just make sure that you don't mess around too much big sis." Lisandra smiled.

"Che, no fun. I'll eat your fill as well then don't worry."


Flickering through the city, Shiro found that Chen Yu had been staying in one of the wealthier hotels.

Scaling up the building, she reached the window of his room.

'Hmm from the scanner, it seems like he's in the toilet right now. I guess I'll wait inside.' She thought to herself and phased through the window.

Sitting down on the soft bed, she crossed her legs and started to play around on her phone.

After a short moment, she could hear some wet footsteps as she guessed that he must have been in the shower.

Hearing the door open, she looked up.



Both of them paused as an awkward situation occurred between them.

Currently, Chen Yu was in the nude while the towel was around his head. He had planned to get dressed in his room but didn't expect to see a certain guess sit on his bed.

Meanwhile, Shiro had a rather passive face while looking at the n.a.k.e.d Chen Yu.

"Um Nice body?" She forced a smiled and pointed at his lower half.

"Gah! Get the hell out of my room!" Chen Yu shouted out as he quickly covered himself.

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