Nanomancer Reborn I've Become A Snow Girl? Book 5 Chapter 246

Volume 5 Chapter 246 You Ain't My Type

"So why are you in my room?" Chen Yu asked as he sat on the said. Of course, he was fully clothed.

"Why were you n.a.k.e.d?" Shiro replied with a humorous smile on her face.

"I had a shower. What's your excuse?" Chen Yu retorted.

"I needed to find you. Plus, you know you could change inside the toilet right? Why did walk out n.a.k.e.d?"

"I like my clothes to be fresh rather than being steamed. But I'm pretty sure that I have warning devices on the door and window. How did you even get in? This is a violation of private space!" He complained.

"Secret. Plus, you should give me some compensation for exposing my eyes to your little brother you know?" Shiro grinned as she pointed at his lower half.

"Oi, you broke into my room. That's your own fault." Chen Yu replied.

"I suppose, but having a beautiful girl wait for you at your bed while you shower should be quite an honour you know?"

"As if. I'd rather be single than to expose myself to you. Who knows when I'll lose my a- ahem never mind. Anyways, why are you here? You never explained that." Chen Yu coughed slightly as he guided the conversation back on track.

"Fine. I'll let you off for now. I'm here to cash in on the task. I've finished one of them so I expect my rebirth pill." Shiro shrugged and flicked a USB towards him.

Catching the USB, Chen Yu raised an eyebrow.

"Is that why you're suddenly level 60?"


"Alright. I'll check the contents first then I'll send branch master a message about it." Chen Yu nodded.

"Say Lil Chen. Why don't you follow me instead? I'm sure it's more fun than to follow that branch master of yours." Shiro offered.

"No thanks. The chances of death are probably higher if I followed you." Chen Yu rolled his eyes. With the amount of animosity that Shiro could attract from males and females in regards to her habits, he was better off staying as far away as possible.

"Heh~ So you value safety over hanging out with beautiful girls?" Shiro grinned as she wanted to mess around with him.

"Of course. It's a no brainer." Chen Yu replied while walking over to his table and brought out a laptop.

"Then what about beautiful men? Maybe you follow your branch master because he's beautiful under that mask."

"What are you suggesting." He frowned.

"Well you might like men. I'm not one to judge." Shiro chuckled.

"I'd like to confirm that I am not gay. I like to have a wife and kids you know?"

"Fair enough. Now then, why don't you contact Nan Tian. I got a few things to ask him." Shiro said while lying on the bed.

"Be patient. Branch master has other things he needs to do. Otherwise, he'll be the one talking to you instead of me."


After checking through the contents, Chen Yu contacted Nan Tian. Soon, his face could be seen on the laptop screen.

Before he could say anything, Shiro appeared behind Chen Yu.

"Yo sh*tty Tian. I've done your task, I believe you owe me a rebirth pill." Shiro called out with a grin.

Meanwhile, Chen Yu gulped slightly while looking up at her face. It was only after he had a good look did he realise that her beauty was completely natural without any makeup.

"Hn, your attitudes still quite negative towards me little snow. Shouldn't you be more polite with me? I am supplying you with your valuable medicine after all." Nan Tian chuckled. Looking at her current appearance, she had changed quite a bit after he hadn't seen her for a long time.

"Heh, as if I'll be polite with a stalker. Both you and I know that if you weren't higher level than me, you would have lost your ass long ago." Shiro retorted.

"I won't deny that, but I like to think of myself as a gentleman. After all, I did deal with the other guy for you. He hasn't bothered you in a while now has he?"

"True. Now I wish you would deal with yourself the same way you dealt with him. I would like a life without stalkers."

"Well you interest me after all. I can't help but keep an eye on you." Nan Tian replied shamelessly.

"Che. Lil Chen catches my eye more than you sh*tty Tian. Ain't that right Lil Chen? You had even exposed your little brother to me a moment ago." Shiro grinned as she decided to mess with both of them.

"Wait!! That was your fault and you know it!" Chen Yu cried out in shock.

"..." Nan Tian stayed silent as he wondered about what she had said.

"Chen Yu, you showed her your manhood?" He asked after a pause.

"She broke into my room after I showered." Chen Yu replied as he wanted to cry.

On one hand, it was a girl that while beautiful, was just as deadly. Get on her bad side and you can forget about having an ass. On the other hand, was his branch master that he owed a lot to and clearly had an interest in the girl.

For her to say that he caught her eye more than the branch master, was akin to a death sentence. To make things worse, the embarrassing situation had even been exposed by her.

"Mn. Chen Yu, you remember that male brothel? They pay quite a bit. Why don't you work there from now on?" Nan Tian replied with a smile that wasn't a smile.

"Branch master!" Chen Yu paled.

"Oi sh*tty Tian. You mess with Lil Chen and do you believe that I won't kidnap him right here and now?" Shiro narrowed her eyes and smiled back.

"Which man in his right mind would let another man near a girl he has interests to?" Nan Tian shrugged.

"Hou hou~ You jealous? Well let me tell you this. This princess here ain't easy to get. Even when my life was saved by another b*stard, I felt no romantic feelings for him. Unless I'm the dominator in the relationship, you can forget about it. Plus, you ain't my type to begin with." Shiro said, pouring the harsh truth on him.

Silence enveloped the room as Chen Yu was especially pale while Nan Tian's expression couldn't be seen from behind his mask.

"If you spend enough time with someone, even if they're not your type, feelings could develop." He replied.

"F*ck it. People like you don't know when to give up." Shiro rolled her eyes as she couldn't do anything about this. Despite clearly rejecting him, he still stayed the same.

"I'd like to think of that as one of my redeeming qualities." Nan Tian replied.

"Whatever. Anyways, the intel for the raid is in the USB. Where's my pill?" Shiro asked, making herself an ice chair to sit on while Chen Yu slowly backed away.

The more they forget about him, the better.

'Amitabha, my buddha, please help me survive this calamity. God, I pray to you to ensure my safety.' Chen Yu prayed in his mind.

"The Rebirth pill will arrive soon and Chen Yu will give it to you when it arrives. So what else did you want to ask me?" He asked, expressing his intentions to continue helping her despite being rejected.

"Do you have anything that will help hide my identity or stop people from tracking me in the elven continent?" She asked.

"It depends on what you need and what level it is. The anti-tracking items might be a bit harder to procure but as for disguise, don't you have a way already?"

"I do, but I'm not sure if it'll work if I'm heading to the elven royal family. I'm pretty sure they have things that stop disguises." Shiro replied.

"That... is indeed a little problematic. Give me a few days while I look for it." Nan Tian nodded.

"Honestly, if you weren't a stalker, forming a partnership would be quite handy." Shiro admitted since he was akin to a shop where she could find everything she needed.

"Well in this day and age, isn't everyone a stalker? Checking each other's social media accounts daily and such." He replied with a shrug.

"I guess so. Anyways, bye~" Shiro grinned and closed the call.

"Did did you just hang up on the branch leader?" Chen Yu widened his eyes.

"What? You want me to keep the call going so that he can discuss the male brothel with you?" Shiro grinned.

"No thank you." Chen Yu shook his head quickly.

"Well it's been fun messing with you two. See you later, don't forget to give me the pill when it arrives." Shiro chuckled and disappeared from where she stood.

Staying silent for a bit, he looked at the laptop with a difficult expression.

"Could it be that I'm her type?" He muttered as he thought back to the conversation between Shiro and Nan Tian.

"You're thinking too much. What's your number by the way? I need a way to contact you." Shiro replied, appearing in front of him again.

"^%&! Here! Take it and leave! Stop invading my privacy!" Chen Yu cried out and handed her a slip of paper.

"Thanks. But don't think about it too much. You ain't on my radar for a boyfriend yet. No one is. Well maybe no nevermind, you don't need to know." Shiro smiled and left for good.

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