Nanomancer Reborn I've Become A Snow Girl? Book 5 Chapter 353

Volume 5 Chapter 353 Tri Element Crystal Lotus

Storing the pills away for now, she repeated the process for the higher grade pills.

Unfortunately, one of them was unsuccessful so that was 4% that she wasn't going to get back.

"Tch, such a shame." Shiro shook her head while looking at the successful products.

[Enhanced Phoenix Rebirth Pills Red]

Enhanced with the blood of a true phoenix, the dormant medicinal properties have been brought out. Unfortunately, due to the low quality of the base material, it can only repair your body by 8%.

"Hmm not bad. After enhancement, it had actually doubled the effectiveness of the pill." Shiro smiled.

Consuming all the pills one by one, she sat down and allowed her body to digest the pills.

While this was all happening, the second prince had finally come out of hiding.

"Hmm the rogue assassin should have left by now. I doubt he'll stay so long if this was just a side stop in his trip." The second prince muttered while checking up on the current situation in Miriel. Seeing that his sister was now queen and that the Rising Sun had prepared to pull out of the country, he knew that this was a prime chance for him and the God's Pantheon to take over.

With both his brother's down, it was basically a free opportunity.

"Indeed. Though if you want to take the country, you better do it soon since the upper echelon has already expressed their disinterest involving ourselves in this any longer. The fronts lines have become a little chaotic so it's best that we make our way back." An executive replied while lighting himself a cigarette.

"I understand. Let's go now then, I'll gather the remains of my army while you round up those in the faction. We'll take over the city today."


"Fu I've reached 30% exactly now. With a third of my combat ability returned, getting tier 4 attunements should be a walk in the park." Shiro muttered with a satisfied smile.

She could feel the mana in her body being filled with power. It's like a giant ocean that was ready to burst into a whirlpool at a moment's notice.

Standing up, she stretched her body a little before pulling out her phone. With this, she's finished everything that she needed in Miriel so it was time to leave.

Sending everyone a message, she told them to meet up at the teleport shrine.

"Since they're still doing a dungeon, I have some time to spare. I think I'll go have some snacks near the teleport shrine." Shiro muttered.

{You know what? I've noticed that you've been eating snacks quite often. What brought about this change?} Nimue asked curiously. After all, she never expressed too much interest in food but now, she's having snacks when she has the time.

"Hmm well it tastes good. It tastes sweet so I like it." Shiro chuckled.

{That's something a child would say.}

". . . Did you just basically call me a child?" Shiro raised her eyebrows.

{I don't mean it that way. It's just the way you described your interest felt like how a child would describe it.}

"So you're still calling me a child?"

{I- urg, you're messing with me aren't you.} Nimue paused as she realised what's happening.

"Ah, I had hoped it lasted a bit longer but eh, I had a bit of fun out of it, haha." Shiro laughed.

Packing up everything she needed, she gave the elders and the princess a notice about her departure.

After talking for a while, they gave her 10 Large Silver Erins and offered her a martial art manual of her choice from the second level of the library.

"Ah don't worry about it. Actually, I had accessed the second and third level in the first few weeks. There were some handy martial art manuals but I didn't take any so you can rest easy. Goodbye~" Shiro grinned and jumped into the rift before they could say anything.

Hanging their heads in defeat, the elders sighed tiredly.

"There's not really anything we can do to hold that girl back, can we?"

"Nope. She's unrestrained. Both literally and metaphorically."



Arriving at the caf, Shiro entered and ordered herself some cake and a drink.

Sitting by a seat at the window, she looked out at the streets with a soft smile.

'Say, don't you think it's quite nice to see people rebuilding broken places like this? Sure they may seem sad but the silent hope to see the place back in pristine condition can be seen in their eyes. It's kinda charming isn't it?'

{I suppose so. Though I'm not exactly the best at discerning expressions like you are.} Nimue shrugged.

{I find that their attitude to restoring something as damaged as this admirable. Like Nimue, I don't see their subtle emotions but their actions show me what I need to know.} Iziuel followed up.

'Hm maybe I'm just weird then.' Shiro shrugged.

{I wouldn't go as far as weird but definitely quirky in a way.} Nimue chuckled.

'I suppose so.'

Grabbing a fork, Shiro started to eat the cake with a blissful expression.

Cake wasn't the only thing that she had. Ordering some other snacks, she continued to eat while waiting for the party.

It was only when she noticed a small commotion outside did she stop eating her ice cream.

"Mn? What's happening?" She muttered while trying to look towards the source of the commotion.

Unfortunately, she couldn't see the source so she could only choose to finish her ice cream quickly and head out.

Licking the ice cream off the corner of her lips, Shiro gave the waitress some tips and left the building.

Jumping onto the roof, Shiro narrowed her eyes and saw that it was the second prince's army.

"Hou~ The prince finally shows his face. Perfect time too. I need some exercise after having a good snack." Shiro grinned.

Jumping into the rift, she created her rogue assassin outfit and put on her mask.

Reappearing in the shade of a building, she estimated how long it would take for the second prince to walk into her strike zone.

Flexing her fingers, she created two hand cannons and entered the rift.

While the prince was marching through the streets and towards the castle, Shiro had appeared just behind him with her hand cannon pointed at the back of his head.

"Ah?" Feeling the cold touch of metal, the prince looked back in confusion before paling at the sight of Shiro.


Removing his head in an instant, Shiro twirled her hand cannon before pointing it at the people that were about to charge at her.

"Move at your own caution. Careful though, my heart's rather weak so if you move suddenly, I might shoot by accident since you would have startled me." Shiro grinned as she disguised her voice.

Her warning caused the people to freeze up for a moment.

Backing off slowly, they made a path for Shiro to leave.

Chuckling to herself, she collected the prince's body.

"Thank you for the loot, I bid you good day." She bowed slightly and entered the rift.

Seeing the 'Rogue Assassin' disappear in front of them, the faction and army members looked at each other in slight embarrassment. They had entered the city with such bravado but the assassin had killed the prince and left with ease.

Hell, a single sentence from him was enough to dissuade them from tempting fate since they knew that they could be killed in an instant.

"Retreat!" The executive shook his head and called for retreat. If anything, he had to be grateful about the fact that the assassin was merciful enough to actually spare them and only go for the prince. At least it'll be easier to explain to the higher ups since they can just give up on this country.

Removing her disguise, Shiro was walking back to the caf while checking the loot that she gained from the second prince. Surprisingly, he had more on him that was useful to her compared to the other two princes.

'Hou, there's a few items for mages too.' Shiro mused to herself after seeing the potions, pills and equipment that she could have had some use for if not for the fact that she upgraded her armour due to Helion's help.

There was one item in particular that had stolen her attention.

[Tri Element Crystal Lotus Purple]

While it is unknown how much mana is needed to be infused into the lotus, legend has it that when it blossoms, three of your elements will experience a drastic change that will shock the world of mages.

Current charge: 14.7 billion MP/???

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