Nanomancer Reborn I've Become A Snow Girl? Book 5 Chapter 354

Volume 5 Chapter 354 Leaving Miriel

[Tri Element Crystal Lotus Purple]

While it is unknown how much mana is needed to be infused into the lotus, legends has it that when it blossoms, three of your elements will experience a drastic change that will shock the world of mages.

Current charge: 14.7 billion MP/???

Seeing that the current charge was at an astounding 14.7 billion, she knew that the second prince must have been charging this for a long long time.

'Hmm I think it shouldn't be too difficult for me to charge this. What do you think?' Shiro asked.

{Well he's already charged 14 billion into it so it would be a waste not to right?} Nimue shrugged.

{If you charge it a little every night, I'm sure it'll be done in no time. Plus, it does say that three elements will experience a drastic change doesn't it? What if you get a boost for your Astral Ice element.} Iziuel smiled.

'Indeed. Say, Iziuel, why can't Nimue be like you. You're so helpful and not at all snarky.' Shiro chuckled.

{Oh please, you make it seem like I'm not helpful. Aren't I keeping your lonely ass company?} Nimue rolled her eyes.

'See what I mean?' Shiro raised an eyebrow.

{Haha, you two.} Iziuel laughed at their antics.

Talking for a little longer, Shiro left the shop and waited at the teleport Shrine.

Waiting by the teleport shrine, she decided to charge the lotus. Compared to other people, her MP regen was absolutely monstrous. While people may need hours to regenerate their mana pool, he only needed a few minutes.

Plus, with her reservoir of more than 40 million points of MP, it would only take her around an hour to charge more than 100 million points into the lotus. This was taking in the fact that she would at most use 50% of her mana at a time since using it all would be dumb. After all, she needed some mana just in case she needed to fight an opponent or two.

Charging the lotus for a little while, Shiro saw the party coming in the distance so she stored it away for now.

"You lot ready?" She called out since she had told them to pack when she sent the message.

"Yeah, we got everything we needed so we can go back to Winter's Grace straight away." Lyrica nodded.

"Good. Now, Aarim and Chen Yu, you two are not part of Winter's Grace so you may need to stay at a hotel or something similar. Do you have any plans?" Shiro asked.

"Yes I d-"

"I got a-"

Both Chen Yu and Aarim replied at the same time.

"You can go first." Chen Yu offered since Shiro pretty much knew that he was going to choose to live in a hotel.

"Alright. I planned to stay in a hotel if we're not there for a long time. If we are staying in Vericia for a decently long period of time, then I had planned to get myself a flat or something like that." Aarim replied.

"I see. What about you Chen Yu?"

"Pretty much the same as her except that I can stay in a hotel for much longer." Chen Yu Shrugged.

"Hmm Silvia, what about you?"

"Eh? Wait why am I involved? Don't I have a room in the faction?" Silvia tilted her head in confusion.

"Well I was just wondering if you wanted to live with Chen Yu or something." Shiro grinned as Silvia blushed along with Chen Yu.

"I- a- no- but-" Stuttering in some embarrassment, Silvia eventually gave up and looked down at her feet.

"It would be fine." She said quietly.

"Alright. So Silvia you and Chen Yu can stay in a room together for the duration that we're in Vericia for. Now that it's only you two, you can be a little adventurous without us knowing." Shiro snickered before making her way to the teleporter.

Unfortunately, since Vericia didn't have a teleport Shrine, she'll have to teleport to New York then follow up by going to Vericia with Yin's help.

Arriving in New York, it was already fully repaired and back in working order.


"Their work speed is quite fast isn't it Aarim. The last time we were here, I had Helion try to upgrade my previous armour but it failed. It was also during that time that you followed me to Miriel wasn't it?" Shiro glanced at Aarim with a smile.

"Mn, indeed. Would it be ok if I go talk to my brother for a bit? It has been a while and talking face to face is always better than through phone." Aarim asked.

"Sure. We don't mind waiting for a bit. Silvia, do you want to see if we can find Jonas? I am wondering about how he's doing." Shiro asked.

When they had finished the raid where both Silvia's friends were unfortunately killed by her, Jonas did state that he might settle down with a wife and kids. Hell, he even mentioned the chances of him being a trainer instead and retiring.

"Hm, sure. I'll send him a message and see where he is right now." Silvia nodded since it has been a while since she had last seen him.

"If you girls want to follow you can. But for now, we'll just explore New York for a bit then leave." Shiro asked since it would be rude to just drag them with them to see Jonas.

"It's fine for me personally. I haven't seen Jonas in a while too." Lyrica smiled as Madison nodded since she too wanted to see how he's doing.

"I'll follow too since there's nothing much for me to do in this city." Chen Yu shrugged.

"I'm gonna go eat at a restaurant. But mum, since the currency in New York is USD, I can't use my silver coins can I?" Yin asked with a frown.

"Unfortunately no. However, since I had killed the second prince just before meeting up with you girls up in Miriel, I have a few billion USD on me right now. I'll just top it up on a crystal so that you can use it. Give me a moment."

Jumping into the rift, she disguised herself a little before entering the auction house. Asking for a crystal where she could store some money, she bought one from the counter and charged it up with roughly 20 billion USD. Considering the price of items in this city, 20 billion should be more than enough for Yin to enjoy herself.

Arriving back at the shrine with her normal appearance, Shiro threw the crystal over at Yin.

"Here's 20 billion as your pocket money. It should last you quite a while so I doubt you can use all of it in a short amount of time."

"Mum don't tempt me. For you see, you underestimate my power of consumption." Yin replied as she had a smug grin on her face.

". . . If you use all the 20 billion on food in one day, you do realise that I will no longer give you money right?" Shiro raised an eyebrow.

"Heh, I can't use 20 billion in one day but you can bet your ass that I will try!" Yin laughed and escaped through the rift much like how Shiro would if she ran into a problem.

"Now, it's not my role to judge your parenting. But you may or may not be a bad role model for Yin." Lyrica chuckled.

"Never said I was." Shiro shrugged.

"What about you Lisandra, what are you gonna do?"

"I'll stay with you mum. I don't have much else to do. Plus, I'm pretty sure sis is fine since there's not really anyone that can harm her in this city." Lisandra shrugged as Shiro nodded.

After waiting a short while, Silvia called out to Shiro to inform her that Jonas had actually started to teach in her old school.

"Well isn't that a pleasant surprise." Shiro smiled.

"Hey do you think we'll see that person who had offered you a bed before?" Lyrica snickered as Madison did the same.

Rolling her eyes, Shiro ignored the two while the rest of the party was curious as to who this person was.

Explaining the situation to the party, Lyrica made sure to tell them about the other moments too such as when they prepared her chairs and drinks during the faction recruitment event.

While the party was joking around, Shiro led them towards her old school.

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