Nanomancer Reborn I've Become A Snow Girl? Book 6 Chapter 434

Volume 6 Chapter 434 Facing The Giant And The Dragon

"Die!" Without even waiting for her to continue, the giant launched the spear towards her once more as Shiro sighed.

"Man, what's with this DIE nonsense?"

Waving her hand, a portal opened up once more as a pair of jaws snapped the spears up and dragged them into the void.

"Try something a bit more original." Shiro smiled as her eyes seemed to glow with a red hue.

Seeing this, the giant and dragon couldn't help but feel a shiver down their spine.

[Just kill her with our full power without listening to her provocations. Once we're done with her, we'll get the other girl.] The dragon growled as he had formed a telepathic connection with the giant after creating a contract between them.

[I know. I'm already preparing something as we speak. I'll use rage enchantment on the both of us while I fuel the spell.] The giant replied before returning his focus back to Shiro.

Seeing her arrogant smile, he had a strong desire to just crush her under his foot.

Pressing his palm against the dragon's back, a red marking started to spread out.


Crying out in rage, the dragon seemed to grow a little larger as his muscles pulsed with energy. In addition to this, his flames changed from red to blue as anything they touched was turned to ash in an instant.


"So you can share skills huh?" Shiro said with a smile as she narrowed her eyes.

Despite her arrogant demeanour right now, she was actually at the end of her ropes. With how much energy this spell is burning, the most she could do is hold out for a little longer. She had set her hopes on Kuromi since she flicked an orb to her before jumping up into the air in order to confront this dragon rider.

Once she sensed that the orb was far enough, she'd teleport away without hesitation.

However, there was a slight problem with that. Can she live long enough for the portal to actually get far enough?

All of a sudden, thin fire needles erupted out from the ground around her. Widening her eyes, she quickly dodged to the side. She knew that if she was hit directly, she'd be burnt to ash and the trial will end.

Unfortunately for her, even though she managed to dodge the needles, just being in the vicinity caused third degree burns along her arm.

Quickly releasing some cold mist, she retreated a little further away and encased her arm in ice.

'Tch, that fire's a problem. Even if I was to change my armour to the Underworld Fire variant, it still wouldn't give me enough resistance to his attacks.' Shiro thought with a frown.

"What's wrong girl, you seemed to have underestimated a dragon's fire." The giant snarled as he prepared to launch more attacks.

"Hahaha, nothing's wrong. You know, seeing the burn caused by the spear made me think about that one time I had accidentally left my hand roast in a fire that I couldn't feel. If anything, I'd say your dragon's fire is a little hotter than the campfire I prepared. Well done." Shiro retorted.

Staying silent, the giant knew that Shiro was just delaying the inevitable. Perhaps she was stalling for some reinforcement or that she may be preparing a spell just like him. Regardless of what the truth was, it was no use anymore since he had reached his goal.

Raising up his hands, a magic circle started to spread out as it soon covered the entire battlefield.

Realising that its size was comparable and might be even bigger than the one she had, Shiro could only look at the giant magic circle with a tired smile.

"Ah I've really f*cked up this time haven't I?" She mused with a shake of her head. To be honest, looking back at the situation, she should have just left the fight the moment she transported the giant. That way, even if he had tamed the dragon, they would have been far away and safe from danger.

Looking around her, Shiro tried to look for something that could help her out of this situation but things were dire. While there were guards up on the city wall, they seemed to be waiting for something.

She could also guess that they were waiting for the giant to be tired after dealing with her so that they can take the kill.

'Man, we were the ones that wanted to kill with a borrowed knife but the situation seemed to have been reversed.'

"I suppose it's time to grow the f*ck up. I've had my fun for a while so I should drop the act."

Closing her eyes for a moment, her aura seemed to fluctuate. Previously, it was overbearing but was also warm. It welcomed those she trusted and kept them safe. However, this was extinguished and all that remained was the cold unfeeling nature of a night sky. Regardless of what happened on earth, it didn't concern her as long as no one provoked her.

Looking up into the air, Shiro narrowed her eyes and stared at the magic circle. Copying the entire formation in her mind, she started to analyse each section and figure out how the magic worked. Unfortunately, the runes that were involved in the magic circle were quite foreign to her so she had to also learn an entirely new language during this process.

If she was to be described as a machine, her internal systems would be set to overdrive right now in order to decode everything in the shortest span of time possible.

However, compared to the ridiculous amount of calculations she needed to make with her floating city, this was child's play. After all, what is a single magic circle compared to a giant city filled with hundreds upon thousands of magic circles?

After a short moment, she had fully translated the runes along with the spell thanks to the references that she had seen etched in Kuromi's notebooks from time to time.

"Ah so that's it. You wish to incinerate everything you designate as a target huh?" Shiro muttered coldly.

She could already feel the heat from the magic circle as each of the runes started to glow. It was still a little early for her to completely stop the spell but tampering with it is still achievable. After all, shutting down magic was one of her specialities. That trait didn't go away with the lack of mana. As long as she can use the same type of energy and understood the composition of the spell, she had a hundred ways to cancel it out.

Raising up her hand towards the magic circle, she snapped her fingers as a few of the runes shifted in order just as the spell activated.


All of a sudden, a pillar of white flames shot up into the air and evaporated the clouds in an instant.

Looking at this in disbelief, the giant stared at Shiro who had tampered with his spell.

"You know, despite getting some brain cells with this little contract of yours, you're still an idiot. I'm not one to monologue about your mistakes since that's a stupid thing to do so you can live without knowing why." Shiro said as she narrowed her eyes at the giant.

'Even though I stopped playing around, the situation doesn't change much. I can sense that he still has a sh*t ton of Celestial Energy left so fighting is far from beneficial. Not to mention, my own storage is running on dry soon. If I keep this up, I won't even be able to teleport away. Kuromi isn't as far as I hoped she would be either.' Shiro thought to herself with a slight frown.

Pausing for a slight moment, the giant frowned in displeasure.

[Maybe larger spells would work?] He questioned the dragon.

[I doubt it. Do you not see her confidence in dealing with the last one? Small spells are useless and large spells are cancelled. At this point, our best shot is to just wear her out with physical strength until she runs out of energy.] The dragon replied.

[But reinforcements might arrive.] The giant countered.

Unfortunately, with the contract that the two had formed, they had to both agree on something or else neither of them could force the other against their will. While they did gain power with this contract, their conflicting nature seemed to have opened a small gap for Shiro to exploit. Unfortunately, she didn't have the energy to kill the two so the best she could hope for right now was to just escape once Kuromi was far enough from the location.

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