Nanomancer Reborn I've Become A Snow Girl? Book 6 Chapter 440

Volume 6 Chapter 440 Fighting Rialin

Activating another one of her orbs, she teleported next to Kuromi.

"Big sis, this woman's going to be a bit of a problem. Even after standing in the centre of my attack, she's slowly healing everything back." Shiro said with a frown.

"I know. Our goal is to mainly delay and weaken the family. For now, we need to keep her company while shadow guards eliminate as many of the enemy soldiers as they can. Remember, if you start to be surrounded, run out of energy or you're getting overwhelmed, go into the woods and we can start our retreat from there on." Kuromi reminded Shiro as she nodded.

"In that case then I'll try to keep that woman occupied but don't count on it. I've already used up around 35% of my energy from a single attack with the spear."

"Got it." Kuromi nodded.

Jumping into the air, Shiro threw her spear once more but this time it was a normal throw.

Seeing the spear approach her, Rialin quickly dodged backwards since it might be a devastating blow much like the last hit.

However, the impact never arrived as Shiro landed on the battlefield and swept her spear up into her hands.

Pivoting on her foot, she swung the spear towards the retreating Rialin and barely managed to slash her on her arm.

"It's you! You're the one who did this!" Rialin glared at Shiro in anger as she kicked towards her abdomen.

Quickly parrying the kick with her spear, Shiro was surprised at how much force was put behind a single kick.

If this was a normal spear, it would have been snapped in half in an instant.

Twisting her body, Shiro stabbed the spear into the ground and used it as a pivot before also kicking towards Rialin.

Pushing each other back, Shiro narrowed her eyes and looked at the battle around them. Right now, they had the upper hand due to their surprise attack at the start but the royal family's soldiers were slowly pushing back.

'Hmm I'll keep this woman company for a little longer before leaving.' Shiro thought to herself.

"Where are you looking at in the middle of a fight!" Rialin shouted out as she jumped into the air and readied a spell in her hands.

Slamming her hands against the ground, a giant fissure cracked open as Shiro almost lost her footing. Quickly dashing up into the air, she looked at the battlefield with a serious frown.

Despite the fissure's size, it had managed to avoid all of Rialin's allies.

'Damn, her control is ridiculous.' Shiro thought to herself before readying her spear for another attack.

"Get down here!" Swiping her hand upwards, a giant stone pillar erupted towards Shiro as Rialin was hungry for blood. For this woman to kill so many of her soldiers, she had to pay with her life.

"Tch! I won't come down there, why don't you come up here!" Shiro retorted as she slashed her spear towards the pillar. Infusing the spear with some of her energy, she activated a partial transformation in order to boost its attack.


Splitting the pillar in half, she saw Rialin jump towards her while using the rubble from the pillar as footholds.

Twirling the spear in her hands, Shiro slammed it towards her in an attempt to send her back down.

Unfortunately for her, Rialin seemed to have disappeared from her spot and started to charge towards the woods.

"Damn!" Quickly activating one of her orbs that she has scattered into the woods, she appeared in front of Rialin and slammed her spear into her chest.

"ARG!" Coughing up a bit of blood, her body was flung back to the battlefield as she crashed against the floor.

Looking at Rialin, Shiro frowned once more after realising that her injuries seemed to heal itself.

'She's only used some earth magic and physical strength so far. If anything, I suppose her monstrous regeneration is her main weapon. She can probably outlast most people and force them to run out of energy before killing them.' Shiro analysed with a frown.

Until she had an attack that could kill her in one shot, it was going to be disadvantageous to fight her.

Kuromi seemed to have the same idea since Shiro could see a few of the Shadow Guards already retreating.

"Shiro, you don't need to use up any more energy. We've pretty much reached our goal." Kuromi called out.

"Got it. That woman's a problem so we might want to have a few scouts keep their eye on her." Shiro replied as she stored the spear away.

Snapping her finger, a portal appeared behind Kuromi as they were about to regroup with the rest of the guards.

However, before she could even step into the portal, she felt a berserker like presence behind her as she quickly grabbed her spear and stabbed it towards the source of danger.


Feeling her spear pierce a body, Shiro glanced back and saw Rialin's hand that was just short from grabbing her head.

Her eyes seemed to glow with this menacing red as she grabbed the spear and pulled it out of her gut.

Watching her regenerate the injuries once more, Shiro frowned and gestured for Kuromi to leave first.

"I don't think she's going to let me leave without a proper fight." Shiro said as Kuromi nodded.

"Good luck lil sis. I'll keep an eye out and fire a few arrows if needs be." Kuromi smiled before jumping into the portal.

"Now then, it's just me and you again. I'll tell you what though, you're quite rude aren't you? I was having such a nice conversation with my one and only big sis after all." Shiro smiled as one could see that she was a little annoyed.

However, Rialin seemed to have not heard her as she continued her flurry of attacks.

Parrying them all with her spear, Shiro decided to go a little serious. Reinforcing her body to a basic standard, she got into a stance from the Takemikazuchi Technique.

"It's a little awkward to use a sword technique with a spear but this should help offset the difference a little." Shiro said as her aura seemed to turn cold once more.

'Attack Domain Spear.' She thought to herself. Due to her experiences with using the Sword Domain, forming an attack domain, which was a step before a full domain, wasn't too hard of a task as long as she knew how to use the weapon. After all, to make an attack domain, one had to have a great deal of control over their body and the weapon. Both of which Shiro had.


Flickering towards Rialin, several slash and piercing injuries could be seen appearing on her body in an instant as blood splattered in the air.

Slamming the pommel of the spear against Rialin's chin, she then slashed downwards with the blade.

As the blade dug deep into her shoulder, Rialin didn't even flinch as she grabbed the spear with her bare hands and kicked towards Shiro's face.

Turning her head to dodge the kick, Shiro pivoted on her foot and hauled Rialin's body over her shoulder and slammed her into the ground with the help of the spear.

Twirling the spear so that it was in a reverse grip, Shiro slabbed it towards Rialin's neck.


Grabbing the spear with her hands, it soon became a contest of strength.

"Seems like you'll die if I decapitate you. No wonder you're trying so hard not to get stabbed there even though you can just regenerate the damage you take." Shiro said coldly.

Blood trickled down her arm as she was slowly winning the contest of strength.

Furrowing her brows, Shiro tried to kick Rialin's arm away from the spear so that she would die but her arms wouldn't budge.

Suddenly feeling a surge of energy much like what she felt when that captain threw the Celestial Spear, Shiro quickly jumped back and made some distance between them.

A shimmering light could be seen surrounding Rialin's arms as it slowly formed the shape of a gauntlet.

Her blood seemed to mix with this light, causing it to gain an ominous hue.


Slamming her hands against the ground, Rialin propelled her body upright. Readying her fist, that was now equipped with a white, gold and red gauntlet, Rialin charged towards Shiro.

"Tch, so you also have a Celestial type equipment huh? What a pain." Shiro said with a frown.

Raising up her spear, she tried to parry Rialin's next punch.


Parrying a few of the punches, Shiro saw a few splinters of gold enter her vision as she realised that the spear had a few fractures along the body.

'You've got to be kidding me'

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