Nanomancer Reborn I've Become A Snow Girl? Book 6 Chapter 465

Volume 6 Chapter 465 Border

Waking up in the morning, Shiro took Attie down to have some breakfast while the other two were still sleeping peacefully.

Since it was quite rare that they stayed in the physical world, she wanted to let them enjoy their time a bit more so she wasn't in a rush to wake them up.

"Attie, which meal do you want?" Shiro asked while gesturing to the different options.

Waiting for a moment, she saw Attie point his hands towards one of them and ordered two portions.

Sitting down with Attie, she fed him the meal while glancing at her phone to check some news along with checking to see if anyone had picked up her request.

Looking up some information about the front lines, she saw that Keiko had been much more enthusiastic as she was storming through the enemy's higher ranks like nothing. Spending most of her time killing the main figure heads, she was able to help push back the enemy and claim more land for humanity.

They tried to interview her but she only had one sentence to say to the reporters.

"In the time it takes for me to answer your questions, I can be killing 5 to 10 of their leaders. Which one do you want me to do?" Keiko asked sarcastically.

Since they knew that she had a teleportation skill, they did not question this statement and allowed her to go on about her tasks.

Seeing Keiko so enthusiastic about clearing the front lines, Shiro couldn't help but chuckle.

"Attie, you see this woman here? That's your aunty Keiko. She's one of the most powerful people in the world." Shiro said while showing Attie a picture of Keiko.

Tilting his head for a moment, Attie nodded before reaching out for some food since Shiro had paused.

Patting his head, she resumed her actions of feeding him while checking for other information.

As she was doing this, both Nimue and Iziuel soon woke up and joined them downstairs. Getting their own food, they enjoyed a rather peaceful morning.

"Welp, it doesn't seem like anyone has picked up my request so we'll be taking a road trip instead." Shiro said as she checked her request one last time.

"Hm, that's quite unfortunate then, isn't it. Without the teleport shrine, it may take us quite a while to reach Epona." Nimue furrowed her brows.

"Well I guess I can try to make my way to Epona as fast as I can with my motorbike but honestly, the speed might be a lit- wait a minute. You know what? Attie, what do you prefer? Travelling through the air or over land travel?" Shiro asked with a smile.

Furrowing his brows, Attie only tilted his head in confusion.

"Well to put it simply, would you like to fly through the air or speed across the land?"

Thinking about it for a moment, Attie pointed his finger up towards the ceiling as Shiro understood that he was wanting to travel through the air .

"Welp, you heard him. Come with me, I got a blueprint I want to make since my links are healed now." Shiro grinned.

Cancelling the request, she made her way out of the city with the trio of spirits following her.

Once she was sure that they were far enough from the city, Shiro set up a camouflaging field so that no one could see what they were doing.

Crouching down, she pressed her palms on the ground before closing her eyes.

Bringing up the blueprint of a jet in her mind, nanobots surged out from her hands as the vehicle was slowly constructed in front of them.

Looking at the jet in shock, Nimue couldn't believe that Shiro had just created a giant plane without any help from an already existing jet much like what she had done with the motorcycle.

"Right then, Attie will sit in the front with me while you two can sit in the back." Shiro said as she climbed into the jet with Attie in her hands.

"Right then, this jet is a 'little' different to the jet available in this current era since I can make something much better. I've also made it so that it's a little more comfortable for Attie since he's only a child." Shiro smiled while flicking a few switches.

"Oh? What did you do?" Nimue asked curiously while putting on the seatbelt.

"Well it's just so that Attie doesn't need to feel the force from me flying 'quite' fast. You two on the other hand, can experience the raw sensation." Shiro grinned as a familiar sadistic light could be seen in her eyes as Nimue felt a bad feeling well up in her heart.

Before she could even voice her complaint, she felt a tremendous force hit into her as she was pressed against the chair.


Launching into the air, the force from the engine ripped out a giant chunk of the dirt as Shiro quickly flipped her hands and repaired the location using her nature element before she was out of range.

'DAMN IT! SHE DIDN'T CHANGE! SHE'S STILL SADISTIC!!!' Nimue cried out in her mind as she couldn't move from her chair.

Glancing to the side, she noticed that Iziuel seemed to be much more relaxed when compared to her. Almost as if she was just on a relaxing roller-coaster ride.

'Bias! I call bias! Why am I the only one experiencing the full force!!!' She complained as the scenery around them started to blur from the speed of the jet.

Attie, who was sitting at the front, felt none of this as he looked down at the world with a glimmer of excitement in his eyes.

Seeing his expression, Shiro felt a warm feeling rise up in her heart as she gently patted his head.

Of course, to not ruin this sweet moment, Shiro ignored Nimue's suffering in the background.

Following a course that she had set up, they started to make their way near the border of Rilsa since it would be quite back to invade a country with her jet.

During this, there were a few medium levelled monsters that tried to attack them, but the guns installed on the jet easily dealt with them before they could even come close to the jet.

Slowing down once they were close, Shiro landed the jet without much difficulty as Nimue immediately jumped off the jet as she laid on the ground while on the verge of passing out.

"Are you not good with planes?" Shiro asked with a grin.

"Oh f*ck right off. You know what you did." Nimue retorted as her smile twitched.

"I have no idea what you're on about." Shiro replied as she acted dumb about the situation at hand.

Picking Attie up, she quickly healed up Nimue before disassembling the jet.

"So then, after we pass the borders, I'll make us a car so that we can get to Epona quickly. Honestly, the quicker we arrive in Epona, the better." Shiro smiled as Nimue paled at the mention of cars.

"Um, I think I'll stay in your mana realm for the journey. You can call me out when we arrive." Nimue suggested.

"Aw what~? You don't want to stay with Attie and Iziuel?" Shiro smiled as there was a teasing glint in her eyes that brought shivers down Nimue's spine.

"Um, I'll be fine. I'd rather not throw up in your car." Nimue replied.

"Can spirits even throw up? Anyways, I'll give you a break now. Don't worry, this time I won't pull anything." Shiro chuckled.

Raising her eyebrows in suspicion, Nimue couldn't help but look at Shiro with scepticism.

"What's with that look? Like I said, don't worry~" Shiro smiled.

"When I don't need to worry about you pranking me out of nowhere is when the sun starts to rise from the west." Nimue retorted.

"Aw, you hurt my feelings." Shiro replied while they made their way to the border.

Upon arrival, they weren't too surprised to see that the border was rather empty as there were only a few guards around the place.

It didn't matter if they invaded without coming to the border since they would have no entry id. Of course, they can also do it in the actual city itself but this way was just more efficient with how they were entering the city.

"State your business and show us your ID." The guard asked as Shiro nodded.

"We're here to visit some friends along with clearing some dungeons to increase our levels." Shiro said as she reached into her pocket.

Making four fake guild ID's with her nanobots she handed them to the guard. Once they scanned them into the computer, it'd upload a virus of sorts that would verify their identity.

"Mn, you're clear. Do you know the policy of this place?" He asked as Shiro nodded.

"I do but would my son need to go through this as well?" She asked while gesturing to Attie.

"No need. As long as you and these two ladies pass, you'll be free to get your finalised ID to Rilsa." The guard replied.

"Great, in that case then I'll go first. " Shiro smiled while handing Attie to Nimue. It would be quite awkward to do the test while holding Attie after all.

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