Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 106

Mika enjoyed going together with Seiji to school every morning.

No matter how popular he was at school, at the very least, he belonged exclusively to her on the way there.

Eh, was she being too possessive of him?

At any rate, Mika considered it a precious daily occurrence.

However, this precious daily occurrence of hers had been invaded.

Kaede Juumonji.

This morning, Mika met the new tenant, a stunning blonde beauty, for the first time.

"Hello, nice to meet you Youre Mika Uehara, the landlords daughter, correct?"

The blonde-haired blue-eyed beauty, who was wearing a white nurse's uniform and black stockings, greeted her politely.

"Hello, nice to meet you You must be Kaede Juumonji-san."

The pigtailed beauty, clothed in her school uniform, was almost awestruck by Kaedes imposing manner. Despite this, she instantly managed to stand up straight and greet Kaede politely in return.

Mika had already anticipated how their meeting would go. She bravely faced Kaede directly as her mother had recommended, trying her utmost to show no signs of backing down.

It seemed almost as if sparks were flying between the two beauties as their gazes met.

Seiji couldnt find any words to say in this situation.

Hey, readers, do you know about a term called "hellish battleground?" Could you tell a newbie like me whether or not such a scene is considered a hellish battleground? Then, no matter if it is or isnt, could you please also tell me how to deal with this situation?

Seiji visualized himself posting on internet forums and asking imaginary users to give him advice, as a way to escape from reality.

Right in front of him, Kaede had just finished informing Mika about her new job and politely asked if she could go along to school together with them.

On the surface, Mika didnt appear shaken at all. She politely agreed to go together with the new health teacher.

Truthfully, she was already at the point of wanting to shout out loudly to vent her frustration!

Kaede was actually a new teacher at her school!?

What did that mean?

It meant that not only did Kaede Juumonji move next door to Seiji, she even purposefully got a job at where Seiji would be on the weekdays!

Mika wasnt sure how Kaede managed to obtain this job, but she could clearly feel Kaedes determination from this action.

As a young missus, Kaede was able to do this much for the boy she liked!?

Originally, moving next door to him was already shocking enough. Mika never expected Kaede to take such drastic measures.

As her rival, Mika felt a sense of being impressed by Kaedes resolution.

No, I cant be defeated by Kaedes determination! But still this person is so incredible

Maintaining her calm faade was Mikas limit right now. Internally, she was quite shaken by witnessing Kaedes determination.

Seiji was still in the midst of avoiding reality.

Kaede was delighted at succeeding in being allowed to go to school together with them, so a wide grin was plastered on her face.

And so, the three of them walked together on the way to school.

"Harano-kun, what class are you guys in?" After walking for a bit, Kaede posed a seemingly casual question.

"Year 1, Class 5." Seiji returned to his senses and finally faced reality.

"Year 1, Class 5 I wonder when Ill have your class." Kaedes smile seemed a little too enthusiastic. "Although I dont have any actual teaching experience, Ill do my best to give you a proper education~"

That sounds too much like a double entendre! Seiji shouted inside his heart, although he could only smile on the surface.

In Sakura Island, there was only one class that infirmary nurses would teach, and that was the legendary "health" class!

Thats right, the class which included the titillating subject of gender differences Although some biology and psychology content was taught, the first part was definitely the point everyone would pay the most attention to!

The most embarrassing class in all of Sakura Island had to be this class.

A male teacher wasnt that bad, but if a female teacher taught this class It would still be fine if it was an older teacher, but a younger one heh heh

If it wasnt simply a young female teacher, but a beautiful one as well uh-oh, that scene! Just imagining it caused some er, embarrassment to arise!

Even Mikas face was turning red from imagining the scene!

As a teacher, saying such words that could be easily misconstrued How shameless! the pigtailed girl energetically retorted in her mind.

But she couldnt say it out loud for real, since this sentence could also be innocently interpreted as something said by an inexperienced teacher.

"Just how much does Harano-kun know about this particular subject? If you would like some special lessons, feel free to come find me at any time~" Kaede continued smiling coyly.

Thats enough!

In that instant, Mikas anger level peaked!

"That theres no need for special lessons for that type of class!" Mika couldnt help but retort in the end. "R right, Seigo?"

Dont ask me. Seijis face twitched violently. Sigh, Mikas really too sweet er, too nave.

When facing someone who was fully armed to teeth like a Kantai Collection battleship, the best way to deal with them was to avoid the subject Forcing a smile and ignoring their words was the wisest option; if you casually counterattacked, it would turn out

"Oh my, why is it unnecessary?" Kaede blinked cutely as she smiled. "No matter what type of knowledge it is, there are no downsides to learning about it. Besides, the knowledge that Im going to teach is quite important for high school students~

"Dont you believe so, Uehara-san? Perhaps you feel like youre already an expert in this subject?"

*Boom!* A direct hit to Battleship Mika Uehara! Heavy damage taken!

The pigtailed girls face instantly turned bright red.

"I-I of course not!!" Her reflexive denial sounded panicked.

"If you arent an expert, then why do you feel like you dont need to learn?" Kaede tilted her head slightly. "If you feel like you know enough about this subject already, you might as well tell me honestly. After all there are quite a lot of high school students who are rather knowledgeable in this area.

"But theres another type: the type who believe they know everything there is to know already, when they actually have many misunderstandings of various types. That is rather dangerous.

"Uehara-san as a small test, could you answer a simple question for me?" The corners of Kaedes mouth arced upwards in a slight smile.

*Click clack! Ka-ching!* Seiji imagined that he could hear the sound of a cannon preparing to fire as it aimed for its target.

"Do you know how to use condoms?"


Battleship Mika Uehara took another direct hit! Critical damage taken!

"I-I-I dont know!!!" Mika blushed beet red as she stuttered embarrassedly. She was on the verge of bursting into tears.

"Hmm? You dont even know this much? Could it really be I think that you should at least know the basics of how to use one?"

"I I dont! I I dont intend to use such a thing!!"

It was over.

Seiji silently covered his eyeshe couldnt bear to watch this scene any longer!

Mika was merely denying things in a panicshe didnt realize that she had just said something incredible!

Even Kaedes expression froze over, as she didnt expect to hear something so ridiculous either.

An uncomfortable silence fell between the trio.

The pigtailed girl was able to calm down slightly in this silence, until she discovered

"Wahh No thats not what I meant"

Her shout of humiliation resounded clearly throughout the street.

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