Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 107

Mika Uehara, a fresh high school first-year female student in the prime of her youth experienced a dark memory she would have loved to forget on her way to school.

"My apologies, Uehara-san. I just wanted to tease you a little sorry," Kaede Juumonji sincerely apologized to Mika.

Mika was still clutching her head tightly; she was unwilling to even show her face!

The sincerer the apology, the worse she felt!

But it was still better than receiving no apology at all.

Seiji could somewhat empathize with Mikas current emotional state. He felt that perhaps it would have been better for Kaede to not say anything at all, but no matter what, it was still a good thing she had apologized sincerely.

"Im truly sorry for getting carried away." Kaede smiled wryly. "Actually, Im quite happy to receive this job, since I want to interact with all the students"

"Ill take care to not act like this anymore. Please forgive me, Uehara-san."

Mika continued covering her face without saying anything.

Seiji sighed. "You dont need to mind it, Mika. After all, you only said something slightly perverted by accident. You should know that when Juumonji-sensei is teaching or working, shell probably have to much more embarrassing things."

Kaede was rendered speechless.

While he was technically correct, it still didnt seem all that right for some reason? The blonde beauty felt like she somewhat objected.

Mika was somewhat consoled by Seijis subtle words.

She could feel her face burning up; it was probably bright red now.

A soft touch suddenly descended upon her head.

"Relax~ There was hardly anyone on the street at that time, so I doubt anyone else heard it. Neither me nor Juumonji-sensei will go around telling anyone about this, so you dont need to worry too much about it."

Seiji petted Mikas hair as he comforted her gently.

"If youre still acting like this by the time we arrive at school, youll actually attract more attention, shy goddess."

After patting her lightly one more time, he retracted his hand.

Mika slowly uncovered her face and glanced at Seiji. Her eyes were filled with a mixture of emotions.

Kaede felt a tinge of jealousy at witnessing this scene.

It feels like I have lost again, she helplessly thought to herself.

But his gentleness moved her heart.

As long as I work as hard as I can to get closer to him, Ill experience that as well someday Kaede consoled herself.

By the time theyd reached school, Mika managed to calm down.

She had received a huge impact from the blonde beauty becoming an apartment tenant as well as the infirmary nurse and health teacher. However, Mika no longer felt disheartened.

Kaede was amazing in her own way, but so what?

'I am Seijis classmate!'

As Seiji and Mika split up from Kaede, Mika had recovered the resolute look in her eyes as she looked at Kaede fiercely.

Kaede merely smiled in response to Mikas challenging gaze.

A relaxed attitude As expected of a more mature woman. I wont lose either, and Ill work hard! Mika encouraged herself enthusiastically.

In the classroom, Chiaki greeted the duo with a big grin plastered on her face.

"Seigo, I saw it~ When did you conquer such a stunning blonde beauty?"

The tomboys smile seemed to contain a hint of depravity.

Mika was stunned speechless at her friends attitude.

Before making her effort, she needed to take her friend outside and beat her up whoops, make her idiotic friend understand the circumstance!

Class time.

News of the new joint infirmary nurse/health teacher being a beautiful long-legged blonde woman, who enjoyed wearing black stockings, quickly spread throughout the entire high school.

Or, more accurately, the rumor spread to all the high school boys.

Although the former middle-aged lady was kind and did a good job, she didnt make for a good high school fantasy!

A blonde beauty with huge breasts and a white nurse uniform paired with black stockings was a high school boys fantasy This was the actualization of every hot-blooded boys fantasy towards an infirmary nurse!

Fine then, it was slightly regrettable that Kaedes breasts werent huge, but her chest was still above average and well-proportioned.

The most important part was her long legs and black stockings combination! Black stockings! Black stockings! Important things should be repeated three times.

A white nurse uniform in tandem with black stockings; this was an absolutely perfect white-and-black pairing!

Just imagining it caused the high school boys beast whoops, hot blood to boil!

And so

The infirmary was filled with students.

Well, just to clarify, no boy did such a foolish thing like injuring himself on purpose to visit the nurse.

They used the "pure and gentlemanly" excuse of needing psychological counseling, since the nurse also had the responsibility of looking after the students mental health.

Yep, psychological counseling, heh heh

The boys fantasies raged wildly. They wore expressions of mutual understanding as they lined up in front of the nurses office in a long queue!

It seemed just like a scene from an idols "handshake and meet the fans greeting."

Boys are all idiots! the high school girls thought in unison as they watched the boys fervent reactions.

Well, the new health teacher was popular. But how was the quality of her work?

Lets interview a few random passers-by

Boy A: "Juumonji-sensei is an excellent teacher; she helped me to learn some things Ive never heard about before."

Boy B: "At first it was a little painful, but it was pleasurable afterwards. And finally I feel like a whole new world has opened up for me."

Boy C: "I think Im getting addicted."

Hey, hey, just what exactly has happened here?

The newspaper club member, who conducted the random interviews, was stunned at hearing these answers.

At first, it was mostly a joke when he thought about doing these interviews. After all, the boys all had the secretly wanted to take a peek at the beautiful new teacher. Naturally, there wouldnt be any serious answers.

He never expected to hear something so incredible!

But when he asked further questions out of curiosity, all his interviewees refused to tell him any details. All they responded with were mysterious smiles as they told him to just check it out for himself.

After some hesitation, this newspaper club member finally adjusted his glasses as his eyes gleamed with determination.

For the majestic high school newspaper club, for everyones right to know, as a newspaper club member, I have the mission to discover and spread the truth!

Even if some sacrifices must be made.

Thinking this, he walked over to the office and joined the queue.

After a long wait, it was finally his turn.

He finally met the legendary new beautiful teacher whose name was Kaede Juumonji.

She was as pretty as the rumors. Her name sounded nice as well.

But what exactly was up with the stories about her?

"Hello, do you have anywhere thats feeling uncomfortable? Or do you have a problem you need help with?"

At first, she had a polite attitude. However

"An interview? The truth?"

"Oh so this means that youre not a patient or a student with any actual problems. Youre just here to be nosy!"

After shed confirmed the newspaper club members intentions, her polite attitude disappeared.

What replaced it was a cold look of utter condescension.

"Honestly, youre just a moron that only knows how to inconvenience others!

"At the very least youre supposed to be that persons fellow schoolmate, even if youre miles away from his level! Dont be so vulgar as to be lower than even the dirt under his fingernails, alright!!

"Ive already seen so many idiots like you today!! Its really annoying!!!"

The brave newspaper club member was utterly stunned.

Following that, he received his lifes first-ever insult-filled rampage

After that.

This person quit the newspaper club and entered a small club by the name of "The Education and Training Club."

The details of this club, the reason behind the student abandoning his beloved newspaper club, the students inexplicable devotion to this new club, and how he expanded this club together with his newfound comrades, who shared his interests was another story entirely.

Kaede Juumonji became a legend on her first day as a school nurse and health teacher.

Her legendary nickname was

"The fallen angel in white!"

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