Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 124

Seiji was racking his brains on how to deal with Shika Kagura acting so spoiled.

Even though this was merely a corner of the school garden, for a high school boy to be seen hugging a middle school girl was still

Hey hey, there was something wrong about the important part!

He should have been thinking of how to refuse her; why was he thinking about dealing with the aftermath!?

His self-commentary helped him to regain his senses.

That was dangerous. He was almost seduced by her cuteness.

Seiji firmed his resolve and was about to strictly reject the amnesiac girls request to hug, but at this moment she already had her arms opened to him, with a face filled with expectation as her eyes sparkled in an innocent and cute manner.

Hugging her wouldnt be that big of a deal, would it?

"Seiji," Chiaki started, "although I dont want to say this, but"

Seiji looked at the tomboy and saw that she was smiling like a convenience store clerk.

"A minimum of three years, a maximum of the death penalty~"

Seijis face twitched.

Hey, dont say something so terrifying in such a fake tone of voice! It sounds like youre in the service industry!

"I I wont be like that!"

"Eh, you knew what I was talking about?"

Shouldnt you have been commenting about what I meant first? was what Chiakis grin seemed to say.

Seiji broke out into a cold sweat.

"I of course I know! Ive seen this on the internet!"

"Which website did you see it on?"

"I dont remember! At any rate, Ive seen it. Does it really matter where!?"

Seiji forcefully injected spirit into his answer, but he averted his gaze from Chiaki.

"Brother~" Shika was still waiting expectantly for him.

Chiaki was watching this while grinning widely.

Mika her aura seemed a little terrifying!

As Seiji looked around everywhere in search of a solution, he finally reached out his large hand and patted Shika Kaguras head.

"I just hugged you earlier. Hold on for a little longer."

Pat~ Pat~~

"Mmm Mew"

Shika didnt get the hug she wanted, but the head pats were effective as well. She was content like a kitten.

Chiakis smile seemed to lose some darkness.

Mikas aura also softened somewhat.

Peace returned to this scene for the time being.

The bell signaling the beginning of class finally rang.

"You two should go back to class. I need to accompany her today, so I wont be going," Seiji informed the duo.

Chiaki nodded.

"During lunch break will you come by?" Mika asked.

"Ill have lunch together with her at the presidents home could it be that youve prepared a lunchbox for me?"

Mika nodded.

Seiji felt a twinge of guilt.

To be honest, he wanted to eat lunch together with Mika and Chiaki. But Shika was sticking so closely to him, and she was the Reapers Curse

Just a short meeting should be fine, but if they ate lunch together, he didnt know whether calamities would befall Chiaki and Mika.

Seiji didnt want them to undergo mysterious catastrophes.

For the first time, he felt what Shika Kagura must have felt in the past when she rejected other people.

He was forced to reject other peoples kindness and good intentions and remain distant from them.

"Thank you during lunch break, Ill come over and take it."

"But I thought you needed to accompany her"

Seiji grinned. "The presidents residence is quite close to school, so it wont take much time."

Mika blinked in surprise as she also smiled and nodded.

And so, the four of them separated.

Mika and Chiaki walked back to the school building. After walking a few steps, they couldnt help looking back at Seiji and Shika.

What they saw was the tall boy holding on to the petite girls hand as they walked off into the distance.

Seiji stayed by Shikas side for the entire morning.

They watched TV together, surfed the internet, played hide-and-seek, read manga, played Monopoly, and played some other card games

The maid Mai Houjou brought everything they watched, read, and played to them, including laptops, manga, cards, and so on.

Yes, the maid-senpai was also unable to attend classes.

According to her, serving her ladys guests was much more important than attending class.

Senpai, youre a third-year high schooler; is this really alright?

She didnt seem to mind, so it was fine?

Seiji found it easy to forget about his senpais presence while he was having fun with Shika, but whenever he needed something, he noticed her immediately.

Her skills as a maid were extraordinary.

Seiji came to the conclusion that she was definitely not an ordinary person!

She said she was here to serve him and Shika, but perhaps she was actually putting them under surveillance?

Well, either way, it didnt matter.

Seiji was merely accompanying a girl whod developed amnesia which caused her mental age to regress. They were only playing normally.


The tall boy was sitting in the hallway and observing the scenery in the backyard.

The petite girl used his lap as a pillow, and her head was resting on his thighs. She had fallen asleep while clutching onto one of his large hands.

The maid appeared at the end of the hallway with a tray in her hand as she silently walked over.

Walking next to the boy, she crouched, placed down the tray, arranged the teacups, and slowly began pouring tea.

None of her movements created any sound, and there was an indescribable elegance to her actions!

Considering the fact that she accomplished all this in black-and-white maid attire, it further increased the difficulty of soundlessly performing everything.

Seijis eyes sparkled with admiration.

The maid-senpai didnt say anything as she smiled gently and placed one cup of tea by his hand. She then took another cup of tea for herself.

And so, they quietly sipped tea together.

Shikas body moved slightly as she seemed to mutter something. There was a light smile on her sleeping face.

Seiji observed her for a few moments and also smiled faintly.

He finished his tea and placed down the teacup.

"Thank you for your efforts today, Harano Haruta-san," Mai said in a soft voice while refilling Seijis empty teacup.

Seiji blinked in surprise at this.

"It wasnt all that much of a big deal Senpai, I thought you would constantly remain silent."

The maid threw him a sidelong glance."Im not mute. Everyone has times when they want to communicate."

Since she was still smiling as she done this, this sidelong glance actually seemed rather cute.

Seiji almost chuckled out loud at the sight.

"Okay then, just that Senpai you seem so professional too professional."

"Im being paid a salary to do this job. Of course I need to be serious about it."

"What about what youre doing right now?

"Even when working seriously, there are times when people need to relax a little~"

"Mmm you seem to be right about that."

"Of course I am."

They exchanged glances as they both laughed soundlessly.

"Ive been constantly watching you today." Mais tone of voice suddenly turned more serious as she continued, "Ive been observing you, to see what type of person you are.

"And now, I understand why it was that Milady was willing to invite you into her home, as well as why this amnesiac girl relies on you so much."

Seiji scratched his face awkwardly. "Er should I interpret that as praise?"

"It is praise. I havent praised many boys before, so you should be proud of yourself."

"Heh, youre just a maid~"

"I have another identity, and itll scare you upon hearing it~"

"I already know about it: youre the former student council president, right?" Seiji looked at her with a mock disdain. "But now youre nothing more than a maid."

Mai puffed out her cheeks slightly. "Hmph you need to fix your attitude, junior!"

"Since you view me as your junior, then theres no need for honorifics. Dont call me something like Harano or Haruta-san; it sounds quite strange."

Mai paused for a moment at hearing this, before she broke out into laughter. The pout from earlier was nowhere to be seen.

"Okay then, you you win, junior Haruta."

"What did I win? Is there a prize, Houjou-senpai?" Seiji blinked his eyes innocently.

"Im just a maid; what prize would I even have to give you?" Mai grinned as she sipped her tea.

"But," Seiji started, "according to legend, maids can provide some special services"

Seeing Mai smile as she mockingly raised the tea kettle to chuck at him, Seiji hurriedly put a stop to his clown act.

"Of course theyre all fake! Please forget I said anything!"

That smile was still plastered on Mais face as she tilted the tea kettle and poured more tea for herself.

Seiji also lowered his head and sipped some more tea.

"By the way, Senpai"


"If If I didnt pass your inspection er, observation, what would have happened?"

Mai slowly revealed the most brilliant smile she had ever shown him.

"Did you know, junior Haruta? The most important job of a maid isnt to take care of her masters basic living needs. Its to exterminate all pests around her master~"

Seiji was rendered speechless by this.

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