Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 127

It was a rough sketch.

In the center was a tall boy whose facial features werent drawn accurately. However, it was still possible to see that he was smiling gently.

To his right was a petite girl. She was clutching his hand with a delighted smile on her face.

This was obviously a depiction of Seiji and Shika.

This didnt surprise Seiji.

What surprised him was that there were also other people in the sketch.

The girl with silky, long black hair had a calm expression.

The red-haired girl seemed slightly angry.

The silver-haired boys eyes were widened in surprise

The girl with two pigtails stood out from the others.

The girl wearing black-and-white maid attire had a gentle smile on her face.

Everyone everyone that Shika Kagura met after receiving amnesia was in this picture!

A large house could be seen in the background, and an orangey-red sun hung low in the sky.

This gave a wonderful atmosphere to the rough sketch of these people standing together in a row.

"Hehe, how is it, Brother?" Shika laughed in a manner which seemed like she was begging for praise. "I did a good job, right?"

Seiji returned to his senses and smiled gently at her.

"Yep you did a great job!"

He gave her his honest praise.

Shikas smile seemed to increase in magnitude, and her eyes curved into twin crescent moons.

She turned around and sat down on his thigh while nuzzling him affectionately.

Seijis expression froze over.

The soft warm feeling of a middle school girl on his lap, the nice faint smell of her body scent

But seeing the drawing, which was still in her hand, instantly helped to repress any uncertain feelings he had in his heart.

"Brother, since Ive done such a good job, you should give me a reward~"

"A reward what would you like?"

Seiji believed that she would likely ask for a snack or something similar.

"I want to sleep together with my brother!"


Seiji received a mega-impact direct hit!!

It actually appeared! The legendary "I want to sleep together with my brother" request! Countless gentlemanly older brothers with sister-complexes dreamed about being able to hear this sentence!!

Seiji personally believed that this sentence could rank fourth among all sentences that sis-con brothers wanted to hear!

Although Seiji believed that he himself wasnt a sis-con, any boy would find it difficult to restrain themselves after hearing such a sentence coming out from the mouth of a beauty on Shika Kaguras level!

The feelings he managed to repress earlier returned in full force! More accurately speaking, they were focused on his bottom half!! He was about to lose control, ahh!!

Seiji poured all his effort into not allowing his expression to become distorted.

How should he deal with this situation? Right, recite an incantation!

3.141592653589793 Hey, wait! This isnt an incantation; this is pi!

Inwardly, his mind was as chaotic as a battlefield.

"How about it, Brother?" Shika nudged her pale face against his and acted spoiled again. "Id really like for brother to hug me as we sleep~"

Soft words with a warm feeling behind them.

Something was standing up.

Dont get up! Dont be like this, little brother!!

Seiji attempted to persuade his lower half desperately.

But he quickly figured out how foolish this was, so he hurriedly tried to distract himself.

"Er Shika-chan, a girl as old as you are now shouldnt be sleeping together with boys anymore."

"Im not sleeping together with boys; I just want to sleep together with my brother."

"Your brother is a boy as well!"

"I dont care! I still want to sleep together with my brother! I want you to hug me; thats the most comfortable~"

But I wont be comfortable! No, no I should say that Ill be really comfortable as well But I wont be able to be comfortable, so I wont be comfortable! Get it!? Seiji sighed inwardly. Just what exactly am I thinking anymore?

Seiji forcefully rubbed his face in an effort to calm himself down.

"Shika-chan, you cant act too spoiled, you know! I cant sleep together with you. At most I can stay by your bedside until you fall asleep."

Shika puffed out her cheeks at hearing this. "Thats no good"

"Dont be selfish, Shika-chan." Seiji tried his best to put on a stern expression. "Youre not going to listen to your brother?"

"Wah" Shikas face instantly darkened.

Im sorry! Just seeing such an expression makes me want to apologize! I feel so guilty!! But I really cant; sleeping together is forbidden

"How how about this: Ill go ask the maid-san to give Shika-chan some delicious sweets like strawberry milk pudding to make it up to you. How does that sound?"

"Id prefer chocolate."

"Got it! Ill go ask her for some!"

Seeing her expression relax slightly, Seiji inwardly breathed a sigh of relief.

Then, his gaze fell upon that sketch again.

"Shika-chan, could you tell me how why was it that you wanted to draw it like this?" he asked gently.

And so, the night passed.

Shika didnt go to sleep until really late last night, but it wasnt a problem for Seiji.

After getting out of bed, washing up, and eating breakfast, he accompanied Natsuya to a certain room at the end of the second floor.

When he went inside, he saw that there was a huge Yin Yang diagram inscribed on the floor, with a gigantic pentagram inscribed on the ceiling.

This room was windowless. White lanterns hung from all four walls, candlelight flickering inside them. Despite this, the room seemed neither stifling nor hot.

Besides the Yin Yang diagram and pentagram, various runes in a language that Seiji couldnt read were also scribbled all over the walls, ceiling, and floor There were also two reclining chairs in the center of the Yin Yang diagram on the floor.

They seemed like rather ordinary wooden chairs which could be found in just about any home.

"Shika and I will be using these two chairs?"

Natsuya nodded. "Yes, and Ill be casting the spell upon the two of you.

"As for the specific procedure, its just like I told you last night. First Ill have you two undergo a special hypnosis. After that Ill cast a spell upon you, so that your spirit can enter her soul and aid in the investigation."

Spirit according to Natsuyas explanation last night, it was the self-awareness of the soul. It was something quite similar to your consciousness but still different.

According to Seijis understanding, to use a computer as an analogy, consciousness was similar to the Windows operating system for everything on the surface, while spirit was like the DOS system that controlled the disks. Both systems were separate yet worked together. In conclusion, consciousness worked on the surface, while spirit functioned on a deeper level.

Natsuyas assessment of his understanding was that it seemed rather subtle. It was correct in some parts, but incorrect in others.

Well, since Natsuya didnt deny it straight out, Seiji just took it as him being correct. It didnt matter to him whether or not he understood how it worked, as long as he understood the big picture.

What would it feel like for his spirit to enter someone elses soul?

Hearing Natsuyas description made Seiji recall a popular science fiction film in his previous life about entering other peoples dreams and planting memories in an effort to change them.

He believed that to be an excellent movie with fantastic writing. At the time, he even watched it twice in the movie theater, which left him with a deep impression.

What he was now about to do was rather similar to the main character of that film. That protagonist needed to plant memories in other peoples dreams, and he needed to enter a girls soul to locate a spell.

That protagonist had to deal with peoples unconscious defense systems, while Seiji would face the natural defense of Shika Kaguras soul.

This was why Natsuya said that only someone Shika Kagura was close to would be able to act as an intermediary.

If it was a stranger, doubtlessly Shikas souls defenses would be increased to the maximum. For someone she felt close to, the defenses should be much easier to deal with.

But there was still an element of risk involved.

Seiji had already mentally prepared himself.

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