Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 131

The snow and wind were quite fierce.

Although it couldnt be called a blizzard, it seemed pretty close to one.

Even so, Seiji and Shika-chan didnt feel a hint of coldness. Instead, they were relaxed enough to sing the "Honey Candy Girl" anime theme song together.

Warm air filled the interior of the car. There was almost no shaking at all as the car drove over the rough terrain. The seats were perfectly soft, and with plenty of snacks and drinks stocked inside as well, the journey was ridiculously comfortable.

This almost seemed like a joyous family trip

Seiji was pleased at himself for thinking of creating a car. Of course, he was most grateful to the president!

And so, the car arrived at the snowy mountain.

Real-life cars would be unable to climb mountains.

But this wasnt real life. Seiji had realized this many times over by now, so when the road in front of him became too steep to drive on, he simply had his car transform.

Seiji exerted his imagination. Stand up, mecha!

After a flash of golden light, the silver-white SUV turned into a gigantic robot!

Seiji couldnt help but feel excited when he saw the SUVs transformation. "What the hell!? This actually worked!"

He had only wanted to try it out, but he didnt expect that it would work on the first try.

He witnessed all the changes through the car window, but the cars interior didnt change one bit.

Everything was completely breaking all the laws of physics Newton and Einstein would definitely toss and turn in their graves!

While he was controlling the robot and climbing the mountain, Seiji felt that using a normal steering wheel seemed too low-tech for such a robot.

Lets change it!

With a golden flash, all the controls on the dashboard turned into a high-tech system which resembled something from a science-fiction anime.

Seiji sat in the middle of it all while pulling on a lever which was quite easy to manipulate. He felt the sudden urge to shout "I am Gundam!"

Being able to drive a huge robot is the dream of a real man! Its okay for men as well, not just boys!

At least, thats what Seiji believed.

He never expected that his childhood science-fiction anime fantasies could materialize like this. He couldnt help but feel incredibly excited.

But he shouldnt forget this trips goal.

The sky gradually turned darker as the robot continued ascending the mountain.

Seiji felt an ominous premonition; something was about to happen.

"Shika-chan, are you tired?" Seiji noticed that she seemed to be drowsy.

"Yes, meow"

"Have a little nap. If you sleep for a while, everything will be over," he whispered gently as he imagined something again.

After another golden flash, Shika-chans car seat turned into a soft bed to sleep in. It even included warm blankets and a soundproof barrier.

"Okay Good night, Brother~"

"Good night, Shika-chan."

That took care of things.

When Shika-chan fell asleep, the sky outside darkened at an even faster pace. Abnormal white-clad figures also started appearing.

But Seiji felt that hed be able to take care of everything by himself, even without Shika-chans assistance For some reason he was brimming with confidence.

That was because creating anything he could imagine in this space seemed too powerful an ability!

President Yoruhana, this is such an amazing spell!

He pressed onwards.

It was now completely pitch-black. Even more abnormal white-clad figures appeared and began to surround his mecha. They seemed like they were about to attack.

But so what? Seiji curled his lips into a smile.

He imagined a huge gun appearing in his robots right hand.

He pointed the gun at the sky and opened fire!

A white light burst out from the guns mouth, etching a white trail in the sky before exploding at the apex of its arc!

It was a flashbang which was on the level of an artificial sun in brightness!

The blinding light instantly dispelled the darkness and destroyed all those abnormal-seeming figures in white.

He shot out a second and a third flashbang

After two more flashbangs, the skys color seemed to turn back to normal No, it was even brighter than it should have been!

"Nothing can stop me!" Seiji said something rather immature out loud.

He paced forwards in his giant robot, breaking into a sprint and jumping over any obstacles as he traveled towards the only patch of darkness that hadnt dissipated.

He finally saw a huge black wall!

This endless dark wall reached all the way from the mountaintop to the limits of the skies This was the true identity of the darkness.

"President, Ive discovered it."

Seiji described what he had found to her.

"Wait for a little while. I need to confirm things on my end," Natsuya replied.

After that was nothing but silence. It was evident that she was searching for information.

Seiji waited patiently.

However, a blood-red mass appeared in his field of vision. It seemed to be getting bigger and bigger.

"Theyre demons!?

As they approached, Seiji was able to make them out more clearly.

He didnt know what they were exactly, but they had red bodies with blueish-purple limbs and ferocious expressions on their faces. They had sharp fangs and horns as well as bat-like wings on their backs. They were flying towards Seiji rapidly with guns in their hands!

There were seemingly thousands of them!!

"Many strange creatures are heading this way, President!" Seiji shouted as his brain worked at top speed.

With two golden flashes, a pair of gigantic Gatling guns materialized in his huge robots hands. Several anti-air missile turrets also appeared nearby, their cannons aimed in the unwelcome visitors direction.

Its firework time!

Both Gatling guns and all the anti-air turrets opened fire simultaneously!

Together with the thunderous sound of gunfire, a dazzling amount of bullets filled Seijis vision as they spread out towards the countless enemy monsters.

And they were effective!

The red flying creatures exploded into clouds of blood mist as they were struck by the high-caliber bullets and cannon shots.

As long as it worked, nothing mattered!

Seijis blood began to boil.

"Explode! Be demolished, you scum!"

Another golden flash appeared on the robots black as silvery-white wings materialized. With a blast of golden flames, its sharp wings spread out and took flight!

Seiji piloted the mecha into the air, and its two Gatling guns, equipped with an infinite amount of ammunition, endlessly sprayed death at the monsters, turning them all into blood mist.

As the monsters flew in his direction, Seiji hurriedly dodged them by performing an aerial maneuver and flying above his own cannon formation.

The torrential gunfire thinned out the ranks of the demons.

"Haruta-kun, whats the situation!?" Natsuyas voice finally sounded in his mind.

"Not bad! Although I thought it was bad at first, it turns out I can deal with things!"

Seiji was having a lot of fun right now. This felt more exciting than even a VR shooting game!

"Oh thats fine then." Natsuyas voice paused. "I did a little research, and it turns out that what youre facing currently isnt a spell to cause amnesia. Its a defense spell instead!"

"Then what should I do?" Seiji shot several monsters that got too close to his robot, causing them to explode into blood mist.

"I can wake the two of you up, then try my best to eliminate the spell. Or I can cast a spell on you and have you destroy it right now!"

"Which will be better for Shika-chan?"

"The second one."

"Lets go with that then!"

Seiji created 18 floating cannons which had the ability to shoot in every direction. Bullets literally covered the entire sky.

"I feel like I can do anything right now! Hahahaha"

Natsuya was rendered speechless.

She glanced at Seijis body, which was currently seated in a chair and sleeping. For him to speak so arrogantly and laugh felt rather strange!

She really wanted to comment on the situation, but there was no time for that.

Natsuya instantly began casting another spell on Seiji.

"This spell will take some time, Haruta-kun"

"I can hold on! Rather, I dont even want to stop! Wow! A large one is here! Wonderful!! Come battle!!!"

Seiji was now shouting words filled with battle fervor. He seemed like the incarnation of a war god on the battlefield.

As long as youre having fun, Haruta-kun.

Natsuya let out a helpless sigh as she continued casting her spell.

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