Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 137

It was currently lunch break at Genhana High School.

Right before the final morning class, Seiji had called Mika and Chiaki to inform them that he was coming to lunch break.

Shika Kagura wasnt by his side.

"Hey." He smiled as he greeted the two of them and sat down.

Mika and Chiaki both stared at the lunchbox in his hand.

Seiji scratched his face awkwardly. "This was cooked by Houjou-senpai... er, the maid working at the presidents residence."

When he called and promised Mika and Chiaki to eat lunch together at school, he had planned on buying some bread from the schools convenience store, but when Mai Houjou found out about it, she cooked a lunchbox for him.

It was a luxurious lunch!

Mika and Chiaki kept staring speechlessly at the three-layered lunchbox topped with intricate patterns. It was oozing with an aura of high quality.

This seemed like a luxurious lunchbox that could only be seen in television shows!

Houjou-senpai? Maid? Just who exactly was this!?

The pigtailed girl and tomboy exchanged glances as they felt the aura emanating from the lunchbox.

"Mika, lets go eat over there instead."

"Yep, Chiaki, commoners like us shouldnt be eating lunch together with a prince."

The two of them stood up after saying this and were about to leave.

"Hey, hey, where are you two going?" Seiji was confused about what was going on.

"To a place where we wont be blinded by your lunchbox," Chiaki stated.

"Why would it make you blind!?"

It was just a lunchbox to him, and the contents werent particularly shiny.

"That lunchbox is telling us that mere commoners should stay away," Mika stated.

"Is this lunchbox a noble!?"

Not to mention the arrogant type? Seiji inwardly commented, before sighing.

"Dont act up over this; she had good intentions. Although I feel its too luxurious as well, I thought it would have been rude to refuse her."

He finally opened up the lunchbox after he spoke, revealing an abundant amount of exquisite-looking food.

"Enjoy this together with your friends is what she told me."

Mika and Chiaki couldnt find any words to say.

They felt like they couldnt bear to look at the opulence of the lunchbox any longer, but the beautiful, exquisite food inside gave off such an appealing smell; in fact, it was attractive to the point where they no longer felt like leaving!

After battling with their emotions for a while, both girls relented and returned to their original seats.

All three of them picked up some chopsticks and placed some food from Seijis lunchbox into their mouths.


Seiji picked up a tiny fried fish. The moment he placed it into his mouth and chewed, the delightful flavor of well-prepared fish spread out all over his tongue.

Although hed tasted Houjou-senpais cooking before this, he still inwardly praised it.

Well, although he didnt think that it was possible to orgasm from simply eating food, it was simply delicious, really delicious!

As an ordinary person, all he could do was give such a lacking review.

What about Mika and Chiakis reactions?

Seiji looked at the two girls curiously.

He found out that both of their expressions had frozen solid!

"Er, whats the mat-"

He was interrupted.

He suddenly saw a flash of light in Mikas eyes!

"This egg roll... its delectable softness is clearly many levels above ordinary egg rolls, so it definitely wasnt made with ordinary eggs. It must have been cooked using the most expensive, highest-quality eggs on the market! The cooking method is far out of this world as well! The egg roll is so soft yet it doesnt lose the subtle crispiness that egg rolls should possess, and the most amazing part is that the eggs flavor stands out so much with just one bite! Its so amazing!"

Amazing? Seiji was stunned at this sight.

But before he could even react to Mikas sudden change, a flash of light also appeared in Chiakis eyes.

"Not only is this barbecued meat perfectly tender, its chewiness is also flawless! And just as I was admiring its texture, a juicy explosion of meaty flavor robbed my ability to think! No ordinary meat or spices could do this. First, the meats quality is definitely equal to or above that being served at Silver Valley, and as for spices, I can only taste black pepper, vanilla, and some type of fish sauce, but I cant figure out the composition of the sauce, although I can faintly detect that it helped to perfectly combine the meats flavor with the other spices. In addition to this, the heat used for cooking was absolutely on point, which was the only way someone could have created such a mouth-watering savory dish!"

What the hell!? Chiaki as well!?

Seiji was utterly bewildered.

How did the two of them suddenly turn into characters from a cooking manga!? This didnt seem like the right story!

They both suddenly gave such expert-sounding critiques that both lacked pauses or paragraphs! They had such a hidden ability!?

Perhaps... the two of them were those that could climax simply from food alone, or the legendary type of human that could detect auras of light being emitted by food!

Seijis mental comments were like an unstoppable chaotic tornado.

"Hm? Seigo, whats with your expression? Is anything wrong?"

Chiaki and Mika were confused at the sight of Seiji in a daze.

Youre asking me whats the matter!?

"Im the one who wants to ask you, what was with that just now!?" Seiji finally spoke loudly.

"What do you mean by whats with that?" The two girls exchanged confused glances.

"That... that review! Both of you just said so much..."

"Review? Oh... we were just normally expressing our thoughts. This lunchboxs cooking was on a pretty high level," Chiaki explained.

Just "normally expressing?"

Then what would be your serious reviews be like!? Would you transform and rip your clothes off!?

Seijis cheeks twitched slightly.

When he saw the calm expressions of the two girls before him, Seiji felt his energy being sapped away.

Am I the one thats actually strange here? Is this the normal level for people in this world to be able to review food like theyre food critics from food manga? Any average person is already at this level!?

Seiji was beginning to doubt himself.

"Its so scrumptious; Im really impressed," Mika praised once more after taking another bite.

"Hey, Seigo, who was the one who made this lunchbox for you? You said Houjou-senpai, didnt you? But you also said something about the presidents maid; what was that about?"

Seiji returned to his senses.

"Her name is Mai Houjou. Shes a third-year high school student here who used to be the student council president... Shes currently working as President Yoruhanas maid," he stated lightly, waiting for the inevitable impact.

Two seconds later.

"What!?" both girls screeched in unison.

As he expected, the two of them were shocked to the core.

"The former student council president..."

"Mai Houjou..."

"Is currently President Yoruhanas maid!?"

"Thats how it is. I was shocked as well when I found out, but President Yoruhana and Houjou-senpai are..." Seiji explained the relationship.

"I see." Mika and Chiaki nodded in understanding.

"President Yoruhana is truly a scion from a rich and powerful family..." Mika sighed. "Seigo, youre currently living at such a scions residence... you must be delighted."

Mika felt like needles were piercing her.

"Im just staying there temporarily. Although it may seem like juicy news for gossip, theres nothing behind it, really." Seiji casually took some more food. "It just feels like... the food has suddenly vastly improved in quality, nothing more than that."

Judging by the expression in Mikas eyes, she still wanted to complain, but she didnt say anything else.

Chiaki smiled wryly. "Mai Houjou... Houjou-senpai had such a relationship with President Yoruhana, so her being a maid... seems reasonable, but I still feel..."

She then glanced at the luxurious lunchbox with a complex expression.

"Did the two of you know Houjou-senpais... nickname while she was still the student council president?" Chiaki suddenly posed this question to Seiji and Mika.

Mystified, both of them shook their heads.

"No need to respond: as I expected, you didnt know." Chiaki sighed before continuing, "Her nickname was the Smiling Executioner."

Seiji and Mika were astounded by this!

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