Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 160

"Shuho-san... have you ever, just like this, offered a drink that youve already sipped from to another boy?" Seiji asked in a clear voice, looking at her intently.

Hitaka blinked in surprise. She then tilted her head slightly and considered the question. She averted her gaze after a few seconds, then focused on Seiji again after another few seconds.


It was easy to tell that she tried to recall any other such instances before answering.

So, Seijis guess had been on the mark.

Seiji could only smile wryly.

"Then, do you know the hidden meaning of such an action?"

Hitaka blinked again, and there was a look of utter confusion on her face.

"Alright, you dont need to answerI already know that you dont know." Seiji felt a sudden urge to cover his face.

How should he explain it?

He thought about it for a few seconds.

"Shuho-san, a girl offering a drink shes sipped from... or food shes already eaten to another boy is considered an incredibly intimate action by others."

Hitaka was expressionless.

"This type of action will typically only appear between boys and girls that have already confirmed their feelings for each other... or in other words, couples.

"Apart from that, there are a few exceptions, such as childhood friends that are really close to each other, or brothers and sisters, but even the exceptions are also between boys and girls that are really close with each other.

"Thats why, Hitaka-san, its not suitable for you to offer me a drink like this. Were not a couple, nor are we super close to each other. For you to offer me a drink... its as if youre giving me an easily misconstrued signal that you have hidden feelings for me or that you secretly want to take our relationship to another level... something like that.

"I know that Shuho-san isnt this type of girl, which is why I asked to make sure if you knew the hidden meaning to this action or not, and why Im explaining it to you... Do you understand?"

Seiji looked at her face andnoticed a strange phenomenon.

Hitakas face was slowly beginning to redden. It was almost as if an invisible red brush was drawing on her face! After a few short moments, her face had turned completely red!

The red-haired, red-eyed girls face was also red as well now.

Yep, this scene had a complementary type of beauty to it.

Seiji watched Hitaka quietly.

The redder her face got, the more distant the look in her eyes became. The hand that was holding the sports drink also began to tremble slightly.

Was she about to start smoking from her head? If this was a manga, Seiji was certain that white smoke would be coming out of her head right now.

She was embarrassed to such a degree... how pure.

Even if she was wearing attire that made her seem incredibly hot.

By the way, did she know just how attractive she looked in those clothes? It seemed quite probable... that she also didnt know.

This type of contrast was quite cute!

Even her current expression was really cute.

When compared to her usual icy, distant expression, her beet-red face was bursting with cuteness!!

Seiji admired the scene quietly.

Even though this was an inappropriate time to take out his cell phone, he still had his systems CG-saving ability.

System: 'Leave it to me!

Seiji imagined the (fake) system fairy giving him a huge thumbs-up.

Nice job, partner!

"H... Haruta-kun..." Hitaka started hesitantly,lowering her crimson face, "I... Im so sorry!"

After saying that, she turned around and took two steps.

*Boom! Pound!* Two heavy-sounding blows rang out in quick succession.

The red-haired girls figure disappeared.

Thats rightdisappeared!

Seiji stared at the feet-shaped holes left in the floorboard in a daze.

What was with her footwork technique? Did she have the ability to burrow into the floor? Or was it teleportation!?

The way she escaped seemed so cool and out-of-this-world.

Was it really alright for her to be using such a power in this residences main hall?

It seemed that it would be at least somewhat of a problem, since the floor now had two huge holes in it. Who was going to fix this?

"Meow~" Rana moved her body and rubbed her face against his thigh.

Ah, he accidentally touched them.

Because the cat girl had turned her head slightly, Seiji had touched her large cat ears, which gave him a wondrously smooth and soft feeling.

Ear patting~ Ear patting~~

Yep... He was satisfied! His gentlemanly heart had obtained everything it desired.

And so, he joyously passed some time together with Rana like this.


Seiji took a tray of food to Shikas room in order to eat together with her.

Although he probably could take Shika to the dining hall to eat with everyone if he wanted to, as he didnt think Natsuya and the others would refuse, it was probably better for everyone if he didnt burden them with more underlying pressure.

While eating lunch together with Shika, Seiji informed her that his cultivation process was going well and that he was going to do his best to reach a power level necessary to become Natsuyas temporary Spirit-branded Retainer.

"Brother Seiji... is amazing. But to become a temporary retainer and do battle... such a thing..."

Shika was delighted at Seijis rapid improvement but concerned about the fact that he himself was planning on doing battle.

"President Yoruhana is confident that we have a great advantage and that the situation will be fairly safe." Seiji smiled reassuringly. "She doesnt expect much out of me; shes merely allowing me to be a spectator and gain knowledge about the life of a Yin Yang Master.

"I feel like its a great chance... I was going to join their ranks sooner or later regardless, but opportunities like this are hard to come by.

"Thats why I must go. And even if the situation turns dangerous, Ill simply run away at the first chance I get."

Shika continued to stare at his face.

Will she detect my true motive? Seiji felt nervous about this possibility.

While everything he had just said was the truth, there was actually one more reason, and this was the most important reason: he really wanted to give that Okubo Yoshiaki bastard a vicious beating!

He felt that Shika definitely wouldnt accept this reason for joining the battle.

She wouldnt want her adopted brother to be placed in such a dangerous situation for the purpose of taking revenge for her. If she knew his true reason for joining, it was almost certain she'd try and stop him.

That was why Seiji didnt tell her.

Even if Shika didnt feel like it was a big deal if harm befell her, Seiji didnt want to simply let it go. If he really didnt have any chance to personally deal with Okubo, then he would forget about it, but since he had a chance, he definitely wanted to give things a try.

"Youre lying," Shika stated calmly.

Seijis heart skipped a beat. Had she seen through him?

"Brother, youre lying. If the situation turned bad, youd never run away. Youd definitely help President Yoruhana and the others... fight until the very end."

"Er..." Oh, so she was referring to this. Seiji scratched his face.

"Of course I wouldnt; I'm aware of my limits. If its a situation thats difficult for even President Yoruhana and the others to deal with, then Id be nothing more than a burden on them, so Id escape immediately."

Shikas expression showed that she obviously didnt believe him.

Seiji was instilled with a sudden sense of curiosity. Just what is Shika-chans impression of me like?

"I promise that I wont go overboard! So you dont need to worry too much about me," he said reassuringly. "Besides," he consoled gently, "its unlikely that the situation will be dangerous in the first place, so you dont need to worry about it."

"Mmm..." Shika was forced to accept this.

But she still felt rather anxious inside, and she wanted to do something for her adopted brothers sake...

She silently thought about what she could do.

After lunch.

Seiji returned the lunch tray and sought out Mai.

For the second time, he was guided to the hidden underground basement where the Spirit Image was located.

"This time I wont be accompanying you, so you need to be careful. If theres any significant danger during your Visualization, or if there are any other strange-seeming situations, make yourself wake up immediately," Mai warned him with a serious expression.

"I will." Seiji nodded.

He then sat on the sofa, stared at the hanging watercolor painting, opened his system, and chose [Visualization].

In just a few seconds, he entered the world of the painting again.

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