Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 164

"Could you please teach Hitaka a little about communicating with boys?"

In regards to her request, Natsuya chose the direct approach.

"I also think that its a good idea for a boy she trusts to talk to her about this," Seiji answered. "Its not that I want to refuse, though; its just that isnt there anyone else better suited for the task?"

"There isnt." Natsuya averted her gaze awkwardly.

No matter how much she considered it, apart from Seiji Haruta, who currently stood before her, there was truly no other boy that could teach Hitaka about communication!

The rest of the boys Natsuya and Hitaka were familiar with either had personality issues, trouble with communicating themselves, or other various problems. If she left it to them, there was no way she could rest assured.

Haruta-kun wasnt a bad person at all, but there was a different problem with him. He was too, um... if he wasnt careful, Hitaka might

'No, no, that's impossible.'

Hitaka had never been interested in that topic, so she probably wouldnt become like that.

'But what if she does?' a tiny voice whispered from the depths of the scions heart.

She couldn't help but imagine the scene of Hitaka and Seiji being intimate with each other

A strange, complex feeling rose up within her chest when she imagined this.

What was this feeling?

Natsuya was uncertain and confused.

"Okay, since President thinks that I can be of service, Ill try my best," Seiji replied after considering the matter.

Hitakas problem wasnt something major, but nor was it minor.

She wasnt an ordinary person. As the Spirit-branded Retainer and friend of a scion like Natsuya, perhaps Hitaka would be able to live without any problems, even if she never learned how to communicate with others for her entire life. However, she... would probably miss out on a lot of fun.

Seiji believed that if she became more flexible, she would be able to enjoy life a lot more.

So, he decided to help out.

But he couldnt guarantee the results. After all, in his own opinion, his own communication skills werent outstanding either.

"President, how do you think I should teach her? Er I should state first that I cant promise any results; I can only try my best."

"Thank you for agreeing, Haruta-kun." Natsuya stopped daydreaming and gave him her gratitude. "As for how to teach her Just treat her as a friend and chat with her while telling her about the relevant knowledge; thats all you need to do. Ill let her know and have her listen to you."

"Oh thats fine."

It sounds pretty easy.

Natsuya took Seiji to the Spirit Image room and left him there.

Seiji started his daily [Visualization].

After he'd finished the [Visualization].

Seiji checked the time only to find that another nine hours had passed. It was almost dinnertime now.

Like his last experience, the contents of this [Visualization] consisted of fighting demons.

All three times that he went into his spirit world, he had been fighting demons together with his Spirit-branded Retainers, with the first occasion being the grandest.

The second and third times were on a smaller scale. He kept acting as "Seiji Kamijou" and took only some of his retainers to deal with evil demons and spirits.

This seemed like it would be the basic format of his [Visualization].

It was still a little embarrassing to think about it, but Seiji had gotten used to it; in fact, he even enjoyed it.

But it did seem like a problem if it took nine hours every time.

But it was exactly because his [Visualization] took so long that his [Spiritual Power] was able to increase so quickly.

Even if this seemed like a problem to him, it didnt appear necessary to do anything about it immediately, so he decided to deal with it later.

This time as well, Seijis [Spiritual Power] increased by 6 points.

Seiji closed his system and left the Spirit Image room.

Right after he returned to the main hallway and poured himself a cup of tea, he saw Hitaka.

This time, Hitaka wasnt wearing her midriff-baring shirt and hot pants. Instead, she wore a light red exercise jacket and long pants.

However, they were still form-fitting.

Thats rightone more time: form-fitting!

The tight exercise clothes accentuated her excellent youthful figure. Those beautiful and eye-catching curves were irresistibly attractive! And the flawless white skin displayed above her collarbone and on her forearms would cause people to start fantasizing as well.

Seiji was rendered speechless by this.

Natsuya had probably reminded her already, which was why the red-haired beauty wasnt wearing such "hot girl" clothing this time, but these clothes Honestly speaking, they were rather sexy as well.

For some certain gentlemen with specific preferences, these tight-fitting clothes might even be more appealing to them than the "hot girl" clothes.

Of course, it wasnt that she had worn anything bad.

She wasnt wrong to wear what she did yesterday either. After all, everyone was free to wear what they liked. Seiji felt that the problem was more about the fact that she didnt know about what her clothes signified to certain guys.

What about now?

If she knew how charismatic she appeared in her form-fitting exercise clothes, there was no problem with wearing them. But did she truly know?

Hitaka also noticed Seiji.

Her face flushed slightly red once again, but this time she didnt avert her gaze as it seemed like she forced herself to meet Seijis eyes.



There was a crushing period of silence.

Seiji decided to use a typical teacher line. "Shuho-san, can I chat with you for a moment?"

"Mmm Sure."

"Thank you. Please have a seat first."

When he saw how obediently she sat down on the couch, Seiji believed for a moment that he really was a teacher who was about to lecture a student.

This wasnt the scene that he wanted.

He had imagined this being more casualan everyday, normal occurrence.

How could he change the atmosphere?

He didnt know what to do for such a girl

Although he felt the urge to imitate Great Teacher Onizuka, this girl seemed like she would take him way too seriously, and that would be awkward.

Seiji felt rather helpless about the situation.

He felt a pang of sympathy for Natsuya, who previously had to deal with this situation.

Well, even if it was a little stiff, he had to continue the conversation.

He went with the direct approach. "Shuho-san whats your opinion about boys?"

"Boys" Hitaka muttered to herself, a blank expression in her eyes.

It seemed that she rather ignorant regarding this matter.

"What about girls, then?" Seiji asked, changing the topic.

"Girls" Hitakas blank look cleared up slightly, but she was still unable to come up with an answer.

So, she was completely ignorant in this area after all.

To be honest, these two questions didnt even require answers.

Any normal people that heard these questions would typically respond with something like "Boys are boys, and girls are girls. Whats with this question about your opinion? Just what are you trying to ask?"

Of course, there would also be those who'd say, "Boys are all idiots," "Girls are all so haughty," or make a similar complaint.

But for the most part, they werent questions that required answers.

It was just like asking the answer to 1 + 1; normal people wouldnt even consider it as it wasnt necessary.

Seiji didnt want Hitakas answer; he merely wanted to see her reaction.

After watching her reaction, he was certain that this girl before her was

Teaching her to understand some things that she didnt know about before was his current task.

"President Yoruhana told me to teach you a little about how to communicate with boys," Seiji said in a gentle voice. "Has she talked to you about this already?"

Hitaka returned to her senses.

"Milady told me that she asked you to do this and she requested that I listen seriously to you," she answered in a light voice.

"Thats fine then. I cant promise that I can do a good job, but Ill try my best." Seiji smiled brightly. "Shuho-san, if theres anything that you dont understand about boys, feel free to ask me."

"Thank you," Hitaka said, before mulling over his question. "Well... I do have one question Id like to ask."

"What is it?"

"Ive heard that theres a type of boy known as a trap. Just what exactly is this?"

Seiji was rendered speechless by this unexpected question!

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