Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 175

"Arrrghhh!!" Okubo was shouting fiercely.

He sounded just like a wild beast struggling inside a hunters trap.

Dark grayish-black mist poured out from his body, and countless pale white hands as far as the eyes could see were reaching out from the mist and rushing towards the girl across from him like an unstoppable flood!

Natsuya remained expressionless at this.

Her cape had now turned into a cloak that covered her entire body, and mystical runes flashed and shone on the transformed cape. As the pale white hands drew close to her, her cape glowed with a dark yellow light, sealing every single hand without exception.

She then brought her kodachi down upon the hands, and numerous motes of dark red light flew out from her blade. With one swipe, all the hands were severed.


With Natsuyas light command, a much darker glow instantly enveloped the kodachi. Before long, the kodachi transformed, lengthening by several dozen meters.

She lifted the massive blade and swung it down at Okubo!


Okubo attempted to block the sword with his mist, but the enchanted dark red kodachi managed to pierce through his defense and injure his body.

Okubo instantly spat out a mouthful of blood from his injury.


He was unable to even stand anymore, so he kneeled on one knee and stared at the puddle of blood that he had just spit onto the ground.

He was completely defeated.

He tried to gain time for his cultivated Zombie Demon and cast spells to weaken the schools defensive spell formation but it ended in defeat!

He created his own territory and tried to form a barrier that would be completely unaffected by his opponents spell formation but it ended in defeat!

He used a large amount of Spiritual Power in an attempt to overwhelm his opponent with the first wave of attacks but it ended in defeat!

He used low-cost Mana attacks and kept up a solid defense in order to wear Natsuya down while waiting for a chance to counterattack but it ended in defeat!

He used a soul attack and attempted to drag Natsuya into the soul realm for battling but it ended in defeat!

Every one of his actions had ended in failure.

Every plan, every plot of his, had been easily countered!

Not only that, he was continuously injured by Natsuyas attacks.

Okubo was now feeling despair.

He couldnt win.

Not only could he not win, he wasnt even able to seemingly bother her.

Natsuya Yoruhana had maintained a cold and distant expression from start to finish. She hadn't lost control of her emotions for even a second; it were as if she wasnt even battling, and was doing something like school homework instead, as she precisely countered his every move.

No, it wasnt countering.

She was basically dissecting him.

She was dissecting him emotionally, like how a student would dissect a frog for their biology homework.

Okubo began laughing.

He actually found it funny how he came up with this analogy, and he was also laughing at himself for how appropriate this analogy truly was.

The uncomfortable sound of his own laughter caused him to recall all the taunting laughter he had constantly heard throughout his life.

From his family, from strangers, and even from

"You were defeated once before by Natsuya Yoruhana.Youll be defeated by her for eternity.Youll never catch up to her in terms of power for your entire life, nor will you ever understand even when you die."

Those bone-piercing taunts came from a good-for-nothing piece of garbage.


Okubo began laughing maniacally.

Pain, hatred, anger, unwillingness

Despair from always being looked down on and condescended by everyone finally swallowed him.

He was unable to deny everything that made his life uncomfortable.

Because it was all undeniably true.

He was unable to defeat Natsuya Yoruhana

He wasnt able to accept it, but he was forced to accept it.

That was why he utterly broke down.

Even through his maniacal laughter, Okubo noticed that the beautiful girl's eyebrows furrowed slightly as she observed him.

So, theres finally a change in your expression.Whats about to happen next will shock you even more!

Okubo lifted his hand slightly. Three crystals appeared in a flash of a black light and floated into his hand.

Natsuya blinked in surprise at this. However, she acted swiftly and launched an attack!

So youve noticed it... but your attack is useless.

Okubo formed a seal with his other hand and used the entirety of his remaining Mana to create an impregnable barrier.

Natsuyas attack was successfully blocked by his barrier.

She instantly began preparing a new and stronger spell.

But, no matter how fast, any spell able to break through his barrier required at least a few seconds to cast.

That was more than enough time for Okubo.

Okubo recalled the last words of advice from the person who had sold these to him as he looked at the crystals on his hand.

"Theres one more way to use this drug, which I didnt want to mention, but I might as well tell you seeing how generous youve been with your payments."

"This is a method that only Yin-Yang Masters can use, and it wont work on Spirit-branded Retainers. It involves consuming the 'main body' and summoning a spirit which will possess you. This will grant you a burst of explosive powerbut the strength of the spirit depends on how much you consume."

"As you can imagine, this is a highly dangerous technique. About fifty percent of this techniques users will end up deadyes, exactly halfit's just like flipping a coin. And even if the user manages to survive, there might be irreparable damage to the soul."

"I truly hope that you wont need to use this forbidden technique."

That person had chuckled while telling him this.

As Okubo recalled the conversation, he realized that person probably anticipated that he would need to use this from the very start.

'Well, forget ithis motives aren't important.'

Okubo placed the three crystals into his mouth and bit down with all his might.


The crystals were crispy and had a salty taste in fact, they were surprisingly delicious.

Okubo swallowed the crystals and instantly felt a chill spreading throughout his body.

Across from him, Natsuya was about to begin her next attack.

Okubo now had to summon a spirit!

It was a forbidden technique for a Yin-Yang Master to summon a spirit to possess him or herself.

That was because spirits were mostly demonic spirits; they possessed negative energy, and it could even be said that they were evil.

A Yin-Yang Masters task was to suppress them so that they wouldnt overtake the hosts body!

Another way of saying it was that Yin-Yang Masters were the seals on a spirits power.

If a Yin-Yang Master summoned a spirit to descend upon his own body, there was no longer any guarantee of sealing the spirits power, and there was no more limiter present.

The spirits true potential would be unleashed, but at the same time it was highly possible for the Yin-Yang Master to lose control; in fact, it was high to the point where it was basically suicidal.

That was why this was taboo.

It was also known as a forbidden technique.

Okubo consumed the "main body" of the nameless medicine and cast the forbidden spell.

"Spirit, descend! I decree it so!!!"

At the exact same moment, Natsuyas strong attack spell broke through Okubos defense and was about to hit his body.

Suddenly, a blood-red light exploded from his body, dispelling Natsuyas attack spell.

Natsuya smelled a strong scent of blood.

She felt an incomprehensible sense of terror and reflexively retreated backwards at top speed.

She soon found that this had been the correct action.

That was because an enormous blood-red wine gourd smashed into the ground where she had just been standing!

Not only did the gourd gouge out a large hole into the ground, it even destroyed part of the spell formation drawn into the school ground there.

"Ahahahaha! A beautiful virgin!"

The blood-red light dissipated.

What appeared was a tall, strong figure with fiery-red long hair and two horns growing out of the side of his head. He was an incredibly handsome man wearing blood-red-colored traditional Sakura Island clothing, with his right shoulder bare, revealing a collection of black tattoos.

"Im in love with you! Be with me and become my woman!!"

The man grinned widely as his red eyes sparkled with a blood-red glow. Just his physical appearance alone would make him seem rather attractive.

Natsuya felt as if she had fallen into an icy abyss.

Her body was instinctively afraid of this person to the point where it was difficult to control her fear.

Not only that, she was shocked to her core.

Okubo Yoshiaki actually summoned a spirit to descend upon his own body!?

That was a forbidden technique for Yin-Yang Masters! Was he suicidal!?

Not only that, he summoned this particular spirit!

It was one of the most famous demons of them all: the King of One Hundred Demons, and this spirit was considered as one of the three strongest and evilest demons of them all

This demon particularly loved to harm virgins, and his favorite things to devour were exquisite wine and virgin flesh.

People called this demon...Shutendoji!!

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