Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 177

Natsuya had merely felt that Seijis newly received heroic spirit had great potential and was worthy of her making a specific plan that took its powers into account.

Even if it didnt work out in the end, it would only be a minor waste of effort... at least that was how it should have been.

However, Shutendoji ended up appearing!

Natsuya was shocked in many different ways upon witnessing Okubo ingest a mysterious drug and utilize a forbidden technique to transform into this legendary demon spirit.

Okay, it wasnt the time for reflecting on that right now.

"As according to our back-up plan, Im going to cast a spell to strengthen your synchronized heroic spirits strength. Are you ready, Haruta-kun?"

"Yep, lets begin immediately, President."


Kill them.Kill them! Kill them! Kill them all!!! Okubo shouted from deep within his soul.

When he saw Natsuya escape, the only thing he desired was to use his newfound power which he risked his life for to chase after, abuse, and kill her.

But this new power wasnt under his control.

In fact, he wasnt even able to control his own body anymore.

All he could do was watch as the demon spirit dwelling within him "toyed" with Natsuyas two Spirit-branded Retainers.

Shutendoji was playing with them.

He hadnt had a physical vessel acting as his body for centuries, and there were several beautiful and cute girls before him. He felt it was a waste to eat them up immediately.

After toying with them for a bit, hed push them to the brink of despair, before finally capturing them and enjoying himself... that was the way he liked it.

Unfortunately for him, his new hosts voice was rather noisy.


Thanks to him being distracted by his host, an attack got through, and his eardrums were rocked as his face was caught up in a violent blast.

It was explosion-type magic.

That stung a little...

Shutendoji felt displeased and narrowed his eyes at the cat girl who'd hit him with the explosion-type magic.

The cat girl turned invisible.

Bad girl... trying to hide is useless.

Shutendoji waved his hand, causing red flames that seemed almost liquid in nature to appear and cover the entire area!


The flames burned furiously, forcing Rana out of her invisible state.

Shutendoji waved his hand again, and this time reddish flames materialized into a huge claw which swiped down towards the cat girl!

Rana desperately attempted to evade it, but the claw was faster than she was.

Just as she was about to be seized, a figure appeared, blocking the fast-approaching claw.

It was Hitaka.

A red shield was slung over her arm, and she focused all her efforts on defending against the giant claw, with numerous red spell formations appearing around her body.

But it was no good.

With one swipe, the huge claw broke through both the shield and the defensive barrier spell and caught the red-haired girl in its grasp!

Hitaka was now screaming in agony.

Rana gave a shrill shriek as she spat out a dark red bullet of light from her mouth which crashed into the huge claw but only managed to scratch its surface.

Shutendoji waved his hand that was now clenched into a fist.

The giant claw flicked its fingers at lightning speed, shattering the dark mist surrounding Rana and knocking the cat girls petite body away! She flew for several dozen meters before crashing into the ground with a tremendous impact.


Hitaka forced herself to bear the pain from the flaming claw and twisted her head to look at her companion.

Hitaka saw the cat girl slowly crawling up from where she fell as she trembled and spat out a mouthful of blood.

"Escape!" Hitaka shouted in a strangled voice.

In just an instant, both of them had been defeated.

This was the true power of the great demon spirit Shutendoji!

He was impossible for them to deal with.

"Find Milady... tell her that Im..."


Hitaka shut her eyes.

Being captured by a demon like this meant that even if she didnt die, she would end up being tortured or even end up being a hostage.

Hitaka was the type that absolutely wouldnt allow herself to become Natsuyas baggage.

Thats why, for her final move...

"Inugami, release... Ah!!"

Hitaka was just about to commit suicide with a self-explosion spell when the huge claw squeezed her mercilessly, breaking several bones in her body.

The pain was like a torrential flood that stole away her consciousness.

"Dont be so naughtyI havent had enough fun yet~~"Shutendoji chuckled as he dragged the limp red-haired girl behind him.

Kill her!Eat her!! hisnoisy host screamed from the deep recesses of his soul.

Honestly, humans are so scary. Whos the real demon here? Even Shutendoji couldnt help but inwardly think that to himself.

A beautiful girl should be paired with fine wine and be enjoyed deliciously.

Im a gourmet, not some barbaric low-level demon!

But this scent was so tantalizing. There was no harm in having a little taste, right?

Shutendoji licked his lips as he stared at the girls face.

If a person only went off appearances, for a handsome man to do such an action in front of a girl, it would seem like

Where should I take a bite out of?Lets go with her ears. They'll be sweet and crispyperfect for an appetizer.

Shutendoji slowly edged his face closer and opened his mouth.


A sharp arrow pierced his head.

"Eh?"Shutendoji grunted, looking up dazedly.

When he turned to look in the direction that the arrow came from, another arrow penetrated the skin on his forehead!

*Schwup schwup! Schwup schwup schwup!*

Seven arrows in total magical arrows.

All seven landed exactly on Shutendojis forehead!!

"Divine Wine Poison, ignite!"

The magical arrows suddenly exploded into a burst of green flames that enveloped Shutendojis head and quickly spread across his entire body!

"Ahhh!!! It hurts!!!"Shutendoji screamed in agony. He reflexively tried to extinguish the fire on him by beating at the flames frantically. While occupied with the green flames, he suddenly detected a deadly, razor-sharp intent approaching him.

An azure sword flash sliced through the air, heading straight for his neck!!


Shutendoji retreated backwards and dodged this attack.

With a flash of his body, he managed to blink several hundred meters away in just an instant. Immediately after evading the attack, dark red flames billowed from his entire body, extinguishing the azure flames.

"Who!? Who dares antagonize me, a king!!?"

Shutendoji roared in anger as he turned his head to glare at the new figure.

Then, Shutendojis expression turned to stone at the sight of this figure.

He had short purple hair and was wearing an azure headscarf with an ordinary light green martial arts outfit. He wielded a sword with two hands, and a longbow was slung over his back.

Every now and then, the figure's eyes, set in a smooth, handsome face, flashed with azure light.

As Shutendoji looked upon this person, he felt a surge of boiling anger as well as... a sliver of fear.

"Its actually you!The most underhanded human of all! The most vicious villain in all humanity!!Minamoto no Raiko!!!"

The great demons frenzied roars were capable ofpiercing the heavens.

Seiji caught hold of the heavily injured Hitaka as Rana appeared beside him.

Seiji handed Hitaka to Rana, who made herself invisible while retreating to the rear of the compound as hastily as she could.

Hitaka was heavily injured, but it was more than likely that Natsuya would be able to save her.

Seiji decided to trust in the president. After taking care of Hitaka, he looked back towards his opponent.

Standing there was a ferocious demon who had gone berserk.

"He seems to have a deep-seated hatred for you, Light-chan."

Er thats because the first time I killed him, it was through an underhanded method, the heroic spirit replied sheepishly. But that was just one time; every time I slew him after that was fair and square most of the time, at least.

Seiji was rendered speechless by this.

There were so many parts he wanted to comment on, but he didnt know where to start!

Even though I really want to ask more about the specific details, nows not the time. He mentally sighed at his bonded spirit's former antics. The most important part is that you can slay him, right?

Indeed! Half of the reason I became a heroic spirit was to slay Shutendoji!

"What about the other half?"

In order to protect beautiful girls!

Seiji chuckled. "You youre quite honest."

Minamoto no Raiko also let out a hoarse chuckle.

Both the host and spirit laughed together.

As they were laughing, a large wine gourd hurtled towards them.

The battle had begun!!

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