Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 181

"Taste the dragons blade!" was what Genji from Overwatch would always shout when he used his ultimate ability.

This [Dragon Counterattack] skill made Seiji recall that game skill.

[This skill can absorb strong Mana attacks and transform the energy into dragon form to deal a counterattack.] That was the explanation from Seijis system.

During the battle where Seiji transformed and fought against Shutendoji, Seiji had used Light-chans power to use a similar techniquethe secret sword technique "Upending the Wineglass."

That technique had absorbed the enemys wine gourds blood-red light and reflected it back at Shutendoji the only difference was that the energy didnt transform into a dragons form.

[Dragon Counterattack] seemed like a stronger and more pretentious and magical version of [Upending the Wineglass].

'Giving such a reward, system, youre really'

But the part that Seiji wanted to comment on the most was the prerequisite conditions for learning it.

[Learn three mana-based attack spells or martial arts techniques - 0%.]

[Learn three mana-based defensive spells or martial arts techniques - 0%.]

[??? (Will be revealed after completing the first two prerequisite conditions.)]

Just the first two prerequisites alone required him to learn a total of six spells and/or martial arts techniques!

And the third condition wouldnt even be revealed until he finished the first two requirements!

It was truly an ultimate skill.

Seiji admitted to himself that [Dragon Counterattack] would probably appear rather flashy, and it was both practical and pretentious at the same time. However, even the revealed prerequisites were so difficult to fulfill that he could only look at it in longing.

This wasnt something that a newbie could learn.

'I'll have to wait until later to exchange for it.'

In the end, apart from the huge reward of 67 points, the [Beginner-level Soul Attack] was the most useful gain.

Seiji closed his system.

He wasnt sleepy right now he got out of bed since he didnt want to rest anymore.

Just as he was wondering what he should do to alleviate his boredom, the doorbell to his hospital room rang.

"Haruta-kun, its me."


Seiji was astonished by the unexpected visitor as he invited her in.

Natsuya smiled lightly as she entered, despite the fact that she was in a hospital gown and obviously fatigued. "Im glad to see that youre alright, Haruta-kun," she greeted sincerely.

"Im the same way as well, its great that youre alright." Seiji also smiled in return. "I was so worried I didnt know how you, Shuho-san, and Kirin-san were doing. I could only ask the hospital staff members to let me know as quickly as possible."

Seiji looked searchingly at the presidents expression. Since she was still able to smile, both the other girls were probably fine.

"I know I heard right after I woke up that you wanted to see me as quickly as possible"

Natsuyabegan to blush slightly when faced with Seijis stare, so she averted her gaze.

Seiji was rendered speechless at this.

He felt a subtle feeling that something was abnormal.

'Is it just a mistaken impression? Did a doctor or nurse misconstrue the meaning of my message when they told Natsuya? Forget it, it doesn't matter.'

"Yep, I was really worried since you collapsed after the duel How are you feeling now? You seem rather fatigued. If you arent supposed to get out of bed, then dont get out of bed. Just tell me, and Ill go visit you," Seiji said gently.

"Yeah" Natsuyas face became redder than before.

She felt a warm and itchy feeling as she listened to his gentle words that showed his care for her.

This was a foreign feeling for her.

Still, it felt nice.

A period of silence fell between them.

Why isnt she saying anything? Seiji was slightly confused.

"Er How are Shuho-san and Kirin-san?" He began the conversation again.

"Hitaka was heavily injured, but she was fortunate enough to receive treatment in time. After special treatment, shes no longer in any danger. It will take a long while for her to fully heal, but shell be able to recover fully without any negative aftereffects," Natsuya answered in a light voice.

"Thats good, then." Seiji finally felt the greatest load on his mind being taken from him.

The red-haired girl had suffered greatly due to Shutendoji. Seiji had almost wanted to load upon witnessing that scene, but he resolved to continue.

Even if he could get a better situation after loading, it would wipe away everyones hard efforts so far.

Hitakas fierce battling and her injuries those werent to be ignored lightly.

At any rate, Hitaka Shuho had survived and would eventually make a full recovery. That was enough.

"Ranas injuries are much lighter in comparison. Shes already fine right now after some basic treatment. Theyre both resting in their hospital rooms would you like to go visit them?"

"Can I?" Seiji blinked his eyes in surprise.

"You can, but I just went to visit them myself. I think it might be better to let them rest quietly for now," Natsuya answered softly.

"Then Ill go visit them later."


Another period of silence fell between them.

"Its the school festival today, Haruta-kun." The president looked out the window as she spoke up again.

"Yeah, the school festival" Seiji also looked out the window.

Both of them envisioned the school as if they could see through the dark night.

"Will the school return to its original state before the students arrive next morning?"

"It should."

"It can still return to its original state so quickly after being destroyed to such an extent. Amazing." Seiji rubbed his chin in contemplation.

"Yeah" Natsuya secretly snuck a look at Seiji. "Haruta-kun, what do you think?"


"About this duel the Yin-Yang Master duel."

The atmosphere suddenly became heavier.

Seiji fell silent for several moments.

"Battles, serious injuries, and even deaths cruel fights like these will occur every day," Natsuya stated calmly. "After personally witnessing and experiencing such things whats your current opinion? Do you still want to know more about the mystical realm?"

This was a direct question about his innermost feelings.

"Duels honestly, they arent exactly joyous things. Thats because its basically a fight in the end, and theres always going to be fighting, no matter what the method is."

"Apart from the fighting, the scenes I witnessed" An indescribable light flashed in Seijis eyes as he spoke his next words: "I feel that the mystical realm is amazing."

Natsuya's eyes widened slightly in surprise. She didnt expect to hear such an answer.

"It feels amazing to become stronger like this! Casting spells and battling to my utmost capability is so fun! Not to mention its also nice to fight together with my comrades" Seiji said sincerely from the bottom of his heart.

Injuries, and even death, could be received in battle. This was indeed unpleasant, even scary.

But the process of battling in and of itself was a joyful one!

Just look at all the entertainment available in the world. Products about or containing battles were by far in the majority.

Humanity sought battle and sought to gain strength!

This passion was inherent in humanitys genes.

"I want to become stronger, as well as witness and experience even more powerful battles," Seiji explained honestly. "Thats my subjective wish. As for important objective reasons, its because of Shika Kagura my family and so on.

"Thats why Ill continue down this path."

I definitely wont retreat. Ill resolutely walk the path Ive chosen.

Natsuya detected such a will emanating from his eyes.

At this moment, it seemed like his entire person was shining brilliantly.

Natsuyas heartbeat quickened once again.

There was something fluttering in her chest.

Her lips felt dry.

She felt a little dazed as she stared at his face.

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