Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 193

They met their first obstacle immediately.

"So the bus will be the first level..." Seiji rubbed his chin.

On their way to the bus stop, he had noticed Mayuzumi's obvious trepidation.

There werent too many people waiting for the bus at this time of day, but of course there were still some people which obviously included males.

He felt sorry for how she was acting like a scared rabbit.

Should he call for a taxi?

His wallet would take a huge hit!

For a part-time worker like him, the taxi fee from here to Genhana High School would cost quite a lot.

But seeing how she currently was... Sigh.

"Sensei, lets take a taxi instead," Seiji said while mentally apologizing to his wallet.

"There's n-no need," Mayuzumi refused. "People... men... there arent very many; I can do it..."

She was very afraid.

Her body wanted to escape, but that was no good.

She needed to build up her courage and try her best to face all difficulties!

The bus eventually arrived.

Everyone lined up in an orderly fashion and began getting on the bus.



Seiji walked in front and got on the bus.

Mayuzumi followed him and also got on the bus, albeit a little slower than him.

There was still an empty seat.

Seiji let Mayuzumi sit down and stood an appropriate distance away from her.

Mayuzumi felt a sense of relief as she sat down and saw how considerate he was. He stayed neither too close nor too far away from her.

Her body wasnt as tense as before now.

She looked out the window as the bus began driving.

She hadn't taken the bus for quite a long time.

She didnt need to go out very often for her work, and the few times she did, she would usually take a taxi.

To be honest, she really wanted to take a taxi this time as welland was on the verge of bringing it up herself.

But she actually rejected Haruta-kun when he brought it up.

She didnt know what exactly she was thinking either, but... it was great that she wasnt running away!

That was what Mayuzumi honestly believed.

The first two stops passed by without incident, but many people suddenly got on the bus at the third bus stop!

They were all young people wearing business attire... were they going to an interview together or some type of group activity?

No matter what, this was a bad situation for her.

Seiji shot a glance at Mayuzumi and noticed that her face had become ashen pale; she seemed like she was about to begin trembling.

He could only get closer to her so that he could use his own body to block all those men and women that just got on the bus well, mainly to block the men that were all strangers.

A large crowd squeezed onto the bus.

Seiji was pushed by the crowd right next to Mayuzumi.

"Sensei, how are you?"

Mayuzumi didnt respond; instead, she curled up and attempted to make her body appear smaller.

Just what should I do in this situation?

Should we get off the bus at the next stop? No! When the bus is this crowded, its certain that shell have to have physical contact with other men in order to get off, which will be terrible for her.

Sensei will just have to bear with it for a while I hope that all these people get off before the bus stop close to Genhana High School.

"Sensei, just hold on for a little while. Everything will be alright." He tried to speak in his gentlest possible tone.

Mayuzumi slowly looked towards him and nodded with an expression that seemed like she was about to cry.

The bus continued on its path.

It was a long period of discomfort for her.

Seiji, who was observing Mayuzumi all this time, could tell that her mental condition was deteriorating.

This large group of men and women didnt get off the bus anywhere.

And finally, just as Seiji was feared, the large group was still on the bus by the time they arrived at the bus stop closest to Genhana High School.

He didnt really want to do this, but should they give it a try?

"Sensei, its our stop. Shall we try getting off?" Seiji asked her cautiously.

Get off the bus and squeeze my way through this crowd of people?

Just thinking about it caused Mayuzumi to begin shivering.

No, impossibleI cant do it!

She didnt verbally respond and continued retreating into herself on her bus seat.

Seiji could tell the answer just by looking at her.

"Okay, there'sno need to worry," he said in a gentle voice. "We dont need to get off now. We can wait and get off the bus after this large group of people leaves."

The bus drove on past Genhana High School.

The tortuous time continued for Mayuzumi.

The large group of men and women that had got on the bus together finally exited the bus three stops later.

By this time, Mayuzumi was completely curled up into a ball. She was shivering with both hands covering her face and crying softly.

Seiji was overcome by guilt upon seeing this sight.

Some passengers noticed the situation and were looking questioningly in their direction.

Seiji didnt care about what others thought. He just hoped that nobody would do something like call the police, as that would be awkward

We should have taken a taxi after all!

He sighed to himself, but there was no use in crying over spilled milk.

"Sensei, theyve gotten off the bus already. Lets get off the bus as well at the next stop."

Mayuzumi sniffled and somehow managed to stop her crying as she nodded.

The two of them got off at the next stop.

After leaving the bus stop, they went to a nearby coffee caf.

There were very few customers in this store at this time.

Seiji had Mayuzumi sit in a seat by the corner while he asked the male waiter for a kettle of black tea before he sat down across from her.

He wanted to say something, but stopped himself because he felt that perhaps temporary silence would be better for her.

Moments later, the waiter brought their black tea. Seiji stood up to receive it from him and placed it on their table himself.

When he finished pouring the tea and placed a cup in front of Mayuzumi, the manga author finally spoke again.

"Thank you"

"Sensei, are you alright?"

"I think Im a little better."

Mayuzumi reached out and cupped her hands around the warm teacup as she revealed a weak smile.

Her eyes were red, her face was still pale, and it was easy to see that she wasnt feeling too good.

"You can slowly relax in here. There are very few people, and its pretty quiet," Seiji said gently as he took a sip of his own tea.

Hmm this tea doesnt seem all that good. I must have had too much good tea at the presidents residence, making me pickier than before.

Thinking about the teas quality and the techniques for making tea Houjou-senpais figure appeared in his mind.

Seijis mouth gradually arced upwards.

"I just recalled someone whos quite excellent at making tea" He started a conversation.

This person was a maid to the current student council president, and an ex-student council president herself, plus she had the rather ridiculous nickname of "Smiling Executioner."

Black-and-white maid attire looked perfectly beautiful on her, and she was supremely skilled at making tea as well as cooking and could even bake desserts such as red bean cakes.

Theres actually a girl like this in real life?

Mayuzumi was interested in the conversation topic that Seiji chose.

As a female manga author as well as otaku lady, she was quite interested in the concept of maids. Hearing about such a person in reality would naturally catch her attention.

Seiji used Houjou-senpai as a topic to catch her interest, and after she responded, he chatted about what he knew about the maid before moving on to another topic of conversation.

And so, the atmosphere finally became less tense.

The two of them had so much fun chatting that it seemed like they were unable to stop!

After all, this was a conversation between an otaku and a female otaku manga artist.

They had common interests, so after they broke the ice, they chatted on endlessly about a multitude of different topics.

Without realizing it, they even finished their kettle of black tea, and, as both of them were still in the right mood, they ordered a new kettle of green tea.

They also ordered various confectioneries to complement their tea.

They had forgotten about their original objective of touring the school festivaland lost themselves in conversation.

"Eh? Its going to develop in that direction!?" Seiji exclaimed in surprise after learning about the newest scenario in the "Honey Candy Girl" anime.

"What a wondrous development. However, after considering it closely, there has indeed been foreshadowing for this."

He praised Mayuzumis amazing story writing abilities as an author for several seconds before he realized something.

"Wait a momentthis new development hasnt been revealed yet, right? Is it really alright to give me such a spoiler?"

The female manga authors smile froze solid.

"This I just happened to casually say it, so it shouldnt be a problem right?" She awkwardly averted her gaze.

Seiji was at a loss for how to respond.

Hey, this is obviously a problem!

"Senseis creation is hugely popular, and spoiling something that hasnt been publicized yet could be rather troublesome... You should be more cautious."

"Wah will Haruta-kun tell other people?" Mayuzumi lowered her head slightly as she realized she had made a mistake.

"Of course notIll guard the secret to my death!" Anindescribable light flashed through Seijis eyes. "But still, its bad to give spoilers, so lets not do that again, Sensei."

"Wahh Haruta-kun, you sound rather like Saki."

Saki, that was Saki Yoshizawa, the editor.

Of course, Mayuzumi knew that Seiji was acquainted with Editor Yoshizawa and that they were collaborating on a story together.

"Oh, since you mentioned Editor Yoshizawa Sensei, what type of person do you think she is?"

Seiji took a sip of tea and asked a casual question.

Mayuzumi didnt have a chance to respondbecause her cell phone rang at this time.

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