Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 197

Seiji recalled Rika Amami previously mentioning that Peach-sensei had only developed androphobia after meeting with an incident during college.

Shouhei Hirai was Peach-senseis college classmate.

In that case, was this guy the culprit behind Senseis androphobia?

It seemed possible...

But the question was just exactly what could have happened?

Seiji thought of two methods for obtaining the answer.

The first would be to wait for Peach-sensei to wake up and ask her directly about it.

The second would be to call Rika Amami, the confectionery store owner, right now.

But if he asked for the answer, that would mean he was getting involved in this matter.

He respected Sensei, got along quite well with her, and was willing to assist her. But still, they had known each other for a short time. For him to interfere just like this... was it really appropriate?

After consideration, Seiji felt that it wasnt.

He decided to ask Sensei about it in an indirect manner after she woke up. If she wanted his assistance, then he would help out to the best of his ability. If she didnt want to talk about it, then he wouldnt pry any further... that was what he ended up deciding.

At that moment someone spoke up. "Are you thinking about how you can help her?"

It was Kaede.

The blonde-haired beauty was smiling widely as she looked at the boy.

"No... I dont even know what the situation is." Seiji shook his head. "If she tells me whats going on after she wakes up, and asks for my help, of course Ill help her. But... she hasnt known me for all that long, so its quite possible that she wont do that."

"Oh..." Kaede blinked. "Youre so gentlemanly."

"Does this count as being gentlemanly?"

"Yep, from my perspective it sure does. Youre willing to help women, but youre not overly interfering in their lives and respect their privacy." Kaede looked searchingly at his face. "Thats what makes a really great man."

Seiji suddenly received heavy cannon fire!

His face reddened as he coughed awkwardly.

"Youre being exaggerated with your praise, Juumonji-sensei. I was merely doing what a normal person would."

Kaede smiled at him in response.

After a momentary silence.

"Have a cup of tea, Haruta-kun."

The blonde-haired beauty brought out a new teacup from the cabinet and poured some tea for him.

"Thank you." Seiji accepted the teacup from her.

Kaede also refilled her own cup and slowly began sipping tea again.

Seiji also took a sip of the tea, inwardly noting that it was the perfect temperature, before looking back at her.

Kaede Juumonji, the mafia family missus... Honestly, he was clueless on how he should deal with or act around her.

The two of them had a rather subtle relationship. They werent exactly friends, but if they became friends, it seemed...

He suddenly recalled Yukari Asamiya.

Seiji had rejected Yukaris confession but told her that they could begin by being friends. While this seemed like a polite rejection, Yukari seemed to accept starting as friends... or at least Seiji felt she did.

Kaede had expressed her feelings towards him just like Yukari, and he had also politely rejected her. But the difference was that he hadnt said that they should start by being friends, nor did Kaede request to be friends.

Then came the question: what exactly was the current relationship between him and Kaede?

A love interest and a rejected confessor? Neighbors in the same apartment? An otaku and his friends younger sister? A student and his infirmary nurse?"

Seiji sighed inwardly. It seemed rather complex.

Seiji mulled it over and felt that the most important part to him was definitely "an otaku and his friends younger sister!"

It was a definite thing that he and Hisashi Juumonji were excellent otaku buddies.

Kaede was Hisashis younger sister, and Hisashi had told him to treat her well.

'Yes, I'll treat her as "a friends younger sister," and use that as the foundation! Excellent, I've come to a decision.'

An enigmatic light flashed through Seijis eyes flashed as he determined his next course of action.



"How's your job as the health teacher and infirmary nurse?"

Kaede tilted her head slightly. "I think its alright."

"Alright, I see... What I meant was this: do you feel frustrated from your job? Or bored or anything like that?"

"Hmm... a little. Theres some really annoying idiotic boys... and when I have nothing to do and sit here by myself, it can also get a little boring."

The blonde-haired teacher/nurse fixed her gaze on the boy.

"Harano-kun, are you trying to show concern for me?"

"Yes, youre Hisashis younger sister, after all," Seiji replied calmly. "Its only natural to be concerned for my friends younger sister."

He intentionally placed more emphasis on the words "friends younger sister."

Kaede revealed a dazed expression before she chuckled.

"Ha ha... yeah, youre Elder Brother Hisashis friend," she muttered with a chuckle. "Even though youre obviously several years younger than me, youre talking like someone from Hisashis generation! Its so funny~"

I definitely wont ever tell you that my true mental age is actually much older than yours, Seiji quietly thought to himself.

"Thanks for your concernthis job is actually one Im quite fond of, as Ive done it for some time now."

Kaede took a sip of her tea and considered her next words before speaking again.

"At first, there were many idiotic boys creating a lot of trouble for me, but they soon decreased in number. Theres not actually that much to do, and while it may be boring sometimes, whenever Im busy I can realize the importance of my job and feel that what Im doing is quite meaningful."

"A health teacher... while her presence is easily forgotten at school, this is still an absolutely necessary character to have."

"I remember that I said on my first day at work that I was delighted to have this job. I still feel the same way, and I believe I will continue to feel this in the future as well."

She smiled sincerely as she spoke those words.

It was rather difficult to imagine that the health teacher who could smile so gently was actually a mafia princess.

"Its great that you enjoy it then." Seiji was somewhat dazzled by her smile.

"What would happen if I didnt enjoy it, then?" Kaede changed the subject. "Harano-kun, would you feel bad about it inside?"


"Would you feel responsible because I came all the way here for you and was only tolerating this job for your sake?" Kaede asked softly, taking a step closer to him.

"Er... I wouldnt," Seiji answered as he watched her close the distance between them.

Kaede looked straight into his eyes, her face mere centimeters from Seiji's.

"I think youre lying," she stated in a gentle voice. "Youd actually feel bad inside... and feel responsible, right? After all, Im your friends younger sister."

Seiji was rendered speechless by this.

He was being checkmated by his own move!?

"No, thats not righteven if you are my friends younger sister, I dont need to be concerned for you to such a degree!"

Yep, that was it.

She was the one who chose this job of her own volition, so why was he supposed to be responsible for it?

"Oh, youre so cold." A strange look surfaced in Kaedes eyes.

"Er... thats rightIm an ice-cold man."

Seiji felt rather panicked when he saw that mysterious expression appear in Kaedes eyes and hurriedly averted his gaze. "Im only slightly concerned for you due to my friendship with your older brother; I definitely wouldnt feel responsible for you or anything like that!"

"Is that so?" Kaede murmured in a downcast voice. "How regrettable..."

Eh, did I go overboard?

Seiji was worried that he hurt her feelings and turned around to look at her again.

Thats when Kaede took yet another step closer and hugged him!


Seiji made a stupefied exclamation.

He saw that Kaedes face was flushed crimson. Her lips curled upwards alluringly when she noticed his gaze, and her watery eyes seemed to be flashing.

"You dont feel responsibility... how terrible of you." Kaede clicked her tongue softly. "But," she whispered, "there are advantages to this as well."

What... advantages?

"You dont need to feel responsible, so I only hope for you to console your friends younger sister that feels so lonely... alright?"

The seductive words spoken wistfully by thestunning blonde-haired nurse seemed to contain her fragrant scent.

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