Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 210

Seiji saw that Cat-loving Flying Fish had left his livestream.

She even logged out of the chatting application without sending him a single message.

Did she recognize him?

Seiji wasnt one hundred percent certain, but judging from her reaction, he believed it was highly likely that she must have recognized and abhorred him.

Otherwise, she wouldnt leave without saying anything.

This was the worst possible result. Seiji could only smile wryly.

There would be no more joyful casual conversation with her.

Even though he had already mentally prepared himself for this outcome, he still felt sad about it.

He leaned back against his chair and stared at the ceiling.

Just who could Flying Fish be, anyway?

All those mysteriously similar childhood interests Being able to recognize his face in such a short time despite the huge change in him her hobbies, her way of talking

Could she be Seiji suddenly thought of someone.

If Flying Fish was that person, then this was the worst of all possible outcomes!

Even though there were also a few other possibilities, the more Seiji thought about it, the more he felt that this worst possible outcome seemed the most likely.

If that was the case, this was just too much of a coincidence! It truly made him feel the existence of the concept of fate, or perhaps it was just this worlds idea of a prank.

If Flying Fish really was his younger blood-related sister, then what would her current feelings be? Seiji found it impossible to imagine.

And if his older sister Yui Haruta found out about this, what would she think?

This coincidence was too much to the point that it was almost impossible to believe it was truly a coincidence. Would Yui believe that he had planned this on purpose?

Hmm that seemed quite possible!

Seiji started to become nervous.

Yui Haruta was probablyno, she was definitely not someone to be taken lightly!

At the very least, she was a Yin-Yang Master equal to or stronger than Natsuya Yoruhana. That day when he ran into her while shopping for clothes with Chiaki and Mika, the curly green-haired girl next to her seemed to be one of her Spirit-branded Retainers. She was basically someone who was the counterpart of Hitaka for Natsuya.

What would the Haruta family Yin-Yang Master and scion be like if she got angry?

Seiji tried imagining it.

Using Natsuya as a comparison, if the president got angry and wanted to seriously deal with someone, then she would probably send out Hitaka to give that person a vicious lesson, or even make that person disappear forever.

In that case, for Yui Haruta would she send that curly green-haired girl or another Spirit-branded Retainer to deal with him?

Was he supposed to start preparing for a possible battle?

Just as Seiji was thinking so, his cell phone suddenly rang!

He was startled by the sound and checked the caller ID on his cell phone.

The caller was Chiaki.

Seiji instantly breathed a sigh of relief that the call wasnt from his family.

He took the call. "Hey, Chiaki, whats up?"

"Seiji, I feel like somethings wrong."

"Whats the matter?"

"Mika didnt answer my phone call." Chiakis tone of voice was rather serious. "After talking to you, I tried calling her many times, but she didnt answer a single time. This is something thats never happened before, which is why I think somethings wrong."

Seiji furrowed his brows. "It could be that she didnt notice, or her cell phone may be broken"

"Do you really believe that? I dont."

"Youre right."

"At any rate, I think that this must be no small matter. You need to pay extra attention to Mika." Chiaki sighed. "You also know that shes a girl that easily gets stuck on a single train of thought. If she meets an incredibly difficult situation that she cant find a solution to, she might do something we dont expector something we dont wish to see."

"Yeah" Seiji rubbed his chin in contemplation.

"I really dont want to give a real-life example, but when I was in middle school, I knew a female classmate who had a completely different personality from Mika but would also easily get stuck on a single train of thought. One day, just like Mika, she suddenly started acting strangelyand refused to tell all her family members and friends what was going on. Several days later, she disappeared."


"Yep, she didnt tell any of her friends anything; she only left her family a letter before leaving home. One entire year later, I heard that her family finally found her, and she was pregnant at that time."

Seiji didnt know what to say to this.

"That girl was someone who had always been rather obedient, so it was difficult to imagine that she would" Chiaki tailed off. "Do you understand what Im saying?" she asked after a pause.

"Of course," Seiji said with a sigh.

Chiaki meant that if he didnt pay extra attention to her, Mika might end up like that girl and do something that would make headlines and astonish society.

Was this supposed to be some type of dark transformation?

The potential to transform into a dark evil side Uehara-san, theres something dangerous in your character profile!

"Its good that you understand, then" Chiaki was about to end the conversation.

"Wait a moment, Chiaki." Seiji thought of what he was currently dealing with. "Actually, I just stepped on an incredibly large landmine I think."


"Ill skip over the specifics, but at any rate, my older sisterthe person that you and Mika saw last timeshe or someone working for her might be coming to find me." Seiji could only smile wryly. "At that time, I might have something happen to me

"If that really happens, then I can only leave Mika up to you."

Chiaki was rendered speechless by this!

"Just what exactly have you done!?" Shock permeated Chiakis tone. "Why does it sound like someones come looking for revenge on you and that youre leaving your last words to me!? This type of joke isnt funny, idiot!"

"I wish that this was a joke as well, but unfortunately, it isnt," Seiji said, sighing. "That person, Yui Haruta, is, at the very minimum, a person as incredible as President Yoruhana, and what I did most likely will anger her if the situation is what I believe it to be."

"It wasnt what I intended, but I doubt shell listen to me explain so, even though its only a possibility, I need to prepare myself."

"If something really happens... Chiaki, I can only leave it to you to take care of Mika."

On the other side of the call, Chiaki was clueless as to what her expression was like anymore.

What the hell!? His words sounded like they came right out of a television drama script!

His incredible older sister was seeking revenge on him!? Exactly what could have happened!? Such a ridiculous plot wouldnt even be used by an 8:00 pm soap opera anymore!

And it had to happen at such a time when Mika also had problems! Chiaki didnt even know what to say anymore as she kept up a torrential stream of mental comments.

A period of silence fell between them.

Seiji heard the sound of footsteps, which meant that Shika had finished her shower.

"Thats it, thenI gotta go."

He hung up the call and left the study.

He saw Shika who had just exited the shower.

He was stunned by the sight.

Shika was wearing form-fitting pajamas with a jacket on top and she was still wiping her hair that was still wet with a towel.

The slightly tight animal-patterned pajamas accentuated her excellent curves, and her soft face, her watery eyes, and wet hair she seemed so charismatic when performing the simple action of drying her hair.

Okay, fine, it was just all seductive!

Seiji impulsively wanted to rush up and hug Shikas soft body, pet her head, and inhale her fragrant body scent

Seiji almost spluttered at his own thoughts. 'Stop!'

He somehow managed to restrain himself, although his resolve was shaken.

"Brother Seiji," Shika said softly, "I've finished taking a bath. You should hurry up and wash up as well while the bathwaters still warm."

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