Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 217

After the team was assembled and complete, it was time to begin grinding monsters for experience.

If this was a fantasy RPG, I would probably be the Warrior, Peach-sensei would be the Priest, Editor Yoshizawa would be the Ranger, and Houjou-senpai would be the Assassin... er, actually, she's probably more of a Mage.

Seiji amused himself with his own imagination.

If everyone wore fantasy RPG-like clothing and stood together in a battle formation... that seemed like it really could happen!

Please forgive him for this mindless lapse of attention.

As for why Seiji had such thoughts to begin with, it was due to the appearance of hordes of monsters... whoops, admirers that tried flirting with the women.

After Mai joined them, Mayuzumi was very interested in learning more about her and stuck close to Mai to ask her many questions, while Mai politely answered each question.

Since there were too many people at the festival today, it was impossible for all four of them to walk together in a row. Naturally, Mai and Mayuzumi walked together, while Saki and Seiji also became a pair.

Mayuzumi looked like a classical frail beauty, while Mais outer appearance made her look like a gentle beauty as well, so, unfortunately, it was only natural that the two of them were quickly set upon by flirtatious admirers.

These admirers were one of the most disliked groups at the school festivalmen looking to score with the girls here.

These unreliable males that were aiming for this school festival and joined up in groups together in order to flirt with high school girls were the existence that the Morals and Discipline Committee, and even the high school boys, wanted to get rid of the most. In a certain way, they were indeed similar to the monsters in an RPG game.

"Hey, you two, you look familiarhow about hanging out with us?" Monster A began his attack with a flirtatious look in his eyes.

"How about I invite you two for some coffee? We can chat and be friends~" Monster B used a smiley-face technique.

"Its always more fun with more people, so come with us!" Monster C used a domineering attitude.

Priest Mayuzumi was afflicted with the fear status at this close-quarters combat situation and was unable to move.

Mage Mai began smiling coldly and began to cast an ultimate spell.

"Sorry, theyre together with us." Warrior Seiji went in to support and used his oppressive smile technique.

"You guys are in the way, and its really annoying. Move." Ranger Saki shot out cold barbed arrows in order to give Priest Mayuzumi some cover fire.

"Oh... so you had companions." Monster A was suppressed successfully and retreated slightly.

"Another beauty? Perfect, join us as well! Well treat you!" Monster B continued using the smiley-face technique.

"Hmph, you think Ill move just because you want me to move? Id lose too much face if I just slunk away!" Monster C used a strong and arrogant counterattack.

"Its a free society where you can choose to flirt with who you please, but still, please forgive me for being direct..."

Mage Mai finished her incantation and began casting her ultimate spell.

"Just look at how ugly you guys are!"

"Eh!?" The three monsters received critical attacks simultaneously.

"Your hairstyles are so ridiculous, and theres too much of a hairspray scent! Your clothes are all low quality, and you dont even know how to match colors! Your shoes are dirty, theres dust on your pants, and stains on your shirts! And forget about the uneven makeup on your faces, theres even nostril hair showing! Not to mention the massive amount of gunk in the corners of your eyes!"

The strong AOE magic hit the all the enemies at once.

"Wah!!" The monsters A, B, and C all cried out in pain.

"Frivolous, vulgar, and dirty... you actually dare to talk to us with such a level. Heh heh, if you still have functional eyesight, please take a look at the person beside us." Mage Mai activated a teleportation spell and sent Seiji, who was the backline support Warrior, into the frontlines.

Warrior Seiji cooperated by flashing a brilliant handsome smile!

"Ahh!" The three monsters were blinded by the sight.

"You guys cant even match up to ten percent of him... no, theres no way to even compare."

Mage Mai used her finishing movea condescending gaze. It was akin to an ordinary person looking down on some filthy insects, a move that pierced the monsters hearts.

Get the hell out! Garbage.

They felt as if they could clearly hear her insulting them like this.

"Im sorry!!" All three monsters were defeatedand fled after leaving that message.

What an excellent way to grind monsters for experience. Seiji inwardly praised Mais technique.

Cough cough, all of that was exaggerated by Seijis mind, so please take it with a grain of salt.

Similar incidents occurred multiple times in succession after this.

Each time, Saki would protect Mayuzumi, while Seiji and Mai teamed up to get rid of the frivolous men.

No matter what type of men they faced, the handsome boy and the female maid defeated them effortlessly and looked cool while doing so.

At least, the manga author thought they did.

Mayuzumi had another flash of inspiration, as a torrent of ideas flowed through her mind. She thought of another new character as well as a plotline and couldnt stop herself from falling deep into thought.


They reached another activity stand.

This was a riddle-solving game. Seiji received an incredibly simple riddleand quickly solved it to receive a victorious emblem.

Saki also solved her riddle.

Mayuzumi and Mai were still thinking and discussing their riddles with each other.

The editor stood in an out-of-the-way location as she quietly watched her good friend having fun while chatting with the girl they just met.

"Here you go, Editor Yoshizawa," someone said from beside her.

Of course, it was Seiji.

He had gone to purchase a few drinks and handed one to the editor.

"Thank you."

Saki accepted it, opened the cap, and took a swig.

The cool and refreshing liquid tasted delicious as it slid down her throat.

"Sensei seems to really like Houjou-senpai." Seiji also observed the other two as he drank from his own drink.


"I always felt that Sensei was rather passive, but seeing this makes me realize that she has her proactive side as well. Is she always like this when she meets someone shes interested in?"

Saki blinked as she thought about it. "I suppose so. Its very rare to see her like this... at least, I havent seen her like this for a long time now."


Saki took another sip of her drink.

Seiji did the same.

"Editor Yoshizawa, how long have you known Sensei for? I heard that you became friends with her during high school."

"Yeah, I got to know Mayuzumi in high school. Its been... ten years since then."

"Ten years... being friends for ten years is really great." Seiji smiled. "Yesterday when I was chatting with Sensei at a coffee cafe, she told me that youre just like a worrywart big sister, who always takes good care of her, and shes really grateful to you for it. At the same time, she also hopes that you wont worry so much about her, as she doesnt wish for you to tire yourself out doing so."

"Oh..." Sakis expression became gentler.

"In Editor Yoshizawas eyes, what type of person is Sensei then? Do you think that shes indeed a woman who really needs someone to take care of her?"

"...Not entirely," Saki said after a pause.

Saki looked deeply at her good friend. "For me, Mayuzumi... apart from being someone I need to take care of, more importantly, shes... someone I must protect."

She said the final few words in a very faint voice.

A normal person probably wouldnt have heard her, but Seiji managed to make out her words and raised his eyebrows in surprise.

Someone she must protect... what did she mean?

It didnt seem like the type of "protect" that involved romantic feelingsRika Amami had already told him that Editor Yoshizawa wasnt a lesbian that was in love with Peach-sensei. Seiji himself felt the same thing as well.

This "protect..." made it sound like it was her "duty" to do so.

Duty... if that was really the case, why did Editor Yoshizawa feel that it was her duty to protect Peach-sensei so strongly?

Seiji was curious about the whole situation.

However, this wasnt a question that he should pry too deeply into, as he felt it was rather personal. He decided not to continue down this line of questioning.

"How about you then, Harano?"


"Didnt you want to take Mayuzumi as your wife? In your eyes, what type of person is Mayuzumi?" Saki revealed a serious expression as she waited for his answer.

Seiji didnt know what to say to this!

He had almost forgotten about this misunderstanding!

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