Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 223

This guy definitely isnt as harmless as he appears.

Seiji had this impression of Naoki and warned himself to be cautious of the blonde boy before him.

While having a discussion with this Naoki Hasegawa might not be the best option, it still seemed better than discussing with his younger sister, who was probably still fuming with anger.

At least it seemed like Naoki would be more reasonable.

"As long as youre someone sent by Yui Haruta," said Seiji, "it doesnt matter who I talk toas long as we can discuss things properly."

"Thats fine, then."

Naoki smiled as he looked at the black-haired girl across from him. "Before our discussion," he said, "Id like to ask Kagura-san here to leave for the time being."

"Whys that?" asked Seiji coldly.

"Because this is an issue about the Haruta family."

"Shes my adopted younger sister. I have nothing to hide from her."

"Its good that youre so honest with her. But this isnt about only you." Naoki continued smiling. "Its about you and Milady so even if its just for show, outsiders shouldnt be here." He faintly emphasized the word "outsiders."

Seiji furrowed his brows slightly.

A moment of silence fell between them.

"After the discussion, feel free to tell her whatever you like. Its simply asking her to leave for the time being during our discussion; this isnt something unacceptable, right?" Naoki said casually.

'It has begun,' Iroha thought as she glanced at her brother.

This was a familiar feeling for Iroha. This sinister sensation from her older brother was something she was incredibly familiar with.

Naoki Hasegawa was someone who always appeared harmless on the surface.

He had an ordinary appearance, and he always spoke politely. This impression that he gave others made it quite easy for them to drop their guard.

But that was only on the surface.

Naoki was actually a hypocritical, vicious person.

Iroha had already witnessed her older brother use underhanded tactics on numerous occasions. He ruined other peoples originally perfect lives or sowed conflict between the people in organizations both large and small with poisoned words, causing individualsor even groupsto sink into the depths of despair.

Even though Iroha was his blood-related younger sister, she didnt particularly approve of the fact that he enjoyed doing such things just for the fun of it. It was definitely rather evil.

But still, he was her older brother.

Even if she didnt approve, Iroha wouldnt say anything about Naokis "hobbies." She would simply watch in silence.

Seigo Harano just how would he deal with her older brothers hidden venomous fangs? She was looking forward to it.

Asking Shika to leave during the discussion?

This was indeed a rather small matter, but Seiji still felt displeased about it.

He wasnt certain why he felt so displeased, but his instinct told him that he shouldnt let her leave.

No, it should be said that he didnt want her to leave!

"Its not unacceptable at all, and your request is quite reasonable." Seiji decided to go with the direct approach. "But I simply dont want her to leave my side."

Naokis expression froze over slightly.

An indescribable light flashed through Shikas eyes.

"Just stay here, Shika-chan," Seiji said, turning to his adopted sister. "Dont mind what this person says; you only have to listen to me."

"Okay, Brother Seiji."

Both of them had resolute looks in their eyes.

"Heh heh this is" Naoki discovered that he didnt even know how to respond to this.

That "small matter" of a request sounded quite reasonable to him, and he acted friendly about it, so he thought that Seiji wouldnt refuse, but

What was with this sudden "forcefulness!?"

Didnt you want to have a discussion? Didnt you want to gain Miladys recognition and return to the family!? Be a little more polite with me, you bastard! Naoki had an energetic stream of mental comments.

"Its just a show of formality, but youre not even willing to accept this. Thats" Naoki paused and looked at Seiji meaningfully.

"Didnt you say it was just a small show of formality?" Seiji asked coldly. "Then we just have to pay it no mind, dont we? Lets just start with the main discussion, and not mince words."

Naoki almost choked at hearing this. "Fine"

He could only put it behind him.

"Milady wants to know what youre thinkingwhat the motive behind your recent actions is."

"My recent actions? Could you be a little more specific?"

"It refers to transferring to Genhana High School, approaching Natsuya Yoruhana, and assisting her in her duel these actions."

Seiji thought for a while.

"Let me confirmYui Haruta sent you guys to find me, only because I helped out President Yoruhana? There's no other reason?"

"Yes Is there some other reason that I should know about?" Naoki countered with a question.

So this has nothing to do with Cat-loving Flying Fish and the livestream? Was I wrong? IsFlying Fish not my younger sister? Or

Various thoughts flashed through Seijis mind.

"I did various things after transferring to Genhana High School other than helping President Yoruhana that was all I meant, but it would seem that Yui Haruta doesnt care." On the surface, he kept his calm as he spoke.

"Indeed, Milady doesnt care about anything else that you do, because it isnt necessary. Only the fact that you got involved in Natsuya Yoruhanas duel was worthy of her attention," Naoki said. "So, doing such a thing just what was your motive for it? To show off your own strength and attract attention? Or solely because of Natsuya Yoruhana? Or in order to get yourself into the Yoruhana familys good graces as a way to help you return to the Haruta family? Or do you have some other intention? Milady wants to clearly hear your answer."

"What will she do when she hears it?" Seiji asked with a frown.

"Depending on what you say, and the ability you show, Milady will respond appropriately," replied Naoki.

"And if I say that I want to return to the Haruta family?"

"Milady will consider it but I personally believe that this idea isnt realistic." A strange light flashed in Naokis eyes as he tried to speak as politely as possible.

Another period of silence fell between them.

Shika looked at Seiji again. Seiji rubbed his chin in contemplation.

"I helped President Yoruhana because I was simply going along with the flow. I didnt put too much thought into it. If you really have to search for a reason, it wasnt particularly for the president, but instead for the person beside me my adopted younger sister."

He looked at Shika. It was her death that caused him to truly get involved in that duel and viciously thrash that bastard named Okubo Yoshiaki.

This was the true reason why he got involved in the duel.

"Brother Seiji" Shika said, overcome with emotion.

Shika saw the gentle look in her adopted older brothers eyes and felt a warm feeling in her chest.

The handsome boy and beautiful girl exchanged deep glances filled with emotion.

Naoki and Iroha were rendered speechless.

Both of them felt a tinge of jealousy.

Thats rightboth of them were still single, and they didnt have a particularly loving sibling relationship!

While their relationship with each other wasnt bad, both of them looked down on what they saw as the others problematic personality.

And to be honest, since Naoki had an ordinary appearance and a twisted sadistic personality, while Iroha was beautiful but extraordinarily willful and acted only as she pleased, it was only natural that neither of them would be able to find a girlfriend or boyfriend!

Damn it! They felt that all couples should be burned to death!

Wait a momentthe two people before them werent a couple the hell!?

The way they looked at each other! The atmosphere! What else could they be!? Adopted siblings? Whod believe that!?

"Cough cough!"

Naoki interrupted this beautiful (heart-wrenching for him) scene by coughing.

"So, in other words, your only goal was Kagura-san here and youve already accomplished your goal, right?"

"Indeed." Seiji looked at him again. "I dont have any thoughts about returning to my family, butafter seeing Iroha Hasegawa-san here, I had some thoughts about it. I wanted to know why Yui Haruta would send someone to find me. But now, I already know."

"I just have a few words Id like to say to her." Seiji slowly smiled a sincere, gentle smile that came from his heart. "As her intractable younger brother, Id like to say a few things to my older sister that had to worry about so many things"

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