Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 229

There was the sound of gunfire as Seiji pressed down on the trigger.

This scene seemed cool to the max!

Some female audience members couldnt help but exclaim in wonder.

The scene momentarily paused on his dashing figure before changing to the Red Team members that he had just ambushed.

There was a chorus of beeping sounds, indicating that they were taking damage continuously. The Red Team members, under heavy fire, started panicking.

Two people were immediately eliminated.

"Red #3 and #9 have died. Please leave the field."

By the time they finally reacted and started hiding and counterattacking, the Red Team had lost an additional member.

"Cover me, Miyamoto-san!"

Taking out three people was already an excellent result, but Seiji still wasnt satisfied. He rushed out immediately after shouting, crouched down, and moved swiftly, utilizing the cover of the terrain to avoid being shot at.

Kaho was concerned about his safetyand unleashed a furious barrage with her laser sniper rifle. While under pressure, her accuracy was much higher than would normally be possible. She ensured that none of the enemy team players dared to show themselves.

Seiji used this chance to flank the enemy and begin an unexpected sweeping assault with his laser assault rifle!

This scene was once again displayed on the big screens.

The handsome boy heroically charging towards the enemy formation and "slaying" two unprepared enemies seemed amazing.

Quite a few spectators felt their blood beginning to boil passionately. It also caused many people to sign up for the laser tag activity.

That was an incredibly fun ambush attack! Seiji felt extremely satisfied with his own performance, but he also knew that he had been rash, that he shouldnt have rushed in like that.

But it was just a game, so he wanted to play in a style that was fun for him!

Would it have been more immersive if I shouted Justice rains from above or Its high noon? Seiji wondered to himself.

Seiji rejoined Kaho as he thought these things. They retreated back to their original positions to continue battling.

The Red Team, now at a serious disadvantage, did their best to counterattack, but they were unable to overturn the situation.

The Blue Team achieved victory!

"We won," said Seiji.

"And all six of us lived!" added Chiaki.

"But the battle has only just begun," said Saki calmly.

A moment of silence fell between them. Every member of Seijis team turned to look at the editor, who had said such a classical line.

Sakis face reddened slightly from receiving all this attention, and she averted her gaze.

Editor Yoshizawa has a secret chuunibyou side to her Seiji smiled and shot her a warm glance.

Seijis entire team of six survived! They all signed up to join the second round of laser tag.

During the preparation time for the second round, the other participants started chatting with Seiji.

Only then did he learn what had happened outside.

His own performance had actually been displayed on the big screens for all the spectators to see he was so embarrassed!

He felt as if something was itching the inside of his body.

He didnt particularly hate it, but nor did he like it. It just felt awkward.

His teammates all laughed when they learned about this.

Chiaki chuckled. "Isnt it nice to become the action star of a live performance? If you continue to do well, your popularity will enjoy a huge boost~"

"I dont wanna be that popular," Seiji responded.

"Hey, boy with ten thousand fans!"

"Please dont address me like that!"

"Your first target is to increase the number of your fans to one hundred thousand!"

"Stop making it sound like I want to become a popular internet star!"

'Although I have indeed streamed before,' Seiji added in his head.

While he retorted to Chiaki, Seiji approached by various participants. Some people even wanted to join his little team.

Seiji politely rejected all such requests. He felt that it wasnt wise to allow strangers to join his team.

When all the new participants were decided, the two new Red and Blue Teams entered the gymnasium.

During the pre-combat preparation time, Seiji was voted as the overall commander by everyone. After some consideration, he accepted.

"I recommend that everyone creates small teams with the friends that they came withand select team captains. During the battle, Ill give commands to each team captain, while the team captains will decide how to specifically carry out our strategies."

This would give them an overall sense of teamwork and cooperation while also allowing each team their own freedom. It seemed appropriate to him.

Most people agreed with his idea, so it was settled.

What about the ones on their team that were by themselves, or the ones from the previous round whose friends had died in combat?

Seiji had these people join other teams or make their own teams. For the few that were uncooperative, he could only let them act on their own.

Preparation time ended.

The second round well, it was the second round for Seiji and his team, began just like this.

"Team #2 and my Team #1 will guard the front entrance, while Team #3 shall attack from the right wing, and Team #4 shall attack from the left wing! The other teams should stand by and await orders."

"Our left wings attack has met with difficulty? Team #4, retreat! Team #5, take their place."

"The enemys frontal assault is too fierceTeam #2 retreat immediately! My Team #1 will cover you and retreat afterwards."

"Team #3s assault has been successful. Team #6 please immediately reinforce them and defeat all enemies there!"

Under Seijis overall command, the Blue Team advanced in an orderly fashion. Although it couldnt be said that they all performed excellently, it was more than sufficient to deal with the Red Team, where everyone was obviously disorganized with no leadership.

In this round, the Blue Team members had lots of fun. In the end, only six of their members died by the time they defeated all twenty of the Red Team members.

Seijis entire team survived again!

Now that they had survived for two rounds already, they only needed to survive one more round in order to receive the greatest prize: a two-day, three-night voucher to an onsen hotel!

Thats rightthe legendary outdoor bath, an onsen!

This type of hotel would often appear in anime and manga. There would always be classical bathing scenes, mixed-gender bathing, or peeking cough, at any rate, interesting scenes like that.

Seiji was stunned for a full three seconds when he found out that the final prize for surviving three rounds was such a prize.

Isnt this type of voucher a prize typically found as part of a lottery in the market district? Why is it the highest prize for a laser tag game!?

Cough cough, this comment had some problems.

Always drawing the grand prize in a market districts lottery was the special ability of the main character no, it should be said that it was the will of the universe. It couldnt be compared to reality.

At any rate, Seiji felt that something was off about it, but when he saw that everyone else treated it normally, he figured that he had probably just seen too much anime and read too many mangas.

"The second round was really easy. If we survive just one more round like this, all of us will receive hotel vouchers," said Chiaki. "Why don't we all find a time to go together if that happens?"

All of them going together to an onsen hotel? Seiji instantly imagined various possibilities.

He only had one word for it: excellent!

Excellent suggestion, Chiaki. As expected of my friend that knows me so well! he said in his soul.

The tomboys suggestion was greeted with unanimous approval from everyone.

Seijis response was obvious, and Mika naturally agreed as well. Mayuzumi indicated that she could make some free time in her schedule, and Saki mentioned that she had some paid vacation days saved up. As for Kaho she agreed while stuttering somewhat.

To be honest, she had almost fainted.

Going on a trip with Harano-san! A trip!! A trip!!!!

Although it was with a group of people, it was still a chance to be together with him!

Going together with him to an onsen hotel for two days and three nights Gods, am I dreaming?

Kaho was dazed; she felt as if her body was floating,as if she could shoot up into the air.

No, she couldnt fly; she couldnt go to the next world yet!

She forced herself to regain her senses and hardened her resolution.

Although they all agreed to go, they still hadnt finished the third round yet. They had to survive in order to absolutely obtain the voucher and realize this beautiful dream!

I cant be overconfident. I have to give it my all for victory, chanted Kaho in her mind.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Seiji and the others, a certain girl with a fearsome nickname was currently waiting for the start of the next round in the enemy team.

"Not bad, Junior, but it all ends here."

The sniper rifle in her hands glinted sharply.

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