Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 230

In the third round for Seiji and the others, Seiji was yet again voted the Blue Team commander, and he accepted once more.

With last rounds experience, he believed that he could perform even better than last time. As long as nothing unexpected happened, he was confident of winning and ensuring the "survival" of all his teammates.

Yes, if nothing unexpected happened

For some reason, after Seiji entered the gymnasium, he had an ominous premonition. He felt a faint sense of discomfort and felt that he had forgotten something important.

The whistle blew, signaling the start of the battle.

Seiji passed down orders to each small-team captain. They were to attempt a direct frontal attack.

Thats righthe'd changed his tactics.

He considered the fact that everyone outside had seen their tactics from the previous round. If some of them were now participating against him, they might be on guard, which was why he decided to change his strategy.

However, this was ultimately a mock battle-game, and everyone had varying levels of skill, so complex strategies were unfeasible. It was just a simple change.

Their direct attack was rather successfulthey managed to take out two Red Team members.

Just as Seiji was contemplating whether to press his advantage or to cautiously maintain the current balance and attempt a flanking attack, someone from Blue Team died.

No, I won't press the attack. I'll play it safer. Seiji decided on the latter strategy.

"Teams #3 and #4, dont proceed any further"

Before he even finished talking, he heard the announcement that two more Blue Team players had died!

"Commander, theres an incredibly strong person on the other team; this person used only three shots to"


The sound of a grenade explosion interrupted the message on his walkie-talkie.

Seiji instantly heard the death announcement for this person.

Four people had perished!

"Team #4, retreat! Theres an expert player in the Red Team! Hurry up and retreat!"

Seiji shouted into his walkie-talkie as he followed the sounds and looked in the direction of that particular battle.

There was fierce gunfire coming from that direction.

"Blue #13 has died"

"Blue #14 has died"

Another two people from Seijis team were killed.

"Team #4 squad leader! Please respond"

"Damn it! I cant even hit her!! Whats with that girl!?" He could hear Team #4's squad leader yelling in frustration.

A girl?

*Boom!* Seiji could faintly hear the unmistakable sound of a sniper shot through the walkie-talkie.

Then, there was an announcement that the Blue Team had lost another memberthis time it was Team #4's squad leader.

A female expert whos a sniper and can make perfect headshots every time Seiji had a hazy image of who he was facing.

"Everyone watch out: theres an incredible female sniper on the enemy team! Everyone needs to protect their heads. Don't allow her to pick you off with a single shot!" He informed the remaining Blue Team members.

Teams #3 and #4 had been eradicated.

That one person that single female sniper expert took out seven people all by herself!

Which movie did she come out of!? Shes a little too amazing as a main character, isnt she!? While Seiji was energetically commenting in his mind, everyone outside watching the proceedings on the big screens was awestruck.

They had just witnessed a beautiful girl carrying a heavy laser sniper rifle and moving about as swiftly as a ghost. She dodged her enemies gunfire with incredible skill and used her chances to come out from cover, aim, and fire, one-hit-KOing every single one of her enemies.

For seven people, she only shot six times and made a headshot every time! She also took care of one person with a grenade.

How amazing could this person possibly be!?

If it werent for the fact that she was obviously a teenager and was still wearing the Genhana High School uniform, many people would misconstrue her as some type of special forces agent or secret assassin.

This definitely was far above the average level of someone who simply enjoyed field battles as a hobby!

Was she a professional player? By the way, did such a game even have professional players? Were all professional players as strong as she was?

The girl with the big gun who could shoot with 100% accuracy she seemed exactly like a character out of a movie or an anime.

Her back against a wall and a sniper rifle in her hands, she cautiously stuck her head out to observe the situationthis scene was one of indescribable beauty.

The handsome Seiji had originally been the center of attention on the big screen, but now this dark gray long-haired beautiful girl was cast into the limelight.

The Blue Team had sunk into a bad situation.

So, what would the young commander do in such a situation?

They'd lost seven members this was a huge loss. His ominous premonition had come to fruition. They were likely to lose now that the opposition possessed such an expert female sniper.

Seiji smiled wryly; he felt he had just been slapped in the face after believing that he could easily obtain his third victory.

He even wondered if this expert female sniper was a secret weapon from the student organizers, who had the special role of preventing people from obtaining three victories.

No, he couldnt give up so easily. An expert that meant a worthy challenge for him!

Seijis eyes flashed with anticipation. First, he had to confirm her location.

Teams #3 and #4 had met her head-on, so if she proceeded onwards instead of retreating, then she would soon reach this location.

Then, he had to devise a method to deal with her.

He would have to surround her with everyone. Seven people in total had already been "killed" by her alone, which meant that the only way they could possibly defeat her would be to surround her with the remaining thirteen and attack from all sides.

Thirteen against one... even with such a large numerical difference, Seiji still felt it would be difficult to win, which was rather

He could only chuckle wryly.

It was time to put their plan into action!

"Everyone listen closelyif we cant take out the enemys expert right here and now, we wont be able to win no, honestly speaking, its already almost impossible for us to win. But, at the very least, its still possible for us to defeat their expert!

"As the commander, Im going to lead everyone to surround this expert, and use all our forces to defeat her!

"I wont accept any objections. If any of you object, then just go hide somewhere and wait for defeat." Seiji paused for a moment. Nobody objected. "Now, let me make the arrangements for the ambush"

All the members of Blue Team followed Commander Seijis orders.

"Captain, thirteen against one is rather shameful," Chiaki said.

"That might not be the case. The other members of Red Team arent inanimate pieces of wood after all, and they may come as well," Seiji answered.

"Thats true youre not going to make any preparations against the other members of Red Team?"

"Theres no pointwe need to use all our forces to deal with that female sniper and have no leeway to care about anything else."

"How shameless indeed."

"Who cares about honor or shame when playing a game! As long as we can defeat the strong enemy before us, thats enough!"

"Sigh the hot spring hotel"

"Wah lets stop thinking about that."

Even though they felt excited when they discussed the hot spring hotel trip, they were now at such a disadvantage how heartbreaking!

Its time to transform our broken hearts into strength to take out this expert, Seiji thought to himself.

The preparations for the ambush were quickly completed. The only part left was to wait and they saw her!

Right when Seiji saw that figure, he stiffened as he finally recalled the important detail he had forgotten.

Yesterday, there was someone that participated in the activities together with them in order to collect emblems to participate in this game todayMai Houjou!

The Smiling Executioner President Yoruhanas maid, the legendary person who had singlehandedly eliminated half of the clubs in Genhana High School.

Right now, she was in front of him as a sniper in Red Team.

She was the expert sniper who had singlehandedly defeated seven members of Blue Team by herself!

After he figured that out, Seijis expression relaxed and he smiled.

"Senpai, youre really quite something"

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