Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 239

The two of them returned to the Uehara apartment.

After Seiji took Mika back home, he was about to return to his own apartment when Mika called out to him.

"Should we... tell Chiaki as well about the mystical world?" Mika asked.

Seiji paused in surprise for a moment as he considered it.

"Indeed... it doesnt feel good to be deceiving her alone." He sighed. "I even promised Chiaki before that I would tell her when the situation permitted it."


Seiji recalled the conversation he had with Chiaki after he had pretended to be her fake boyfriend.

At that time, he didnt explain things clearly to Chiaki, and she let him know that she understood back then. But he felt it was really bad to do it to her again, even if she was able to accept it.

Besides, there was also Mikas promise with Chiaki to tell her.

After considering it carefully, Seiji came to a decision.

"Lets tell her. It didn't matter much when I was the only one who knew, but now that we both know, Id feel really bad about leaving only her in the dark."

"Yeah, Chiaki is our important friend." Mika smiled.

The two of them decided to tell Chiaki about everything the next morning when they saw her again.


The next morning.

Even though he didnt need to get up early today, Seiji still woke up at the same time he usually did and gave a mighty stretch.

When he went out of his room to take a look, he saw Shika making breakfast as expected.

"Good morning, Shika-chan."

"Good morning, Brother Seiji... breakfast is almost ready."

Seiji nodded in understanding. He watched his adopted sister with a loving light in his eyes.

During breakfast time.

"Shika-chan, lets go out and have some fun later today."


"Thats right; we can go out together and go shopping, or watch a movie or something." Seiji smiled gently.

Shika blinked before flashing a dazzling smile.

This was his carrying out his promise.The promise that didnt exist in this timeline anymore; the one from that rainy night.

After eating breakfast, the two of them went out together.

Seiji was wearing a jacket and pants, and Shika was wearing a one-piece dress with a jacket on top. It was perfectly ordinary clothing.

But since they both had excellent physical appearances, even if they wore such ordinary clothes, they attracted many peoples attention simply by walking down the street.

A tall handsome boy and an incredibly beautiful girl... it was easy for the passersby to imagine the two of them having fun together while elegantly drinking coffee or going to some high-class shop.

But actually, the place they went to was... alarge bookstores light novel section!

"This is a treasure trove." Seiji's eyes roved over the entire section, drawn to all the exquisitely drawn covers.

There were beautiful girls wearing extravagant clothing, beautiful girls in cold haughty poses, beautiful girls with faces flushed red in embarrassment, and beautiful girls that were barely about to reveal their... cough, attractive beautiful girls... and so on. The covers of light novels were simply too excellent in Seijis eyes!

"Go ahead and buy whatever you like, Shika-chan. Theyll become our references (strength)."

"Okay!" Shikas eyes also began to shine.

And so, the two of them began moving, as they jumped towards... whoops, walked towards the stories they were interested in, flipping through the light novels.

Why did it become like this?

After they'd left their apartment, Seiji had asked Shika where she wanted to go, so she said shed go wherever her brother wanted to go, so Seiji mentioned going to read light novels, and in the end...

What happened to going shopping or seeing a movie!?

Those could wait.

After Seiji looked through some novels, he suddenly felt curious about what Shika was reading, so he approached her stealthily.

He saw that the black-haired girl was holding on to a novel and giving it her full attention. Her face was completely red.

Seiji was shocked at her expression, so he hurriedly peeked at the name of the novel she was holding.

The title was: I Cant SleepWhen Im Sleeping Together With my Younger Sister.

Seiji was rendered speechless.

Hey, hey, isnt the title of this book a little too revealing!

Even though he already knew that many light novels tried to use eye-catching titles to attract certain types of readers, and that the contents might not necessarily be as exaggerated as the title, but still... this title seemed a little bit overboard!?

But Shikas face was already so red, so what could the contents be? Were the contents really that bad after all!?

Seiji instantly decided to grab another copy of I Cant Sleep When Im Sleeping Together With my Younger Sister .

On the cover was a sexy girl wearing cute pajamas that were unbuttoned at the top, revealing... some sensitive parts of her chest.

This was cover artwork that was bordering on hentaithe girl had seductive watery eyes, and her non-nakedness made her seem even more like tantalizing fruit...

This artist is a grand master of drawing the forbidden zone! Seiji instantly came to that conclusion with his countless experience of seeing many similar pieces of "art."

Compared to art from his previous life...he felt that this was very similar to the art style of a certain genre of artists... whoops, to Shokugeki no Soma.

He took a look at the artists name Romance of Ice and Fire.

A rather subtle name that seemed slightly immature, yet also normal.

Seiji took note of this name and decided to do some research about this artist on the internet later.

He quietly opened up the novel and began reading through it quickly.

Yep, the contents were just exactly as terrible as he expected from the books title.

The author of this story was simply too amazing! He somehow managed to describe scenes that were so tantalizing without trodding upon anything that was outright explicit, and it was easy for readers with excellent imaginations to visualize the forbidden.

What amazing writing talent.

Seiji completely understood why Shikas face had gotten so red.

This story was basically an R-rated story masquerading as PG-13! Combined with the oh-so-sexy insert art on several pages, its power level was a least 530,000!!

It was difficult to give it an overall review since Seiji only skimmed through it, but just the authors incredible storytelling technique, as well as the artists exquisite drawing skills, were enough for this story to receive a high rating from Seiji.

As Seiji praised it, as a newbie to writing stories himself, he was rather curious just what this author was thinking while writing this story to reach such a high level.

The authors pen name was "Sharphorn Ironcliff." This was a rather fierce pen name, with ferocity emanating from the very words.

Seiji took another look at his adopted sister, who was still lost in reading that novel.

"Shika-chan, dont read one novel for too long. If you like it, then buy it, and read it at home."

Shika suddenly came back to her senses as she turned around to see her adopted brother, then she suddenly recalled what she was reading...

"Wah... wahh... this... this isnt..."

Her face was so red that it seemed like all the blood in her body had rushed to her face. She covered her face with the novel out of incredible embarrassment.

Sigh, if this was a manga, puffs of smoke would be coming out of your head.

Seiji felt that she seemed incredibly cute right now, especially with the contrast between her shy expression and that alluring cover picture on that book she was holding. He really felt like taking a picture of this.

It was time for his systems CG saving ability to come in handy!

He saved a photo of this occasion in his CG gallery.

"Let me go check out some other books over here."

After quietly appreciating the shy beauty, Seiji turned around and went to look at some other books.

Only after he left her immediate vicinity did Shika finally put down the novel. Her face began to return to normal.

The two of them spent more than an hour in the bookstores light novel section without realizing it.

Finally, when they chose the books they were going to purchase, Seiji discovered that Shika had chosen to purchase every single volume of I Cant Sleep When Im Sleeping Together With my Younger Sister.

He didnt even know how to react anymore, so he decided to pretend that he didnt see anything.

After paying for their books, the two of them grabbed the shopping bag containing all their books and were about to leave!


Seiji heard a familiar female voice calling out to him.

It was Yukari Asamiya.

The purple-haired girl had just walked into this bookstore and was obviously delighted to run into him here.

"What a coincidence to see you here... what books did you buy?"

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