Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 256

"What I like is" Kaho had a wide variety of genres that she enjoyed, including some rather special genres suitable only for veterans, such as BL and gender-bender

Those werent good recommendations for newcomers! She answered Mika with some normal genres.

After that, Mika asked additional questions which Kaho answered. Without realizing it, the two of them chatted for quite a while and had lots of fun.



Seiji gave Mika a call, asking to see Mashiro-chan.

The double pigtailed girl immediately came over and summoned her spiritual creature in Seijis living room.

Seiji cast [Astral Vision]!

Now he was finally able to see the silver-winged white ball of light. According to Mika, it also chirped cutely, but he couldnt hear anything.

Seiji extended his right palm, and with Mikas encouragement, the ball of lightMashirolanded on his hand. She retracted her wings and shuffled around on his palm.

It felt warm. Seiji tried petting Mashiro with his left hand. Mashiros movements grew faster, and she rubbed herself against his palm.

This was definitely proof that Mashiro was indeed a living creature, and Seiji couldnt help but admit that she was rather cute.

"She really likes you," Mika said. "When you were petting her, she was making sounds of delight."

"Oh" Seiji continued petting Mashiro.

Mashiro didnt seem like something dangerous; no wonder Mika liked it liked "her" so much.

Seiji sincerely hoped that Mashiro would indeed be able to follow Mikas own hopes and transform into a kind and beautiful existence.

Mika smiled gently as she watched Seiji playing with Mashiro. Suddenly, the ball of light suddenly shook and began glowing brightly.

Was this another transformation!?

Seiji and Mika both widened their eyes in anticipation.

Seiji could feel heat emanating from the ball of light in his hands; it was now slightly hot to the touch. The ball shook and shone; it appeared it was undergoing a transformation

*Whoosh.* A pair of tiny tender white hands reached out from the sides of the ball.

*Swoosh.* A pair of tiny tender white feet suddenly stuck out from the bottom.

*Swish.* A tiny head popped out from the top.

Thats righta head!

She had a head of silky black hair, large and clear amber-colored eyes, an exquisite nose and mouth, and pink cheeks that made her resemble a newborn. She was unbearably cute.

*Chirp~* She opened her mouth and made a cute sound, staring at Seiji with her large eyes for a while before turning to look at Mika and blinking.

*Chirp!* She revealed an expression of delight as she jumped up and flapped her wings, fly-jumping into Mikas arms with her small hands outstretched for a hug.

"Mashiro-chan" Mika hugged her with an expression that was moved and surprised. Her eyes were shining with excitement.

She really did become humanoid! Even though the transformation still isnt complete yet. Seiji was inwardly astonished.

This Spiritual Creature was now the size of a human baby, but apart from its limbs and head, its body was still an "egg" shape.

Such a big transformation in one go judging by its progress, just one more evolution would probably be enough for it to become completely humanoid.

Just like Mika wanted. This really resembled evolution was this supposed to be Digimon? Or a Digimon version of Shugo Chara?"

"Mashiro-chan, youre so cute just too cute~" A red blush crept into Mika's cheeks as she inspected the silver-winged lolis face and praised it lovingly.

"Chirp~ Chirp~~" Mashiro kept making cute sounds as she also looked at Mikas face.

They really did seem just like mother and daughter.

Seiji couldnt help but smile as he observed them.

Its fine as long as it doesnt become something dangerous was what Seiji believed at first, and after seeing this scene, he was also looking forward to Mashiro-chan completely "hatching".

"Your voice is beautiful, but its no good if you can only call out like this; its time to begin teaching you how to speak."


"Come, try saying mommy," Mika said with an expression of delight on her face.

Seiji was rendered speechless.

For a high school girl to be so excited about having a silver-winged loli call her "mommy" This scene was somewhat awkward for him to witness.

"Yaya?" Mashiro blinked and tried making a different sound.

"Yes, thats what I mean, but you need to work on your pronunciation. Come, try again, say mommy~"


"Try againmommy~"


"Try again"

Give me a break! Seiji couldnt help but turn around because his cheeks were continually twitching, causing his expression to involuntarily become distorted.

Mika herself might not be feeling anything while doing it, but observing it was like

He decided to film this with his cell phone and show her later to help her realize how embarrassing it was.

Wait a moment he realized that his cell phone wouldnt be able to record Mashiro, so rather than embarrassing, this would actually be more of a scary or abnormal scene.

'Forget itit's better to not give Mika a dark memory like this. Its fine for me to bear this indescribable awkwardness by myself. Seiji averted his gaze.

"You need to practice lots and lots, so that you can say mommy accurately as soon as you can~"


"And apart from mommy, theres one more word you need to learn"

Mika looked towards Seiji and pointed at him. "Daddy."

"Gugu?" Mashiro looked towards Seiji with a completely innocent expression on her face.

Seijis expression froze over.

"Hes daddy! Come, try saying it." Mika seemed to be enjoying the process of teaching.


"Try again, pronounce it like this daddy ~"


"Okay, try again"

"Mika!" Seiji couldnt help but shout out loud. He didnt know what his own expression was anymore after receiving such a sudden impact. "Why are you having her call me that?"

Mikas face flushed deep red, and her eyes glistened. "Because you are her daddy," she said gently.

"How am I"

"You were the one who helped to hatch her."

Eh, this sounded rather no wait!

"You were the one who hatched her!" Seiji protested. "She just happened to be on my hand when she began transforming."

"It was no coincidence; your feelings were what helped her hatch. Im certain of it."

"Why are you so certain?"

"It's just a feeling."

"Dont say that based on your feelings!" Seiji retorted.

Mika ignored his retort. Her expression was dreamy as she continued to teach Mashiro how to call him "daddy."

She isnt listening I guess shes lost in her own little world. Seiji felt helpless about it. Its a little ridiculous for her to be so delighted about seeing Mashiro-chan transform into a humanoid shape. It's almost as if somethings wrong with her head wait a moment.

Seiji suddenly thought of something in a flash of inspiration. He turned around and left to go knock on his adopted sisters door.

"Shika-chan, come out and have a look."

Shika came out of her room, and as Seiji asked her to do, she cast her own [Astral Vision] and looked at Mika and Mashiro.

The silver-winged loli seemed to notice something as she turned around. Her expression instantly tensed up upon noticing the black-haired girl.

"Chirp!" She glared at Shika and spread her arms wide, as if she were trying to protect Mika.

"Whats the matter?" Mika seemed confused. She turned to look at Shika. "That big sister isnt a bad person, Mashiro-chan."

Mashiro continued glaring at Shika.

Shika squinted slightly as she took a closer look at the silver-haired loli and the girl with pigtails.

"Brother Seiji although I cant see it too clearly, this Spiritual Creature is probably casting a charm on Uehara-san," she said in a soft voice.

"As I expected" Seiji frowned.

He should have noticed earlier that Mika was in a rather strange condition.

At first, he thought that Mika was simply acting a little bit foolishly due to being overjoyed, but this wasnt the case. The Spiritual Creature had influenced her behavior!

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