Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 263

"Brother Monogatari," Seiji confidently told her his novels planned name.

"This name... isnt quite as eye-catching as Ill Die if I Don't Become Handsome ," Saki remarked. "I hope that its contents are as outstanding as you say."

"Youll have to see for yourself," Seiji said with a chuckle. "Im going to call my home now and have Shika-chan... my relative send you the draft."

"Alright, Ill be waiting."

They ended the call on that note.

Seiji instantly called Shika-chan and had her email a copy of his draft to Editor Yoshizawa.

All he could do now was wait.He was confident that Editor Yoshizawa would definitely call him back again today!

Saki instantly received Seigo Haranos draft.She immediately began perusing it.

As a professional editor, Saki had strict standards for story drafts.If it couldnt attract readers within a set word count, she would unhesitatingly give up on it, no matter who the author was.

And if she finished reading a draft from start to finish, then that basically meant the draft had passed her standards, and she would objectively give a review based on her impression.

She had given Seigos Become Handsome short story a review of "quite an attractive story" after one quick read-through.

Very few stories could actually receive such a good review from her on the first read-through!

Saki Yoshizawas strict standards were by far the highest in Thunderbolt Literatures editing department.

When she was still a newbie, she had the astonishing feat of having criticized a young, formerly successful author to the point of making them break down in tears. And after she became more familiar with the line of work and increased her standards, she received the exaggerated nickname of "Wall of Disappointment."

All her coworkers had witnessed her rejecting newcomers drafts before and criticizing them to the point of despondency or leaving them in tears.

Even veteran authors would be nervous when sending her their drafts, and some even went to the point of specifically requesting editors other than her if possible.

The head editor had lectured her several times about ithe had tried to tell her to be "gentler" with the authors, and not break them.

At any rate, the nickname of "Wall of Disappointment" was no joke. If a draft could successfully get past this "Wall," it was considered a type of glory in the authors circle, just slightly behind that of receiving the head editors praise.

All the drafts that successfully passed this "Wall" would have good results after publication, better than the average results of drafts that didnt pass this "Walls" standards. Thats why even though the authors always complained how Saki was too strict, she was still viewed as an important employee by the editing department.

All her coworkers believed in her ability and believed that she would eventually become an editor team leader, although this would depend on luckthe luck of receiving an excellent draft.

Saki had processed many good stories, but none were wildly popular hits yet, so she lacked absolutely convincing result. This meant that she was right on the border between an excellent editor and a famous editor known by everyoneshe was barely on the wall.

Saki herself didnt mind too much. Shewas just going through Seigos draft as per normal, using her own standards.

After she quickly read through the first page, she paused for a moment.

Instead of reading the next page, she started over again from the beginning and read again while paying close attention to every detail!

This was something she had never done before.

Saki didnt even notice the change from her normal behavior, because all she could think of was the story she was reading right now.

This story was completely different.

It had a totally different writing style from Become Handsome , but it was just as excellent... no, even better!

The writing quality was quite high, and compared to Become Handsome , the part where it stood out the most was that it was something "fresh!"

At the very least, Saki felt that it was a fresh type of story, as she had never read such a style of light novel before.

This story seemed like a real-life romantic comedy at first. However, it was also mysterious and mystical, and there were also serious and elegant elements in the novel.

"Monsters; the abnormal; the unexplained; mystery... Brother, which word do you prefer?"

"The world may not be pure black and white, but black and white do exist and will always exist."

"Those that wear masks are humans; those that dont wear masks are inhuman."

"Sister, dont run around, something bad will happen."


Saki was drawn to sentences like these. As she quickly skimmedthrough the draft, she felt a strong compulsion to read further.

And when she read it again in more detail, she got addicted and lost herself in the words.

She was so lost in the story that she didnt even hear one of her coworkers calling out for her, as her eyes were glued to her computer screen.

Sakis female coworker thought it was rather strange. Just what was the famous "Wall of Disappointment" so busy reading?

She got curious and went over to Sakis side to take a look at Sakis computer screen.

A novel... when she tried reading it, Sakis coworker also got lost in the story.

Who wrote this story?It was so well written.


Sakis coworker forgot what she originally wanted to do and stood next to Saki, dazed, and read the story together with her.

This attracted another coworkers attention.

Several editors came over as well, looked at the screen in curiosity, and were likewise attracted by the story.

When the head editor arrived at the office, he was astonished to see so many editors clumped together in one spot.

What was going on?

He walked over to the gaggle."What are you guys doing?"

There was no response.

The head editor frowned at this and repeated his question in a louder voice.

The editors finally regained their senses and were sheepish to notice that their boss was standing beside them.

"Head editor, were reading a draft... its incredibly well written! The author is..."

The editors looked at Saki, unsure.

"The author is Idle Dimension by the Shore," Saki said, giving Seigo Haranos pen name.

"Idle Dimension by the Shore... The person who wrote Become Handsome?"

"That author!? This is a totally different style from Become Handsome!"

"Can he change styles? Or is this his real style!?"

Idle Dimension by the Shorewas a brand-new author who managed to rank #6 with his first short story.

This was an excellent result, so all the editors in the department had remembered this authors pen name.

This might be an incredible newcomer... no, not mightthis was definitely an incredible newcomer!

There was no doubting it anymore: his stories would definitely become bestsellers!All the editors who'd just read his draft shared this belief.

How long was it since the last time that all the editors would crowd together in front of the same computer screen to read a draft together?

The newer editors didnt have such a memory, and only some of the veteran editors could recall... that the last time must have been about five years ago?

"Let me take a look," the head editor said in a solemn voice.

Saki stood up and let the head editor sit down in her seat.

The head editors name was Souzo Hattori. He was about fifty years old. His hair was greying, and his face was lined with deep wrinkles. He wore a pair of black-rimmed glasses and had dark gray eyes.

He went to the beginning of the draft and began reading with a sharp expression.

He read one page, two pages, three pages...

And stopped right there, took off his eyeglasses, and rubbed his eyes.

"Ten years... its been ten years since Ive last had this feeling while reading a light novel." Souzo sighed as he put on his eyeglasses again.

Ten years... could it be, Souzo was comparing it to that story!? All the editors were astonished.

They all believed that this story was quite good, but they didnt expect that Head Editor Hattori would actually compare it to that story from ten years ago.

That story not only became a huge hit in Sakura Island, it even became popular in many other countries and began a new legend for its generation!

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