Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 270

Later that night, Seiji told Hisashi Juumonji about how "Romance of Ice and Fire" had agreed to join themand set up a chat group, adding all three of them as members.

"It's great that Ice and Fire Sensei is willing to join us! Could I ask how you found Idle Fish? And why was it that you agreed to join us?"

"No need to use honorifics; you can just call me Ice and Fire," Yukari typed in the chat group. "I'm actually real-life friends with Idle Fish and knew that he was the author of Become Handsome . When you told me that the game scriptwriter would be the author of Become Handsome , I was astonishedand told him about the fact that I'm actually an artist. After discussing it with him, I felt that it would be interesting to create a game together with you guys, so I agreed to join in."

"I see... such a subtly wondrous connection of fate!" Hisashi exclaimed.

"Indeed, I was shocked to find out that my friend was the artist Ice and Fire; I never expected someone right beside me could turn out to be a potential collaborator," Seiji typed. "I chatted a lot with Ice and Fire at lunch today, and here's what we came up with for the game's storyline..."

Seiji explained what he and Yukari came up with during lunchtime to Hisashi.

"Two traps secretly competing against each other... this definitely sounds interesting! I give my full support to this story!" Hisashi even added several emoticons with excited expressions. "Please go ahead with this storyline! Let's also add suspense and novelty to make the story even fiercer, deeper, and impactful!" Hisashi then added a few hot-blooded passionate emoticons.

"Suspense is a definite yes, but as for novelty..."

"I object! I don't wish to draw bloody scenes, and I've never drawn them before."

"Isn't it good for artists to try topics they've never practiced before, Ice and Fire Sensei? Also, it can even be an advertisement for the game: we can promote it as 'a new, unprecedented genre fro Romance of Ice and Fire; she aims to surpass her limits!" Hisashi was clearly very passionate about this topic.

Yukari fell silent.

"Sweet Pig, no need to be so forceful with your requests. Perhaps Ice and Fire will want to try new things in the future, but not now," Seiji typed. "I think that just adding suspense will be fineand that adding novelty is slightly overboard."

"If Idle Fish says so, then I'll retract my request. My apologies, Ice and Fire Sensei."

"No, Sweet Pig-san," Yukari responded, "you didn't say anything wrong. Artists should challenge their own boundaries without fear. But... now is not the right time for me. I don't have any interest in drawing such a style."

There was a brief moment of silence in the chat group.

"So the storyline's basically decided now, and the keywords are trap, school, artifact, romance, competition, and suspense... I'm going to start working on the game script after finishing the novel that I'm working on," Seiji said. "Ice and Fire, why don't you start thinking about the character appearances and draw a charismatic main character."

"Got it."

"Then this humble one shall continue searching for people," Hishashi said. "We still need to find a music composer for our game. Also... should we get an office for ourselves?"

An office... Seiji blinked at this proposal. "Ice and Fire, what do you think?"

"I... think it won't be necessary."

As he expected, she didn't want to reveal herself.

"I think it's unnecessary as well. Let's forget about the office, then."

"This humble one simply wanted all the team members to be together and happily work in the same room... but if neither of you are interested, it's fine." Hisashi sent an emoticon of regret.

"Actually, I'd also like an office, but Ice and Fire doesn't want to expose their true identity; please understand." Seiji secretly sent a message to Hisashi. "Also, don't expose the fact that this artist is currently a student at Genhana High School."

"Got it! No worries, Seigo."


One day later.

Seiji typed out the last word of Brother Monogatari's final chapter.

After the final period was added, he stared at the screen for a long while before finally removing his hands from the keyboard, stretching, and letting out a huge sigh of relief.

It was complete!

He'dfinally finished writing this story!

Seiji felt a sense of satisfaction and achievement comparable to running a marathon after completing his draft.

He scannedover it one more time to confirm that there were no obvious errors like missed words before calling Shika over.

Shika sat down in front of the computer and began reading the story. Her eyes grew brighter and brighter as she immersed herself in the story.

Seiji watched her for a little while before walking to the living room and pouring himself some tea. He picked up a light novel that he hadn't read yet and started browsing through it casually.

After being busy for so long, he could finally relax and take a break.

Half an hour later, when Seiji was about to refill his tea, his cell phone rang.

He checked the caller ID and saw it was an unfamiliar number. After a brief pause, he took the call.

"Hello, who might you be?"

"Good evening. Is this Seigo Harano-san?" a slightly raspy voice asked on the other end. It sounded like an old man's voice.

"I am."

"Sorry for bothering you in the evening. My name is Shouzou Amami; I'm Hoshi's, Rion's, and Kotomi Amami's grandfather."

Hoshi and the twins' grandfather!?

Seiji was rather surprised.

"Harano-san, are you currently busy?"

"No, not at all."

"Then allow this old fellow to say a few words," said the elderly man named Shouzou. "I sincerely thank you, Harano-san, for helping that child Hoshi."

"I should have given you my gratitude long ago, but I was preoccupied with various affairs, which was why I took so long. Please forgive me for the delay."

"No, there's no need; I just did what I should have," Seiji told him sincerely. "Hoshi... and the owner... ah, I mean Rika Amami-san, they've already thanked me. There's no need for you to thank me so formally."

"Their thanks is their thanks, my gratitude is my gratitude," Shouzou said in a serious tone. "In the end, this is all because I didn't teach my son properly, which caused such an incident. It's my responsibility. Thanks to Harano-san, this incident was resolved. I'm feeling the painful effects of my own mistake, and I'm sincerely grateful to you."

"In order to personally express my gratitude, I'd like to invite Harano-san over to my humble residence for dinner tomorrow night. Would you happen to be free then?"

"...I am free."

"Then I shall wait here to welcome you tomorrow."

"I really feel like it's not necessary to be so polite..."

"By all means, please attend," the old man said sincerely.

After that, he gave Seiji a time and place. Seiji could only record it.

After repeating once more that he would await Seigo Harano's arrival tomorrow night, Shouzou Amami hung up the call.

He was rather polite and formal for the call's entire duration.

The incident with Hoshi was about a month ago now, and Seiji thought that it was completely over with. He didn't expect to receive the gratitude of an Amami family elder as well as an invitation to dinner.

He truly felt that this all was unnecessary, but since it was an invitation from an elder who meant well, he believed he should accept.

Tomorrow night at seven o'clock... should he bring over some presents?

Seiji mulled it over. Then, he checked his contact listand called someone.

That person picked up immediately.

"Good evening, Senpai!"

"Good evening, Junior," Seiji greeted. "I just received a phone call from your grandfather."

"Eh... Eh!?" Hoshi choked out a sound of astonishment.

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