Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 276

Seiji finally finished reading all the detailed explanations of the new spells.

Afterward, he felt that he needed to plan out his evolution whoops, path for cultivation.

But, before that, there was an important question that required an answer: what type of Spiritual Ability user or Yin-Yang Master should Seiji become?

The answer to this question would affect which spells he learned first. It would also determine the spells he would learn if he had an excess of time and the spells that were unnecessary to learn. Basically, it influenced the order he would learn spells in, much like choosing from a skill tree.

After some consideration, he arrived at an answer. Based on his answer, he planned out his future path.

The first spell that he wanted to learn was [Mana Bullet]!

According to the explanation, this spell could attack both physical and spiritual objects, and ordinary people would be unable to see it. It was quite a practical and useful spell.

The requirements for learning it were similar to the other spells: he had to read the relevant technique manual and practice it.

Seiji wasn't in a big hurry to begin his practice.

He had already practiced cultivating for an entire day, and he'd just spent a considerable amount of time reading through his system's explanations, so he felt like doing something else for a change of pace.

And so he left his room, went to the study, and turned on his computer. He browsed the internet and also logged on to his chatting application

Time passed just like this.

Seiji took a shower, then watched a few videos before he decided to shut down his computer and go to sleep.

Just as he was hovering his mouse over the "shut down" button, his chatting application beeped . It seemed that someone had sent him a message.

When Seiji reflexively checked the sender of the message, he froze over in surprise. He blinked to check if he had seen things wrongly.

The flashing message was still from that person.

He didn't see things wrongly.

It was from "Cat-loving Flying Fish!"

Seiji clicked on the message, causing a message box to pop up.

"Who are you?" Only those few words were written in the message to him.

Seiji looked at it for a while, before he typed: "I am Seiji Haruta."

He sent the message. There was no immediate response from the other end, but she didn't log off like last time either.

Seiji patiently waited for a response.

Several minutes later.

Cat-loving Flying Fish sent him another message:"Liar."

Seiji responded by typing:"I'm not lying."

Cat-loving Flying Fish sent a stream of words:"Liar liar liar!"

"I'm really not lying," Seiji replied calmly.

"Seiji Haruta the person who bears this name couldn't possibly be like you so you're definitely lying!!"

Complex emotions were contained within this message. Seiji felt as if he could feel the conflicted emotions within the girl on the other end of the computer screen.

'She's probably crying tears must be coming out. She's in pain and discomfort. But she still didn't turn off her computer; she's facing me bravely.'

'What should I say to her? What should I say' Seiji thought hard about this question.

An apology? That didn't seem like the correct answer. An admittance of his wrongs? Asking for forgiveness? None of those seemed correct, either.

That wasn't what she wanted to hear, nor was it what she needed to hear.

What she wanted to hear was

Suddenly, a string of text popped up in front of him; his system had given him three choices:

[A: I really am Seiji Haruta, your blood brother.]

[B: That's right, I was lying. I'm actually a perfect stranger.]

[C: That's right, I was lying. I'm actually a body-stealing reincarnator!]

Seiji was rendered speechless by his system. After looking at the options for several seconds, he knew what answer to give her.

It was actually quite simple.

'System, thank you so much for your hint.'

It was just that what would happen after he said it?

Seiji decided not to think too much about it after some consideration.

He started typing.

"You saw through me."

"That's right."

"I was lying."

"I'm not Seiji Haruta."

"Seiji Haruta is already dead."

"I'm just a person who has died already. I took over his body and memories after I reincarnated!"

"My real name is Seigo Harano."

That was how it was.

If she didn't want to see "Seiji Haruta," then all he had to do was tell her that this person was already dead.

After a long period of silence

Cat-loving Flying Fish sent him another message: "I knew it You couldn't possibly be that guy, nor could that guy possibly be you! Seigo Harano a nice name."

Just as he'd expected, she accepted this answer.

This might cause problems for him later down the road, but he didn't feel that he needed to worry about this right now. It was fine if he could make it up to her for the harm the original Seiji had caused to her.

Seiji continued to type: "I've already told you my real name, so how about you? Could you please tell me your name?"

Cat-loving Flying Fish started at the words on her computer screen.

She slowly began typing and entered: "Hana Haruta."

'As I expected.' Seiji's guess had finally been confirmed.

This was truly a coincidence that seemed like fate.

Seiji could only smile wryly as he inwardly exclaimed at this situation.

"I know you, but I've never met you before," he typed.

"I've met you, but I don't know you," she typed back.

"Then let's get to know each other all over again Hello, blood-related younger sister of mine."

"Hello, blood-related older brother of mine."

This was the moment when te blood-related siblings got to know each other all over again for the first time.

Even though there were still some problems fine, this still seemed rather strange, but both of them felt that this was fine, and this was enough for them.

At the very least, it was fine for the time being.

"How have you been recently, Sister?"

"I've been having tons of fun staying at home and being a NEET. How about you, Brother?"

"I've been living well. I'm having lots of fun every day at school, and I'm getting along excellently with my friends. Even the story I wrote recently has been published."

"Winners in life should all go explode!"

"If you ever leave your home, I'm sure that you could be a winner in life."

"No needbeing a NEET is the best! All I have to do is play, eat, and sleep; it's the most comfortable life of all!"

"That's the way someone who's fallen to depravity would think."

"You don't need to worry so much about me!"

"If you don't exercise for a long time, your figure will change."

"I do exercise for fifteen minutes in my room every day, so my figure definitely hasn't changed!"

"Amazing, but you should at least increase your exercising time to thirty minutes every day."

"No! I'll die of fatigue and dehydration from sweating!"

Seiji chuckled.

This seemed like a normal brother-sister conversation to him. But if he thought back to what the original Seiji did to her then he didn't know how to describe things anymore.

"Sister, do you have anything you'd like to do? Not just playing games, but doing something yourself, like creating something or anything like that?"

"I don't want to work."

"I'm not talking about work; I'm talking about developing your interests. Instead of always playing or watching someone else's creations, haven't you ever had the impulse to create something better by yourself, even a little?"

"I have, but I feel that if I really tried to make something it would be quite bothersome, tiring, and would require so much effort~"

"Then you don't need to try so hard. Just give it a casual attemptjust for fun. Just trying it will be quite fun in a much different way from only playing~"

"You're just trying to fool me! I won't become depraved so easily! I'm going to always be a perfect NEET!"

"No, I'm not trying to fool you into becoming depraved; I'm actually trying to help you evolve into a beautiful NEET angel!"

"What the hell's a NEET angel!? This type of creature doesn't exist!"

"No, it does exist in another world."

"There must be something wrong with that world!"

"It's actually quite similar to this world. In fact, I even feel that this world has various strange things in it."

"You're saying it as if that world actually exists."

"It does exist; I transmigrated from that world."

"Weren't you a reincarnator?"

"I'm a transmigrator and areincarnator."

"Are you trying to say that you're actually a hero from another world!?"

"If you want to view me in this way, that works as well."

"Hey, hero! Where's your holy sword?"

"Within the bosom of my fated person. It's a pity that I still haven't met that girl yet, nor have I awakened the power of a king."

"What the hell type of setting is that!?"

"If you can accept it, it's actually a good story. It has its own unique way of being ecchi, and the art and music are actually pretty good as well. The beginning of the story was excellent, but the ending was rather bad."

"Are you actually talking about some anime!?"

"Yep, one from my previous world."

"You actually managed to come back to this topic again!"

And so, Seiji seemed like he was clowning around with made-up stories that actually weren't made up, while Hana had fun commenting on his stories.

This brother and sister had fun chatting online until late into the night.

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