Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 305

"Er... President!?"

"It's me. I finally managed to reestablish contact with you. What's going on?"

"Perfect timing! Amazing timing!!" Seiji grew excited. "It's the critical point of the battle here! Hurry up and cast a spell so I can use my imagination here again! The stronger the better!!"

A mage who was out of mana would only be able to watch the enemy hordes and stand by idly. How would he feel if a mana replenisher suddenly appeared beside him? Like he was about to ascend to heaven!

"Oh... okay." Natsuya immediately cast the spell for him again.

"Hahaha! I've been revived!!"

Seiji instantly imagined himself clothed in the Sagittarius Gold Cloth, which was so bright to the point of being blinding.

"Thank you! President, I love you!!"

"Eh...?" The student council president could only make a dazed sound when she heard such a sudden "love confession."

"Burn! I'm filled with passion!"

Seiji rushed towards the battlefield as he flew up again! He transformed into a golden comet and left a trail behind him as he pierced through the group of shadows, destroying every shadow in his way.

"Sensei, I'm here!" He flew to Mayuzumi-Hinako's side.

"Eh? Haruta-kun..."

"I've already reestablished contact with the student council president," Seiji said in a joyous tone. "After this battle, we can finally go home... whoops, I mean wake up!" He glanced towards the huge female monster-shadow, which consisted of a countless number of smaller shadows.

"Don't think that having numbers means strength. In front of the strongest saint warrior, numbers are meaningless!"

He made a pose and clenched his fist, which then began to glow. He gathered the power of the cosmos and sent out an attack at faster-than-light speed.

"Pegasus Meteor Fist!!!"

In that instant, countless beams of light appeared. An uncountable number of fists and attacks connected with the huge female monster-shadow.


The huge shadow collapsed, and the sky and earth trembled. A black crystal was revealed, and it was tugged upwards by some type of power.

Seiji chased after the black crystal, but countless shadows blocked his way.

"Don't get in my way!"

'I shall shatter all unreasonable bad things as well as the dark despair that makes you want to seal yourself away!'

"Imagine Breaker!!!" Seiji yelled, reaching out with his right hand.

He destroyed every shadow that came into contact with him and caught up with the black crystal. He touched the black crystal with his right hand and destroyed it!

"Come here you troublesome little brat!!"

He grabbed Reo Tachibana and hugged her close to him. The endless amounts of shadows furiously threw themselves at him.

Seiji protected Reo using his body and hurriedly descended.

After using so many ultimate abilities, his power had weakened. He was now in a tough spot from being attacked by so many shadows.


Mayuzumi-Hinako activated all of her lanterns.

Every lantern released an incredibly strong white light, and powerful cyan flames burned through a large number of shadows to protect Seiji as he descended.

However, it still wasn't enough.

The Honey Candy Girl army raised their swords, guns, staves, and various weapons in unison and simultaneously cast another wave of ultimate abilities which filled the sky with light, destroying another large group of shadows.

However, it still wasn't enough.

'Who else is there?'

Angel-Seiji flew over and rushed to Seiji's side rapidly. He unfurled all his angel wings, and they emitted a gentle yet blinding white light.

Seiji looked towards angel-Seiji and saw that angel-Seiji was smiling in a gentle, friendly manner. He saw angel-Seiji open his mouth; he seemed to be saying something, but Seiji was unable to hear him clearly.

Then, angel-Seiji's expression froze over. His body turned into rays of white light, which added to the already-blinding radiance.

This light was so strong that it lit up the entire sky! Even the unfathomable layers of dark clouds in the sky retreated somewhat, and deep within the clouds the sky rumbled and trembled, as if a god were roaring angrily.

"Who are you?" Seiji asked angel-Seiji.

There was no response. The angel-Seiji turned snow white and translucent before he shattered into pieces and disappeared in midair. Nothing remained of him.

Seiji could only faintly see the disappearing traces of a white figure. The Honey Candy Girl army caught up with Seiji and lent him their support. Seiji also joined Mayuzumi-Hinako and landed on the ground.

A white female figure walked out of Mayuzumi's body and quickly materialized into a solid form. The form was a beautiful, gentle-looking woman who had long light green hair: Hinako Tachibana.

"Reo..." She hugged her daughter.

The little girl opened her eyes and saw her mother's form.

"M-mommy?" Reo's eyes widened in surprise before they quickly became tear-filled. "Mommy!!!!"

She hugged her mother and cried as hard as she possibly could.

Seiji watched this scene in silence. Mayuzumi's eyes were now moist and glistening.

"Don't cry, Reo," Hinako said gently. "Mommy received help from many good people in order to be able to meet you like this. I don't have very much time, so I need to tell you a few things while I can."

Reo was unable to stop sobbing, but she did her best to reduce the volume of hr sobs.

"Mommy," she said in a trembling voice, "I missed you so much..."

"Mommy also really missed you... and wants to continue being with you and living together. But that's not possible anymore. Mommy... is already dead.

"I can't accompany you like before. I can't talk to you anymore or hug you anymore... but as long as you still remember Mommy, I'll forever be in your heart.

"Reo, you need to eat properly, wear your clothes properly, learn and exercise properly, sleep properly, grow up properly, find someone you like, and lead a happy life.

"When you're in pain, you must be brave. When you're in discomfort, you must be resolute. When you meet with a setback, you must be spirited. When you meet with something you can't deal with, ask for help from your friends and relatives..."

Tears dripped down from Hinako's eyes but she continued: "Reo, Mommy really, really wants to keep accompanying you and tell you so many things, as well as teach you and do so many things together with you; I want to help you and protect you and always take care of you...

"But... that won't be possible anymore. You must stand up and walk this path by yourself. Mommy... will love you forever..."

After she said this, her body started to fade into dots of white light.

"Mommy... Mommy!!!!"

Reo started crying uncontrollably again as she tightly grabbed on to her mother.

"Don't go, don't leave me! I want to be together with Mommy! I don't want anything else!! I want to go together with Mommy..."

"Stop being selfish!" someone suddenly shouted. It was Seiji. He glared furiously at the little girl.

"Didn't you hear anything that your mother told you!?" he demanded. "She did her best to make a final farewell to you and hoped that you could become stronger. Is this how you pay her back!?

"Don't say something so foolish like you want to go together with her! Don't be in such a hurry to die!! Your life is just beginning!!!" he shouted in a loud voice.

"Brother Harano..." Reo was shocked by his behavior.

Seiji crouched down and put his hand on her shoulder.

"That's enough now. Do you want your mother to be anxious even in the afterlife and always worry about you?" He looked deeply into the little girl's eyes. "Let her go, Reo-chan. Could you let your mother depart in peace... alright?"

Reo's face was filled with tears. She finally understood.


Hinako's figure was now half transparent. She looked towards her daughter and smiled gently while tears rolled down her face.

Reo had a rather pained expression on her face as she looked towards her mother. However, she slowly, gradually let go of her hands, her whole body trembling.

"Mommy, I... will become braver. I'll eat properly... wear my clothes properly... learn... and exercise. I will try my best... to grow up healthily.

"Which is why... don't worry... I... I..." The little girl sniffled her nose loudly. "I love you, Mommy!"

Hinako also had tears streaming down her face. She smiled gently and softly as she watched her daughter.

She said something. Seiji knew what she was going to say. Mayuzumi also knew what she was going to say.

Reo knew what it was going to be as well.


Hinako's entire body now transformed into specks of light and disappeared into the air.

"Goodbye, M-Mommy... wahhhhh!"

In the end, Reo still ended up crying, and it may have been a little unsightly, but it was doubtlessly the most sincere farewell of all.

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