Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 315

"Yes," Shika said. "I based her on Yukari Asamiya."

Seiji was rendered speechless.

'Fine then, so that's how it is...' In his honest opinion, they did seem to resemble each other, but if he couldn't say exactly how.

"I think that you've created an excellent character. She's not at the point where she overshadows the two main characters, but she leaves people with a deep impression. Excellent job creating her." Seiji gave Shika his honest praise. Afterwards, he gave Shika his opinions on the small detailed portions of her story outline.

Shika wrote down every single one of his opinions and told him that she would work on editing her story.

After that, Seiji looked over her ideas for new books. They all seemed like nice ideas. The one that attracted Seiji's attention the most, or perhaps it should be said that the one he wanted to comment on the most was called I Have Ten Thousand Little Sisters !

This story took place in a world where demons, not humans, ruled the world. The male lead was a tall and handsome boy whose goal was to become a warrior and fight against these demonsa demon slayer, so to speak. However, his talent was rather lacking, and he could only make up for things with hard work.

The female lead was his beautiful and gentle adopted younger sister. She wanted to become a demon slayer together with her adopted older brother and had outstanding talent. One day, the female lead received a special summon from the demon slayer association. They wanted her to join a special mission.

She embarked on this mission after saying goodbye to the male lead. The male lead was quite worried about and missed her. He kept feeling anxious. Then, he heard the news that the demon slayer association had undertaken another campaign to slay the demon king!

The demon king was the leader of all demons. He was the strongest, most fearsome demon of all. Slaying him would definitely help turn the tide in favor of humanity.

The demon slayer association had undertaken several major campaigns in the past, but all ended up failing with heavy losses. The male lead's father, as well as both of the female lead's parents, had perished in the previous campaign.

This time, most people believed that the campaign against the demon king would fail once more. However... it succeeded!

The demon slayer association's strongest squad, composed of elites, attacked the demon king's main base. Meanwhile the human armies attracted the attention of the demon armies, enabling the elite squad to slay the demon king!

Everyone in the world was shocked and ecstatic! They all celebrated this grand victory. The male lead was also overjoyed to the point of breaking out in tears. Just like everyone else, he was curious to know who the heroes that slew the demon king were.

The demon slayer association broadcasted a media announcement in front of the entire world's cameras, praising the elite squad's heroes for their achievements as well as making note of their sacrifices.

Then, the association had all the elite squad's members take off their helmets and reveal their true appearances.

Everyone in the world was shocked. The male lead was the most shocked out of everyone. That was because... everyone in the hero squad was identicalthey all had his adopted younger sister's face!!

The head of the demon slayer association personally explained the truth to the media.

Apparently, the special mission that the female lead joined was dubbed the "one-person army." It was an ambitious plan to clone one person tens of thousands of times, activating the full potential of every clone, and creating a mega army that had flawless teamwork.

This transformation was irreversible. Every single clone left alive after the battle had less than five years of lifespan remaining.

Everyone fell silent upon hearing this. A reporter asked the clones why they were willing to volunteer for this process. The female lead answered by saying that it was for her family...

The clones' true and sincere expressions moved the world. Everyone started clapping, with their thunderous applause shaking the skies.

Only the male lead kneeled on the ground and cried loudly. He swore that he would definitely save his adopted younger sister... er, sisters, and definitely not allow them to die in the near future!

And so, the story began. Yep, all of the above was just the prologue! The main phase of the story started when the male lead reunited with his adopted younger sisters.

He worked together with the association's research division in order to search for ways to increase his adopted sisters' lifespan.

Soon, the research division discovered that the girls' love for the male lead was able to improve their bodies' conditions.

And so, the male lead was given the divine task of flirting with his roughly ten thousand adopted sisters all at once! And so, a shameless romantic comedy began...

He really wanted to comment on this story!

However, he couldn't deny that this ridiculous plot was quite appealing. To flirt with ten thousand of his sisters at the same time... just hearing this topic would make anyone think "what the hell," but also be interested at the same time.

Seiji recalled all the Misaka Misaka clones from A Certain Magical Index ... but even though the author of that story was incredibly skilled at coming up with ridiculous plotlines, he doubted that Index's author would dare to have Kamijou Touma flirt with ten thousand Misakas at the same time!

Shika's story basically the same clichs as all romantic comedy stories, but the setting where the female lead was actually ten thousand versions of the same girl changed everything to become out of the ordinary! There were so many strange and subtle things about the story that would make the readers ache to comment upon.

At the very least, Seiji couldn't help but mentally comment on it.

Would Shika really be able to continue writing the ridiculous plot required for this story!? It would be challenging for anyone's imagination... and just how did Shika come up with it in the first place?

He asked Shika about this.

"I just thought of it casually," she replied, averting her gaze. "There's no particular meaning behind it; it's just... I suddenly felt like this story would be rather interesting and wrote an outline for it. After I finished the outline, I felt like it was pretty good, so I showed it to you, Brother."

The product of a flash of inspiration? That was natural. Seiji nodded in understanding.

"If you continue writing this story, do you think that you can finish it?" he asked.

Shika fell silent for a moment and blushed. "I think that... I wouldn't be able to."

It was as he expected.

"Ah... regrettable. This is a nice template, but it does seem difficult to continue writing about it. After all, having ten thousand love interests is a little too much." Seiji rubbed his chin in contemplation. "If you really want to write about it, perhaps it would have to be limited to only one volume or just a few volumes."

They decided to save the idea for a possible story later in the future. There was no need to write every single good idea into a story immediately.

He discussed Shika's other story ideas with her as well. In the end, they decided to first focus on the second volume of Brother Monogatari .

After his talk with Shika, he went to sleep with Reo-chan. This time, the little girl instantly buried her head into his chest. Both of them gradually fell asleep after saying good night to each other.

Seiji re-entered Reo's room in her soul realm. He stood up from the bed there and walked to the living room to inspect the changes.

"This place seems to have restored itself to its original appearance," Seiji mumbled.

The objects he'd moved previously had returned to their original positions. The paper he'd intentionally ripped up was whole again, and the cup that he'd intentionally shattered was restored. Everything was restored, including the notes that he had written last time.

Basically, it was a reset.

"Every time that Reo-chan sleeps, this dimensional space will be refreshed, and everything within it reset. Perhaps the resetting could also be time-based.

"I don't know if there's a price she has to pay for resetting this room... to err on the side of caution, I shouldn't make any major changes or do any destruction to this space."

Seiji set that rule for himself. Then, he began cultivating.

As time passed, Seiji's progress bar was filled, and he paid the points required to learn [Mana Bullet]!

Due to the rule he set for himself, he decided against testing his new spell in this dimensional space. He decided to visit the president's residence at school tomorrow and practice in her underground practice field.

Seiji checked his system and noticed that nothing new had appeared. This was the first time that nothing had appeared after he'd learned a new spell.

There was still some time before morning, so Seiji continued to cultivate. He began to practice [Spirit Shield].

After learning some offensive magic, he thought it would be wise to learn defensive magic. No matter what, he had to focus on improving his strength!

The second day of final exams.

Things were better for Mika today. At the very least, she was confident that she'd passed today's exams.

"I hope that it's not a mistaken impression," Chiaki said, chuckling.

"Don't jinx me like that!" Mika retorted.

During lunch break, Seiji received a phone call from Editor Yoshizawa.

"I sent you an email containing your draft with editing suggestions included as well as a final contract to your email address. Read over the contract conditions carefully. If there are no problems, then just print it out like last time and mail it back to our editing department."

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