Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 332

Seiji felt that the atmosphere was a little strange.

Ever since Shika came out, the atmosphere underwent a subtle change. That was the way that Seiji felt.

This was only the second meeting between Yukari and Shika, and besides, they basically had zero communication the first time. Why were things like this?

In the end, Seiji decided that it must have been a mistaken impression. After casually chatting a little, Seiji brought up the main topic of conversation.

"About the game, you probably wanted to talk to me about the dating route for the female character you're going to voice, right?"

"Yes also, I wanted to confirm the art style I should use for the game. Should I go with a cute style or a more aesthetic one?"

"The art style I don't think that it's necessary to settle on an art style so quickly, since the game storyline isn't set right now, either." Seiji mulled it over. "But if I have to pick one right now, I'd go with the aesthetic style. We can change the art style according to the story or character as necessary, and maybe in some scenarios one art style will be favored over the other. For now, just follow your own judgment."

Yukari nodded. "Alright."

"I've already discussed the female lead's storyline with Chiaki and written an outline. I'm not really satisfied with this story," Seiji added, "but I can still show it to you first if you would like a rough idea of how to make your own storyline. Do you want to look at Chiaki's storyline first, or would you prefer to discuss the female character you'll be in charge of and making her route?"

Yukari contemplated Seiji's question for a moment.

"Let me see the other storyline first. I'm very curious about Wakaba-san's no the female lead's storyline."

And so, the two of them went to Seiji's study, where Seiji opened up a document on his computer for her to read.

When Yukari finished reading the document, the two of them returned to the kotatsu .

"It's a bit different from what I imagined," Yukari said. "I thought that Wakaba-san would prefer a slightly more special story."

Seiji sipped his tea. "She did make some rather special requests, but none of them were appropriate."

'All those forbidden R-18 topics are definitely out of the question.'

"I think that the male lead's settings are great, though. Are they based off of you?" Yukari looked directly at Seiji.

"Yes, it was Chiaki's and Mika's combined idea. They said something about this being gender equality"

"I agree with them! I think that this is the best way to do things. If Wakaba-san didn't bring this up, I would have brought it up myself," the purple-haired girl said with a grin. "Not only that, I think that Seigo should be the male lead's voice actor; it'll be amazing!"

Seiji was rendered speechless.

"Rather than me," he protested, "I think that Hoshi would be the better choice for voicing the male lead. He's the male lead's character model anyway, and his voice is quite suitable for it. He'd definitely be better than me." He attempted to toss this job to Hoshi.

"Amami-san is no good; his voice won't give off the right feeling!" Yukari instantly rejected this choice.

"What feeling is that?" Seiji asked.

"The feeling of a main character! Yes, he's the model for the main character, and his voice is appropriate as well. Although he's not a bad choice for the voicing the male lead, that's only at the level of not bad. When the players hear his voice, they wouldn't think, 'This must be the male lead!'" Yukari said in a serious voice. "That is to say, he's not spirited enough. As a trap, Amami-san is too much like a trap. He's suitable to be a trap character, but not the main character who's supposed to be at the center of the story!

"In comparison, Seigo, your voice gives others that feelingfrom the moment you speak, you give off the feeling of a main character. The players will think, 'The main character should be like this!'

"Although maybe the feeling is a little too cool and not girlish enougha small problem for a trap characteryou can try practicing, and change it with hard work and effort, or simply change your voice with a voice changer!"

Seiji didn't know what to say to Yukari, whose eyes were currently sparkling. What the hell was with 'sounding cool the moment he spoke?'

He didn't feel like his voice was anything special; it wasn't like he was Daisuke Ono.

The important part for voice actors was meant to be their voice, not their spirit!

Although spirit was important, he felt that the voice should still be the foundation. For example, Rie Kugimiya's fame for tsundere voices came from her voice, while having someone like Kana Hanazawa say the same linesfor example, "Urusai" three times in a row would definitely make someone feel strange.

Cough, he was getting off topic.

"In summation, Seigo, come be a voice actor! The male lead's voice actor can't be anyone other than you!" Yukari was speaking passionately and had an equally passionate expression as if she were the main character of some hot-blooded manga.

Seiji felt that he was looking at himself. He was currently feeling conflicted, as he now understood why Chiaki had called Yukari a female version of himself.

"I I'll consider it," he said finally.

Forcefully being requested to write himself into the trap main character's story, and then even being made into the male lead's voice actor he felt as if the world had evil intentions for him.

No, he shouldn't think that way.

Chiaki and Mika and Yukari had all given their ideas based on what they believed to be best. He decided to accept their opinions and carefully consider them without bias.

If him being the male lead's voice actor would ultimately contribute to this game's quality, he was willing to do it. Seiji just lacked the confidence to pull it off.

Well, there was no need to rush for a decision. The scenarios had to be finished first before voicing the lines, so he could delay this until later.

"Let's talk about the second female lead's scenario. Let's start with the character traits." He changed the topic.

"Character traits Seigo, what do you think?"

"As for me, the first traits that come into mind for your character would be 'skilled artist,''excellent student,''beautiful and elegant,''honest and direct,' and 'popular.'"

Yukari's face reddened slightly. 'So those are your impressions of me.'

"I think that those are pretty good," she said. "My plan is to make a clear contrast between the female lead's character traits and make the second female lead into the main character's enemy."


"Yes, since the female lead is the childhood friend, won't the second female lead being an enemy be more interesting?"

"Indeed." Seiji rubbed his chin in contemplation as he praised her.

"As for why they became enemies, it can be something like after the main character entered school, there was a misunderstanding between them," Yukari suggested. "This, in addition to him not understanding etiquette, means that he continually offends her, making her dislike him something like that."

"Yeah we can make her into a Morals and Discipline Committee member and give her the trait of 'views school rules as highly important.'"

"That's nice," Yukari nodded. "At first, the two of them are enemies because of a misunderstanding and have various conflicts, but after multiple experiences of some sort together, they slowly become friends. Afterwards, this girl discovers the main character's secret: that they are actually a boy, but she volunteers of her own volition to keep his secret and protect his identity.

"With that as the catalyst, both of them detect the other's romantic feelings, but neither of them voice their feelings. As time goes on, their feelings for each other deepen. Just as the male lead is unable to take it any longer and decides to confess, the girl leaves the school!

"She actually needed to go overseas to study abroad, in order to improve her art skills and achieve her dream. The male lead chases her to the airport and confesses to her in public! The girl also confesses her own feelings, and the two of them hug each other tightly before kissing"

The purple-haired girl suddenly realized that perhaps she had said a bit too much and abruptly came to her senses.

Seigo looked at her. Shika also looked at her.

Yukari's face instantly flushed red. "Er um pretty much a feeling like that"

She lowered her head in embarrassment.

Seiji felt that she looked quite cute when she was embarrassed, and his lips arced upwards. "What about the ending? Did the girl stay, or did she leave in the end?"

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