Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 347

Akatsuki lifted his hand, creating a small spell formation on his palm.

The exact same spell formation appeared on Yashuu's back. Instantly, a strong light engulfed his body and formed a purple-red glow that enveloped him. The familiar long-horned Hanyuu mask appeared on Yashuu's face!

At the same time, Seiji knew that he couldn't hold back any longer and decisively cast the spell evolved version of his [Body-strengthening Technique]. A golden mist instantly enveloped him. Spirals of runes appeared on his skin, and his hair lit up with a golden glow. The golden Seiji looked much more spirited.

Yashuu's immense magical claw cut through the air as it fell down upon Seiji!

Seiji managed to dodge the claw, and Natsuya began casting a spell. Numerous dark red lights materialized and shot towards Yashuu in an arrow-storm!

Yashuu blocked some of the lights, but many embedded themselves into the ground. They connected with each other and restrained Yashuu's body.

Yashuu let out a fierce shout, using the sound waves to shred Natsuya's red lights.

In response, Seiji cast his evolved [Mana Barrier], causing a watery golden light to appear around him. He used this to forcibly endure the sound wave and rushed through with a punch!

*Boom!* His punch was blocked.

Akatsuki Mitarai strengthened Yashuu's barrier for him. When Seiji punched, his fist was completely blocked by a purple-red light.

Yashuu struck out with his claw again.

*Smack!!* Seiji was knocked away.

Yashuu rushed up to Seiji, intending to perform a follow-up attack.

Natsuya cast a spell which sent a dark red sword of light to chop down on Yashuu, preventing his attack in the nick of time.

Akatsuki snorted and formed a jutsu symbol with his hands, causing countless white threads to shoot towards Seiji.

Natsuya countered by slicing through the white threads with her sword of light.

Right now, the contest between the Yin-Yang Masters' spells and Spirit-branded Retainers' attacks was a wonderful scene that enraptured all the spectators.

"Can anyone tell what spells Shiroya-kun is using?"

"I can't... I can't determine his bonded spirit either. How mysterious..."

"No matter what it is, it seems like he's not as strong as a serious Hanyuu Yashuu."

"That's rightShiroya-kun is being suppressed by Hanyuu Yashuu. Yoruhana-san's support isn't as good as Mitarai-kun's. It's obvious that..."

*Boom!!* Yashuu was kicked into the air.

This sight surprised all the spectators.

Only those who had been watching the battle intensely with full concentration, such as Izawa and Kanna, were able to see what just happened clearly.

Yashuu's magical claw had suddenly collapsed, and Shiroya took this opportunity to counterattack with a kick that destroyed Yashuu's protective barrier! The kick connected directly with Yashuu's body, which was why he had been kicked away.

'What just happened!?' Although he saw it clearly, Izawa still didn't understand what had happened. 'Why did Yashuu-san's magical claw just collapse like that? And his barrier Yashuu-san's barrier should have been greatly strengthened by his master, so why did it break so easily from a normal kick!?'

Since even Izawa was confused when he had seen what had happened clearly, everyone else was even more confused.

All they saw was the situation suddenly turning in Shiroya's favor. Shiroya and Yashuu had swapped rolesnow Shiroya was the one suppressing and chasing after Yashuu! The change in the situation was too sudden for everyone to take in! They didn't understand what happened.

It was actually the corrosion power. Yashuu's magical claw clashed against Seiji's evolved [Mana Barrier] multiple times, so it had corroded.

Seiji's evolved [Body-strengthening Technique] possessed the same corrosion power, and Yashuu's personal barrier was also corroded due to Seiji's attacks.

Yashuu was the first to notice that something was off, and Akatsuki noticed immediately after. Yashuu was unable to prevent his own spells from being corroded. Akatsuki attempted to cast a cleansing spell, but Natsuya kept him occupied.

The corrosion increased at a rapid rate, until Yashuu's magical claw collapsed and his barrier was greatly weakened, causing the situation that just occurred.

"What spell is that?" Akatsuki asked Natsuya with furrowed brows.

"Sorry, but it's a secret," Natsuya responded calmly.


Yashuu was kicked back down to the earth.

He barely managed to adjust his position while falling, avoiding the embarrassing scene of hitting the ground face-first. However, he still landed rather awkwardly.

Akatsuki looked towards Yashuu. Yashuu looked towards Akatsuki as well and understood the latter's intentions through this nonverbal exchange. He then took off the black glove on his left hand.

Like his right hand, the back of his left hand was inscribed with a claw-shaped drawing. A complex spell formation shaped like a claw suddenly arose from his hands.

Suddenly, there was a golden flashSeiji had punched towards Yashuu!

*Smack!!* His fist was blocked by the sudden appearance of a hexagonal spell formation.

This hexagonal spell formation appeared all around Yashuu, covering him in endless amounts of runes.

Akatsuki formed a jutsu symbol with his hands while quickly muttering an incantation.

"Break through it!" Natsuya shouted at Seiji.

Seiji backed away slightly and pointed at the hexagonal spell formation. Mana swiftly gathered at his hand, causing specks of golden light to appear.

Natsuya also began preparing a powerful jutsu technique.

Seiji used his evolved [Mana Bullet]!

Destruction curse[Twirling Swords]!

Seiji shot out a gigantic golden bullet of light, while Natsuya's spell created five dark red magical swords that rotated at a high speed. Their spells attacked the hexagonal spell formation in unison!!

However, they were slightly too late.

Akatsuki extended his palms, having finished casting his spell.

The moment that the golden [Mana Bullet] and the [Twirling Swords] hit the hexagonal spell formation, the spell formation let off a blinding light and exploded like a bomb.


With a golden explosion of light, the magical swords were shattered, and pillars of light shot up towards the heavens. The scene resembled a nuclear explosion.

A white shadow dashed through the blinding light and swung a pale white claw towards Seiji!

Seiji did his best to dodge, but was still hit by the claw.

He saw that Yashuu's demon-face mask had transformed into a purplish-black color and that he was covered by a thick white light, which made it seem like he was wearing a white robe. Yashuu's hands transformed into something resembling real demon clawsthey were long, pale white things that glistened sharply.

*Slash slash slash slash slash slash!* Yashuu's speed was incredibly quick!

Seiji was unable to dodge, so he could only do his best to block. Since his opponent's speed was too fast, he received many blows in just a short time frame.

Natsuya cast a spell to attack Yashuu, but it didn't work. Quickly cast normal spells were completely ineffective against Yashuu in this form.

"So powerful! Hanyuu Yashuu actually promoted himself to a higher rank! What spell is that?"

"Seems like a short-term power-increasing berserker spell, although I don't know the specifics."

"Just how did he increase his power by so much?"

"This must be due to Mitarai-kun's assistance; it was him who brought out Hanyuu Yashuu's true power. It's over now."

"Don't come to a hasty conclusion; Yoruhana-sanand Shiroya-kun just used a mysterious technique to win their previous duel. Perhaps they still have some hidden trump cards."

"If they do, then they should use them right now. Judging by Yoruhana-san's appearance, it doesn't seem like she has any hidden trump cards."

That was indeed the case.

Yashuu had greatly increased his strength, and his spirit's level was now above Seiji's spirit's level... Natsuya couldn't think of any method to deal with this.

Akatsuki Mitarai was the victor.

Most people at the card table had this opinion.

Kanna Fujihara also had this opinion. However, Ryuuno Izawa had a different opinion.

The mysterious Shiroya had a mysterious bonded spirit and mysterious power... he didn't think that such a person would lose so easily.

He had no proof for his belief. It was based only on his instinct.

Seiji's [Mana Barrier] collapsed under Yashuu's furious barrage of attacks.

The pale white demon claw swiped unhesitatingly towards his throat! He heard Natsuya shouting something that he couldn't hear clearly.

That was because time suddenly slowed down for him.

He had activated [Bullet Time]!

'Naruo Yashuu, you're truly quick. But right now, I'm going to be even quicker than you!!'

Seiji clenched his fist.

[Light from the Brink], activate!

For the next three minutes, he would have limitless stamina and Mana.

[Lightning Strike]!

He unleashed a furious barrage of punches on his opponent's demon-face mask!! His fists transformed into rays of light.

"Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora!"

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