Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 351

A lap pillow!

Any otaku with a girlfriend would dream of experiencing this good fortune.

Seiji, not expecting the student council president to take the initiative to offer her lap, was unable to react for a long while.

Natsuya gently adjusted his head so that he was laying down flat in a comfortable position, looking up at her.

She smiled. "Now I'm able to see you quite clearly."

Seiji was lost for words as he looked up at her. His heart threatened to burst out of his chest.

As they stared at each other, Seiji almost lost himself in the pools of her eyes; he couldn't help but avert his gaze.

Suddenly, everything turned dark. Natsuya had covered his eyes with her flawless hand. "You're tired. Close your eyes and rest a while."

"Okay..." Seiji obediently closed his eyes.

To be able to rest in the beautiful scion's lap in such an elegant pagoda surrounded by the extravagant garden...

'This really is living the life,' he mused.

He was so lucky. He was... ridiculously lucky!

A crimson flush crept up the scion's cheeks, and her eyes moistened as she observed the handsome boy who had closed his eyes.

'Muah! Ahhh! What did I just do!!!?' The little voice inside her head suddenly grew in importance and volume. She was unable to think about anything else. 'Saying things like "I want to see your face" and "I can't get enough" is just too daring!

'Why couldn't I stop myself from saying it, even though I knew I would be embarrassed!?

'Why did my body act on its own and say these things without minding the embarrassment at all!? I even took action! Have I been possessed by something strange? Have I been struck by some weird, ancient curse!?'

This was just like the previous instance. Even though she had only wanted to ask him to call her by her first name, it somehow turned into her inviting him to spend the Winter Snow Festival together!

'That's enough! Why are things like this? Why did something like this happen again!?'

'Because this is what you truly want,' a tiny voice in her heart whispered.

'No no, that can't be it! I'm not... okay, maybe a little, but I didn't want to do such a thing! 'What I want is to take it normally. I planned on doing things step by step... inviting him to the Winter Snow Festival or letting him rest on my lap is too quick for me!'

'Is it really so quick?' the tiny voice questioned. 'If it's someone you love, you should grab any opportunity you can. This current rate of development isn't actually that quick, is it?'

'No, it's too quick!' Natsuya tried to remain firm.

You're not the only one that likes him. Even if you think you're moving too quick, you might actually be behind some other girls, you know.'

'Wah...' Natsuya received an impact from this.

'You know that he attracts girls like a light attracting moths. Is it truly best to act slowly? What if he's stolen away from you by some other girl first?'

Natsuya didn't know what to say to her own inner voice at this.

'If, one day, he says "I have a girlfriend now," what will you think? Do you think you can remain calm? Will you smile and give him your blessings?'

'Perhaps I can.'

'Perhaps you can control your emotions on the surface due to your many years of practice and act as a friend should, but what about afterwards? Would you give up on him? Or... would you use certain methods to make them split up?'

'I wouldn't do that!' Natsuya wanted to say that, but... she was unable to say it, even in her head.

'You would do something like that. As long as it's possible, you'll definitely take action to obtain what you desire. Because, in the end, you're Natsuya Yoruhana.'

This voice chortled loudly. Natsuya knew that this was her own, real voice. She was currently talking to her inner heart.

'Do you think that you're some type of holy existence? When did you get such a mistaken impression of yourself? You were never such a pure and kind girl to begin with; you're the daughter of the Yoruhana family, someone whose hands are stained with blood and darkness!'

The voice cackled and continued, 'From the very start, you helped him transfer to your high school because of his potential use. You treated him sincerely only to win his trust. His astonishing rate of growth gave you a pleasant surprise, and you hoped that he would quickly become stronger so that he would be able to help you in the future...

'From the very starteven up to nowyou've never looked at him with pure intentions and have always been considering your personal benefits as well, haven't you?'

Natsuya fell silent at this.

Indeed, asking him to come to this type of party with her, and making him into her shield to block Akatsuki Mitarai wasn't this the same as taking advantage of him?

'Actually, you didn't have to participate, as long as you paid a sufficient price. Or you could have come to this party by yourself, as long as you were determined enough to tolerate Akatsuki. However, you chose to 'ask him for help,' making him risk danger in order to battle on your behalf.

'You are such a girl, Natsuya... so stop pretending to be pure, and be true to yourself.

'Act swiftly to obtain him. Either use a normal and direct method, or use some little tricks and plans, but either way, hurry up and grab on to him and claim him for yourself. Otherwise, the longer it takes, the more difficult it will be to obtain him.

'If you want to observe him for a little longer, that's fine too, but you should still act like you did now by offering him your lapyou must make him focus on you At any rate, don't be too slow about things. Be clear about what you want, then take action.'

Natsuya didn't know what to think anymore.

After conversing self-contemplating, even with her inner heart, Natsuya now felt conflicted.

She reached out with her hand to stroke the resting Seiji's face, but her hand froze in midair, and she was unable to move it.

Seiji, having noticed something, opened his eyes. He saw that the president was looking at him with a melancholy look in her eyes.

"What's the matter?"

" Nothing ..." Natsuya averted her gaze.

Seiji looked a long while at her face. "Are you troubled about something? Is it because of Akatsuki Mitarai? Did he say something to you back there?"

Natsuya's heart was warmed by his concern, but she also felt somewhat conflicted. "He did say some things to me, but it wasn't much. No need to worry."

'It doesn't seem like it's nothing much,' Seiji mused.

"If there's anything that you think I can help with, please don't hesitate to ask me," he told her sincerely.

Natsuya looked towards him again and slowly revealed a complicated smile. "Thank you... but it's not a good thing when someone like me treats others so gently."


"I'm a selfish girl who cares immensely about her own personal benefits. Whenever I see someone, I'll automatically assess their value," she said in a light voice. "Anyone that's worthless will be ignored or pushed away by me. If they're useful, then I'll find a way to make use of them.

"If I have to pay money to make use of someone, I will. If I have to pay with emotions to make use of someone, then I'll pay with my emotions...

"It's not an equivalent exchange. I always pay something of lower value in order to obtain something of greater value to me. Such as you, Seiji.

"In the Amami-san incident, I merely helped you without any risk to myself. And this time, I had you become my shield and put you at risk unnecessarily.

"I took advantage of you, not only this time, but last time as well. You're an idiot who's too easy to take advantage of. You're so nice that I can't even bear to watch it anymore, which is why I'm telling you the truth.

"Natsuya Yoruhana is an incredibly terrible person who takes advantage of others in order to maintain her own status and survival."

Natsuya's gaze turned somewhat melancholy and distant. "This is my true nature. See it clearly for yourself, Seiji. When dealing with someone like me, you should be more vigilant. It's better for you to not be so gentle."

Seiji's eyes widened. Inwardly, Natsuya felt nervous upon seeing his expression. She felt a pain from deep within her heart.

'I shouldn't have said all this, but... that's just the type of person I actually am. I'm pretending to be a good girl, but I'm actually quite selfish inside. I only think about myself. Seiji, despite my selfish nature, you'

"Are you an idiot?" Seiji asked sharply, cutting off her train of thought. "Why are you saying something so idiotic and foolish? Natsuya, if this is a joke, it's simply so foolish that I can't even laugh at it."

Natsuya was rendered speechless.

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