Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 352

Natsuya was shocked Seiji's reaction. The scion stared at him, wide-eyed, for a long while.

Seiji sat up. "I don't know what you were thinking just now," he said, "but your words were so foolish that they astounded me."

'I'm the one who's astounded!' Natsuya thought, returning to her senses. 'Why are you saying that I'm being foolish? I... I...' The president felt inexplicably aggrieved.

Seiji looked at her with a gentle expression. "You say that you're a terrible person, but would a truly terrible person be so truthful?"

Natsuya didn't know how to respond to this.

"People with truly evil personalities don't believe they are evil. They will live life, thinking that their actions are naturalor they'll believe that everyone else is wrong, and only they are correct. Barring that, they'll think that everyone else is ordinary, and view one particular person as a special genius... something like that.

"I believe that anyone who's still able to think of themselves as a terrible person still has a normal person's conscience. They're able to recognize the concept of 'evil,' which means that they're still human.

"As for those who are truly able to call themselves terrible if they do not mean it as a joke or take pride in it, then it means that such a person is capable of reflecting on their actions. Anyone who's capable of self-reflection isn't a truly evil person."

Seiji looked searchingly at the scion. "At any rate, your words are the best proof of your true nature: contrary to what you claim, you're not an incredibly terrible person."

Natsuya didn't understand him very well. 'This... sounds like sophistry? But it also sounds somewhat logical?'

She fell into an inner conflict that she couldn't comprehend.

Seiji smiled when he saw her confused expression. He reflexively reached out with his hand and patted her on the head.

Natsuya shivered when she felt the warm, comforting sensation from his hand.

"Wah..." Threads of crimson crept into the president's cheeks.

"You felt guilty, right, about having me duel on your behalf? I didn't feel like I was being taken advantage of... or I should say that even if you were taking advantage of me, I chose to allow you to do so of my own volition.

"From the very start, you told me about the risks involved, and I accepted with full knowledge of these. Although I was somewhat surprised at how you accepted Mitarai's bet, that wasn't anything unacceptable based on what you told me.

"That's why you don't need to feel guilty, Natsuya. I'm not complaining, so you shouldn't blame yourself, either."

"That's not it..." Natsuya protested weakly.

She wanted to disagree with his words, but an indescribable feeling welled up within her heart, leaving her unable to say what she wanted. She was completely unable to come up with a suitable response.

Her eyesight became rather hazy. She rubbed her eyes with her hand and felt them come back wet.

"I never expected the president to say something so silly... it was foolish of you." Seiji smiled and continued in a teasing voice, "Now I somewhat understand why Houjou-san is so willing to be your maid, Natsuya. It's because you have the tendency to lose track of your thoughts. You need someone to look after you."

"No... no way!" Denial was the president's instinctive response.

This sounded like a classical tsundere line to Seiji, and his grin grew even wider.

Natsuya felt her chest tighten when she saw Seiji's smile and flushed even deeper. She felt as if her insides were playing host to a raging bonfire. It grew without being repressed, accumulated without giving vent.

'So annoying! I mustered up every iota of courage to tell you the truth, but you said I was being foolish! You're the one who's an idiot! Even though I was so direct with you, why... why are you still so gentle!? Are you only going to wake up if someone takes advantage and uses you until you die!? You absolute idiot!!'

She wanted to say all that out loud.

But in the end, she heard herself saying, "Idiot..."

Seiji looked surprised. "Hm?"

"You're a big idiot!" Natsuya's face was almost dripping blood. It was a classic anime scene: a girl pretending to be furious.

Seiji was rendered speechless; he struggled to withstand the ten-ton cannon shell she had fired at him.

'This is the enemy's main cannon!' he yelled in his head. 'You have to endure the enemy fire, Sergeant Haruta!!'

With unbelievable effort, Seiji spoke as calmly as he possibly could, despite the fact that his heart threatened to burst out of his chest.

"I... perhaps I am indeed an idiot. But even if I'm an idiot, I still have some confidence in my own judgement. Natsuya, you are a beautiful, gentle, and resolute girl, not some girl who's secretly terrible inside.

"Even if you have your shortcomings, and even if I didn't know about them, it'd still the same. You've helped me out a lot and you're my good friend; that's why I want to help you. As long as I can be of assistance, I shall do the best that I can.

"Even if you think you're taking advantage of me, that's fine with me. I'm delighted to have been of use." Seiji's lips parted in a wide, sincere smile. "For an idiotic male like me, being useful to a beautiful girl could be considered praiseworthy."

Natsuya's eyes widened at this. It felt as if something had pierced through her chest. At that moment, the chains inside her shattered, releasing her pent-up feelings.

A mysterious force compelled her to reach out and hug Seiji!

'Ahh, it's so warm, so hot.'

She didn't know if it was her own body heating up or if she was feeling the heat from his body. At any rate, she felt a penetrating warmth, as if she were being baked in a fire.

Her body felt like it was melting. 'Let's just melt, then. I just want to hug him and melt together with him...'

"Er... Natsuya?"

The beautiful scion had suddenly jumped up and hugged him. Her arms showed no signs of relenting, and her embrace was growing tighter and tighter.

Seiji was beginning to panic. 'It's so warm, so soft, so fragrant...'

He couldn't help but think back to after the duel with Okubo Yoshiaki, to the time when they had intimate contact as he carried her to his hospital bed.

That beautiful memory overlapped with what was happening right now. He could clearly feel the sensation of hugging her warm and soft body.

His hands started moving on their own.

'Stop! This is no good!!' He knew that if he hugged her back, he would most likely lose control of himself...

His hands stopped moving and his body froze. Seiji didn't know what to do. He had no idea what he could do.

"Seiji..." Natsuya whispered softly, her breath tickling his ear.

Seiji felt her soft, warm breath in his ear. A strangely numb sensation coursed through his entire body, reaching the very ends of his fingers and toes!

His muscles felt like taut cords. Her whisper had broken through the final line of defense for his reason and logic!

'I love you,' Natsuya said, but not out loud. She merely mouthed it with her lips.

She felt tempted to throw the consequences out of her mind, directly confess to him just like this, and then...

But that was impossible. Even if he accepted her confession, she still had her own problems, which was why... she couldn't! She didn't want to be rash.

Natsuya didn't want to take things slow anymore, but nor could she allow herself to be so rash and become his official girlfriend.

Besides, there was still the possibility of him rejecting her.

He just said earlier that she was his 'good friend,' which implied that he still hadn't developed romantic feelings for her.

At any rate, it wasn't time yet.

Natsuya hugged him tightly and enjoyed the beautiful moment.

She didn't want to let go, and she hated herself for knowing that she would have to let go in the end, but... that was just her nature.

"...Can we quietly remain like this for a moment, please?" Natsuya asked, her voice barely audible.


Seiji did his utmost to maintain his composure.

He felt that if she said something like "I like you" out loud, he would be unable to control himself anymore.

The beautiful scion with sleek black hair and large breasts simply had that much attack power!

Being hugged by her like this had already pushed him to the limit of his endurance. Seiji decided to keep his mind empty and simply enjoy the moment in silence.


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Let's Go to the Doujinshi Convention Together!

Butterflies danced among the flowers, birds sang in the forest, and snow fell on the weather barrier, transforming into a faint white mist.

Time passed just like that in the beautiful and quiet garden. After a long while, Natsuya slowly let go of Seiji.

Their gazes locked for a moment, then their eyes darted away like startled fishes. Both of them had red faces, and neither said anything for the moment.

It seemed like a scene right out of a teenage idols' drama.

Seiji didn't feel sweet and sour. Instead, he felt his heart beating rapidly and an itchy feeling in his chest.

"My apologies... it was just an impulse."

"It... it's alright. I was just really surprised." Seiji scratched his face awkwardly.

"Hearing what you said, I don't know what came over me... I think it was delight, and I couldn't control myself..." Natsuya paused for a moment. "At any rate, thank you."

"There's nothing to thank me for. I just said what I wanted to say," Seiji responded.

A moment of silence fell between them.

"At that time, what did Akatsuki Mitarai say to you? Are things truly alright?" Seiji asked again.

"What he said to me it was something like 'You won this time, but remember, I'll win next time,'" Natsuya replied.

"Not a promise to never approach you again?" Seiji furrowed his eyebrows.

Natsuya was silent in response to this.

'He probably intends to break his promise, even if he's punished for it.' Seiji understood.

"I said so earlier, as long as I can be of assistance, then"

His mouth was suddenly covered.

The president put her finger on his lips and smiled gently.

"No need to repeat yourself." She retracted her finger. "I've clearly received your heartfelt feelings I'm so grateful to you, Seiji."

Seiji blinked at this and smiled as well.

"No need to be polite, Natsuya."

Akatsuki Mitarai left the party together with his Spirit-branded Retainer Naruo Yashuu.

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