Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 357

The drawing was simply too wonderful.

Shika Kagura truly loved this drawing.

Seeing this picture caused her to recall the discussion she had with her brother about how to write Brother Monogatari together. This gave her a warm feeling inside.

She would definitely work hard in the future as well, and continue creating an even better story together with her brother.

"This drawing did Seiji draw it?" someone said from beside her.

Chiaki had seen this drawing from the side, causing her eyes to light up.

"Seiji, did you draw this?" she asked Seiji directly.

Seiji nodded in confirmation.

"Amazing! Your art talent was actually at such a high level," Chiaki praised. "These are the main characters of Brother Monogatari , aren't they? Nice!"

Her words attracted everyone's attention.

Mika came over to have a look and was similarly astonished.

"Amazing art Seiji was actually this good at drawing."

Mika also praised his art after taking a look.

Reo also took a look and said, "So beautiful."

Seiji felt awkward about being praised by so many people.

"How did you draw it? When did you even learn how to draw?" Chiaki asked him out of curiosity.

"I've been practicing for a while now" he answered in an unclear fashion.

Chiaki was honestly astonished to learn that Seiji had learned by himself to such an extent in just a short time.

He was amazing at writing stories and art as well, which could only be described as a genius's level. Thinking about how he was nothing more than a scumbag NEET in the past, it seemed inconceivable to Chiaki.

'Could it be that he awakened some special ability?

'After he changed himself, the enormous potential within his body was finally activated, or his special bloodline began to take effect just like the main character in a fantasy anime who came to a sudden realization which helped him to massively increase his power!'

That's right, a main character.

Someone from an illustrious family who was exiled for being a scumbag, that came to a self-realization and changed himself, becoming handsome and strong, and utilizing his own excellent talent what else could he be other than a main character!?

When Chiaki thought of all this, she even impulsively felt like shouting: "I've seen through you for what you really are!"

If he was already at such an extent after learning art for just a little while, just what level could he reach if he learned art for even longer?

She suddenly had an idea when she thought of her own artist father.

'No, that's too difficult. But if it's really possible'

Chiaki couldn't help but think about it some more as she observed the boy before her, causing her mouth to arc upwards.

"Seiji, I think that your art is already at the level where it can be the insert art for your own novel," Mika said. "Why don't you ask Editor Yoshizawa if she can help you with this?"

"Not a bad suggestion but I didn't have any intentions of becoming a professional artist." Seiji rubbed his chin in contemplation as he looked towards his adopted younger sister. "Shika-chan, what do you think?"

"I think that Brother's drawing can definitely be the insert art for our novel," Shika said. "If Brother draws for Brother Monogatari , it'll definitely be the best drawing! Better than any other artist." Her tone was resolute and her eyes were sparkling.

"So, you wish for me to become the insert art artist for our novel?"

"Yes but it's fine if Brother doesn't want to draw for it."

"While I don't intend to go professional, if you want for me to draw for 'Brother Monogatari,' that's another matter entirely." Seiji began to smile. "I'll contact Editor Yoshizawa tomorrow and discuss this with her."

"Thank you, Brother Seiji." Shika smiled as well.

Apart from the drawing, there was also a beautiful photo album included in the gift wrapping.

When Shika saw the photo album, she understood what Seiji meant by it, and was even more moved.

"When I see a photo album, I automatically want to take pictures. Let's start taking some pictures right away," Chiaki said as she brought out her cell phone.

"Seiji, let's start with you and Kagura-san! Pick a place and make a pose."

Seiji looked towards Shika. "Let's just take our picture in the living room."


The two of them stood together in the living room as Chiaki took a photo of them with her cell phone camera and inspected the photo.

"This is no good; it's too ordinary. It's basically a waste of your looks." She looked towards the two of them before looking at the living room.

"Sit down by the kotatsu , and make a pose as I command!"

Seiji and Shika looked at each other wryly, but went along with it.

Chiaki, who seemed like a professional photographer, gave them detailed instructions on how to pose as she took numerous photos.

"Seiji, move your head a little to the right. Kagura-san, lower your hand slightly.

"Don't be so close to each other, split up slightly. Give an impression that you're so close yet so far away.

"Good excellent, just like that!"

Chiaki was highly satisfied and was clearly enjoying this.

'They have such excellent appearances! So as long as they pose a little seriously, they will look wonderful. If only I was using a professional camera instead of my cell phone... If the lighting was better, my pictures would definitely be magazine-worthy!'

She suddenly had an ideawhat if Seiji's novel didn't need insert art, and instead Shika and him only needed to cosplay the male and female leads. Just taking a few photos of them would be sufficient.

Although she knew that her idea wouldn't be accepted, Chiaki truly believed that it would work. After all, Seiji and Shika's physical appearances were at a cheat-like level.

"Alright then, that's enough for now. Now then, Kagura-san, please stand down. Mika, it's your turn."

The pigtailed girl approached the boy with some embarrassment.

"Seiji, hug Mika tightly, and make an expression as if you're about to kiss her passionately! It's fine if you really kiss her as well."

Seiji was rendered speechless for a moment.

"What are you saying!? The landlord's also watching us"

"I don't mind," Nozomi said with a big smile and an expression that said she was happy to watch.

Mika's face began to redden.

"Is there going to be a kiss? I wanna watch." Reo blinked her eyes cutely.

"Chiaki!" Seiji protested. 'Look at what you're teaching the children!' he said with his eyes.

"Just joking~ It's fine if you just look at each other with deep expressions~" Chiaki chuckled.

'Deep expression? You'

Seiji looked towards Mika.

Mika also looked at his face, with something shining in her eyes. She revealed a slightly seductive expression.

Seiji's gaze froze slightly on her when he saw her expression.

There was the click of Chiaki's cell phone camera taking a photo.

"Nice! This is an excellent photo!!" Chiaki gave a huge thumbs-up after inspecting the photo she had taken. "Both of you had excellent expressions, and this photo will leave quite a deep impression."

"Let me see Oh my, it's true." Nozomi went over and took a look. She chuckled lightly after seeing the photo.

Seiji felt awkward about it.

Mika also appeared more embarrassed.

"Maintain this feeling! The next pose is" Chiaki continued giving instructions.

The next poses were basically similar to the previous ones, but now that the boy and girl involved were embarrassed, the entire atmosphere changed.

There was the feeling of something more than friendship, yet less than romance. It also felt like the feeling of love in one's heart, but difficult to confess. At any rate, it was the sweet-and-sour atmosphere of youth.

Chiaki's eyes were sparkling as she watched this, and Nozomi also watched the proceedings with interest. Reo didn't quite understand, and Shika was expressionless.

'I'm so embarrassed!'

Seiji felt as if this was basically all an embarrassing act. Even though he obviously only had to calm down and everything would be fine, he was unable to control his emotions.

Mika was similarly unable to control herself. Her emotions, heartbeat, or innermost feelings were all spiraling out of control.

The red on her face just wouldn't recede, nor did the seductive look in her eyes fade. She was acting just like a girl in love no, she was a girl in love.

The photos recorded this scene, turning them into clear memories for forever.

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