Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 36

"Hes really a boy?" Chiaki had hollow eyes as she stared at Hoshi: "I feel like Ive lost"

Dont admit defeat so readily, Prince Wakaba!

"I think hes more feminine than most girls" Mika muttered to herself.

Dont let your worldview become warped, Mika!

Hoshi Amamis appearance was quite a blow to both girls.

That was evidence of just how striking Hoshis appearance was as a trap.

Okay, calm down. Seiji forced himself to cool off.

He didnt want to meet this person at school since he didnt want to attract strange gazes from everyone, but evidently that wouldnt be possible anymore, so he could only accept it.

Or should he harden his heart and chase him away?

No. That wasnt an option because Seiji wasnt a bastard who would harm his friends feelings just because of strangers opinions.

Yes, even though he was rather annoying, Hoshi Amami was still his friend, not to mention an otaku friend that was so difficult to come by.

"You could have just called or texted me if you wanted to talk," Seiji said as he opened his own lunchbox.

"Although that works as well, I wanted to see Senpai in person I kept imagining what it would be like to eat together with Senpai at school." Hoshi took out his lunchbox as well.

"Why does it feel like Im still at the confectionery store?" Seiji sighed, "Also, I said it before as well, right? You need to be more aware of your own actions and appearance. Stop saying things that are easy for others to misunderstand, otherwise youll become food for otakus like ourselves. For instance, in the store, being stared at by everyone makes you uncomfortable as well, right?"

"Mm even though its a slightly odd feeling, but if its Senpai" Hoshi looked at Seiji, "I think I can accept it... I wouldnt mind."

"Please, dont just accept it! Pay more attention to yourself, bastard!!" Seiji commented forcefully again.

"Okay~" Hoshi giggled. It was evident that he was enjoying this conversation.

Harano-senpai hes so amazing, he always speaks his mind, and says what he believes is right Even though he obviously dislikes being stared at by girls fantasizing about BL, he cares more about his friendship with me! Hes such an awesome friend and senpai!

If Seiji had the ability to see Hoshis favorability rating towards him, he would have discovered that this conversation was causing Hoshis feelings towards him to skyrocket and he definitely would have seriously considered chasing this guy away.

But unfortunately for him, Hoshi Amami was a "cute boy", not a "beautiful girl," so the system didnt give him any notifications!

Chiaki and Mika were affected by Seijis calm acceptance of the situation and returned to their senses as well.

However, the sight of Seiji chatting away with an impossibly beautiful boy was exceedingly difficult for them to swallow...

"Chiaki could it be that Seigo likes that type?" Mikas imagination was running wild, and her face turned ashen white.

"No take a closer lookthey dont have that type of relationship. But I gotta say that this sight is... rather ambiguous and easy to misunderstand. Its probably a delicious banquet for some girls as well." Chiaki sighed deeply.

"If you want to change the impression you leave on others, you can ask your Wakaba-senpai hereshes the ace of the drama club"

Seijis clever sentence brought Chiaki into their conversation, and he subsequently manoevered Mika into joining their discussion.

With Seiji leading the conversation, Hoshi began familiarizing himself with Chiaki and Mika.

However, the short-lived calmness was soon to be disturbed.

"We found him, Rion."

"We got him, Kotomi."

Footsteps approached together accompanied by the melodious voices of two unfamiliar people.

The four of them glanced at the approaching figures and widened their eyes in surprise upon doing so.

"Rion and Kotomi!?" Hoshi Amami was shocked, and his face paled visibly in fright: "Why why are you two here!?"

"Kotomi, our little bros expression is so amusing!"

"Yep, Rion, he looks just like a puppy that was caught stealing food!"

The identical twin sisters giggled in unison. The only difference between the two seductresses was the way in which they wore their side ponytails. Every other feature was completely identical; they both had thin eyebrows, cyan-colored eyes, and soft red lips. They were both tall and slender with bodacious chests. Either one of them by herself would be a top-class beauty, and if they appeared together, they would inevitably attract everyones attention with their devilish figures and stunning looks!

"Twins? Theyre both so pretty" Mikas eyes became unfocused once more.

"Could they be the twin witches? The legendary second-years" Chiaki muttered to herself.

Hey hey, didnt that sound like an immature teenagers nickname? Seiji tilted his head in curiousity.

They were indeed twin beauties, just as Hoshi had told him.

Nevertheless their smiles were somewhat disconcerting, as per Hoshis words.

"Twin witches?" He glanced questioningly at Chiaki.

"Theyre the legendary twin sisters from high school second-year. Its said that theyre endowed with both beauty and intelligence, and theyve toyed with the feelings of countless boys Its just a rumor, though; I dont know for certain," Chiaki whispered to him.

"Have you met them before?"

"No, Ive only heard about them."

"What do you think after meeting them?"

"I think I understand why they have such an infamous nickname and the various rumors surrounding them."

Those twins were quite pretty, but there was definitely something unsettling about the duo.

Chiaki and Seiji silently agreed on this point.

Only the relatively innocent Mika remained oblivious.

"Why are you guys here!?" Hoshi questioned his sisters warily.

"Our amusing brother asks such amusing questions as well," Rion started.

"This is the high school section, and were second-year high schoolers," Kotomi continued.

"We can go wherever we like in the high school section." Rion stated.

"But as for our cute brother" Kotomi began.

"Why would you be here?" They finished together.

The two of them finished each others sentences, and the last sentence was completely synchronized. Their voices overlapped perfectly with each other; even the small action of putting their index fingers over their lips was exactly the same.

There was an unusual beauty about their synchronistic actions.

"Oh" Hoshi Amami furrowed his eyebrows and was about to retreat out of habit, but he thought about how the person that had been encouraging him was standing beside him, and a burst of courage welled up inside him.

"Im just here to find a friend!" He stood up straight and exclaimed, "Sisters, if you would like to talk to me, my apologiesIm busy right now If youre just taking a walk, then feel free to continue!"

His tone of voice sounded normal and was filled with spirit; there was not a trace of fear to be found.

However, for the twins, this was a truly unusual occurrence.

Their little puppy with such a weak, cowardly, and soft personalitythe puppy that had always been under their controldared to have such an attitude towards them!

Strangeit was too out of the norm.

Interestingthis was truly fascinating.

Even though Rion and Kotomi Amami felt like their little puppy was barking at them, they were still enjoying the experience.

That was because they had met someone worthy of their interest: the student who had caused this unusual phenomenon.

"Chiaki Wakaba, the first-year ace of the drama club."

"Mika Uehara, the first-year ace of the tennis club, although you recently quit."

They walked past their puppy, looking at the people behind him as they giggled and called out the names of two of those behind him.

"Were not here for you."

"Were here for the legendary transfer student; the destroyer of clubs who single-handedly trashed the entire tennis and basketball clubs, Seigo Harano."

They synchronized their words perfectly once more as they spoke in an amused tone.

Seiji frowned slightly.

Their voices were quite pleasing to the ears, but for some reason that he couldnt quite discern, he felt a sense of enmity towards these twins!

It definitely wasnt because the content of their words sounded so immature.

It was something about their essence There was something dark hiding within these twin sistersthat was the source which invoked his hostility.

"Youre here to find me? Even though I dont know why, could you please not refer to me using such a stupid method?"

He stepped out in front of Hoshi.

"Ive heard Amami telling me about you two before His beautiful sisters that have mental issues. What business do you two witches have with me?"

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