Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 367

'If I refuse, I'll definitely be invited again some other time.' Seiji had this feeling.

If he accepted the Fuuma family's gratitude, he figured that this incident would finally be over with.

Airi was delighted to hear his agreement.

She told him a time and Seiji took note of it, telling her that he would be there on time.

Now that Airi had told him what she called him for, she didn't want to end the call just like that, but she didn't know what else to say.

In the end, they exchanged goodbyes and ended the phone call just like that.

The blue-haired little girl stared dazedly at her cell phone for quite a while before collapsing on her bed and moaning in regret.

She wanted to chat more with him, just like before, about anime or something else. She wanted to know more about him, like what he typically did, what he liked to eat, what type of clothing he liked to wear, and if he had a girlfriend or not

Even though she wanted to say so much, she was unable to say anything at all. She was really regretting having missed her opportunity.

Airi started rolling around on her bed in frustration.

Tomorrow when he came over, she told herself that she couldn't be like this anymore. She definitely had to do a good job talking to him and get closer to him!

After Seiji finished the call with Airi Fuuma, his chatting application notified him that he had a message.

The message was from Hisashi Juumonji.

Seiji opened up his conversation window as he hung up the call.

"The day after tomorrow is the holy battle, my lord. Why aren't we summoning the knights for a strategizing conference?"

"I've already made arrangements to go together with Phantom and Blue Sky."

"Why didn't you summon this humble one as well!?"

"I didn't think to do so I felt that you would prefer to go by yourself."

"While I am indeed used to fighting by myself, I wish to team up with companions for battle as well! My lord, please allow me to go together with you!" Hisashi sent a shining emoticon of hopefulness.

"Let me ask them" Seiji rubbed his chin.

He decided to summon everyone and let them know.

And so, he summoned his knights.

Yukari, Hoshi, Rion and Kotomi, Mika, Chiaki, and Kaede arrived at the round table in that order whoops, the chat group they were in.

"Everyone, this time, I would like to talk about the holy battle, which is the code name for the doujinshi convention." Seiji greeted everyone with this. "Is there anyone here that doesn't know what a doujinshi convention is?"

Nobody asked this question.

"It seems that everyone knows already, so I won't spend time explaining then. The doujinshi convention starts on the day after tomorrow, and I've already arranged to go together with Phantom Knight, Blue Sky Knight, and one other person. Sweet Pig Knight just indicated to me that he would like to go together with us. Phantom Knight and Blue Sky Knight, do you two agree to have Sweet Pig Knight come along with us?"

"I think that four people is an appropriate number, and more will be inconvenient. It'll be better if Sweet Pig Knight goes with someone else," Chiaki typed.

"What about what you truly think?" Yukari suddenly asked.

"Although I'm slightly curious about Sweet Pig Knight's true identity, this guy might get in the way of me being intimate with our king, so it's better to eliminate him now." Chiaki sent an evilly chuckling emoticon.

"Wah!" Hisashi sent an emoticon of him having taken an arrow to the knee.

"I feel so as well." Mika added on her support of Chiaki's words.

"Guagh!" Hisashi sent an emoticon of him being stabbed all over.

"The other two knights have rejected this I'm sorry, I can only reject your request now, Sweet Pig Knight." Seiji said this to Hisashi.

"Wah It's fine, my lord. I shall do my best to go by myself No, I still have a companion!" Hisashi struggled to reach out with his hand. "My dear sister! Come together with me"

"I would like to go together with our king as well; would that be alright?" Kaede asked.

"Agh!" Hisashi was trampled flat by this.

"I think that it would be better to go together with your older brother." Seiji was unable to watch things anymoreand took some pity on Hisashi.

"I feel like it won't be any fun at all to go together with my idiot older brother But since our king has said so, I might as well go together with him." Kaede sent a slightly smiling emoticon.

"Ohhh My dear sister!" Hisashi sent an emoticon of having received salvation.

"I would like to go together with our king as well, please give me permission!" Yukari sent an emoticon of raising her hand.

"Me too!" Hoshi also sent the raising hand emoticon.

"Same as above!" Rion and Kotomi sent the same emoticon as well.

Seiji was rendered speechless.

"I think that Knight of Light and Silver Knight should go with each other, and as for Knight of Ice and Fire Phantom and Blue Sky, what do you two think?"

"It's up to our king!" Chiaki sent a respectful emoticon.

"It's up to our king." Mika didn't send any emoticons.

Seiji sent Yukari a private message, saying that there were some other female classmates from his Year 1 Class 5 with him, asking if she would mind.

"I'll do my best at disguising myself, so it's fine. No problem at all!" Yukari sent a thumbs-up emoticon.

"If you think it's fine, then sure," Seiji responded. Then, he told everyone in the group that he accepted Knight of Ice and Fire's request to go along with them.

"Thank you, Milord!" Yukari sent a bowing emoticon.

"How nice, I want to go together with our king as well, but it's fine to go along with Silver Knight as well," Knight of Light Hoshi said.

"Yeah Knight of Light, let us have fun together," Silver Knights Rion and Kotomi said.

So, the groups were decided.

Seiji sent Yukari a private message telling her the time and place to meet up, then recalled how there was still one more person sort of going along with him.

'Should I explain it to her?' Seiji thought about it.

He sent a message to his sister Hana, and received a response soon after.

"What is it, my familiar?"

"Master, I would like to introduce you to my companions that are participating in the holy battle together with me."



"It'll be easy for me to be defeated if my real name is revealed!"

"It's not like you're a heroic spirit then no name, just your identity."

"No to that as well! I want to completely hide myself in the darkness."

"Then how should I explain things to them?"

"You only need to tell them that you're streaming."

"I've never told them about the streaming before"

"That's your problem."

Hana didn't want to be introduced to Seiji's "companions." Even she didn't know why this was, nor did she know how to describe it, but she simply didn't want to.

Seiji felt rather helpless about it, and could only think about how he could explain the streaming to Yukari, Chiaki, Mika, and Kaho without mentioning his younger sister's name and identity.

At this moment, Hisashi mentioned in the chat group that he wanted to meet Hoshi and the twin sisters, but the twins refused.

"I don't mind meeting with Sweet Pig Knight, but Silver Knight doesn't want to, so my apologies." Hoshi apologized to Hisashi.

"Why is this humble one continually rejected? Silver Knight! We're companions, so we should meet each other sincerely and improve our relationship!" Hisashi said all spiritedly.

"Because I think that there will be a certain physiological danger to me," Rion and Kotomi replied.

"What the hell is physiological danger supposed to be referring to!?" Hisashi was astonished.

"My brother is a man who brings physiological danger to others. I truly apologize for his sake." Kaede sent an apologetic emoticon.

"My dear sister? Just what exactly do you mean!?"

"With his brains, my brother will be unable to comprehend. You only need to know that you are a regrettable existence."

"But why!?" Hisashi sent an emoticon of receiving an impact and not knowing why.

"I think that Sweet Pig Knight is a good person probably," Hoshi said.

"Ohh Knight of Light!!" Hisashi sent an emoticon that was moved to tears.

The chat group was quite chaotic.

Seiji brought Yukari, Mika, and Chiaki into a private chat room.

"I have something to mention"

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