Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 37

A heavy atmosphere permeated the air.

A showdown between the twin witches and the destroyer of clubs was about to begin Even though a showdown sounded rather immature, everyone here could detect that they were clashing with each other through their imposing manners.

That was rightimposing manners.

Of course, the twins beauty and intelligence was already well renowned, which naturally led to them becoming arrogant and haughty. This caused them to unconsciously emit an aura of disdain.

Nevertheless, as for Seiji the three people chatting happily with him moments ago were all astonished; as he stood in front of Hoshi, his imposing manner seemed no weaker than the twins at all!

Mika inadvertently reminisced about the time when he courageously stood in front of her, protecting her from that scumbag blondie.

Chiaki recalled back to when he caught the book thrown at her when she took him to visit the drama club.

Hoshi remembered the charismatic figure that coaxed the crying child during the stores busiest period.

They all instantly understood one thing.

Seiji Haruta or Seigo Harano was this type of person.

Normally, with his friends, he would chat naturally, so nobody would feel anything. In actuality, his true essence was actually that of a hero!

He wasnt a hero from a movie that performed glorious deeds. He was an ordinary one who would help the struggling people around him and even stand up for and defend those in danger a brave and resolute person.

It wasnt possible for such a person to have a non-imposing manner!

His usual casualness was merely an illusion!

The hero within him was always present, but it only appeared when it was needed.

That was what the three of them were secretly thinking.

The twin sisters squinted at Seiji.

"Hey, Kotomi, it seems like hell be difficult to deal with."

"Yep, Rion, he seems different from all those good-for-nothings we met before."

The boys their age that they had previously met were always affected by their beauty in some wayeither obviously or beneath the surface. Some pretended to be calm, while others were gentlemanly; some were arrogant and haughty, while others were hypocrites

Even though the boys appearances and behaviors would be different, none of them were different in their disgusting essence.

Lust, the naked desire to have sexthat was what boys what all boys lived for!

The twins firmly believed this because theyd observed it countless times.

Even their father and younger brother were no exception to this rule. But as they were family, their target wasnt the twins.

Men were all the same disgusting perverts.

That was why they were always able to deduce their true motives.

But it seemed that theyd encountered a rare one?

"Kotomi, is this our first time? Seeing someone so strange?"

"Rion, I think so. This junior of ours is really strange."

From the very start, they used their deductive abilities to the utmost.

However, they failed to find any weaknesses whatsoever!

Although Seigo Harano seemed like he appreciated their beauty, he wasnt moved by it, and his eyes seemed quite straightforward and revealed no signs of lust at all. It was as if he was looking at a collection of store mannequins rather than living, beautiful girls.

Apart from that, his hair didnt appear like he put any effort into it, nor did he seem to use any makeup or skin care products.

His collar was quite clean; he didnt wear a watch or any other accessories, and his clothes were unruffled; he didnt have the slightest trace of being intimate with anyone.

His pants werent especially tattered, his fingernails were clean with nothing underneath, and his shoes were completely ordinary as well.

No smell of smoke, gum, cologne, or girls

There was nothing at all!

They couldnt find any hidden signs that could help them shake him.

"Have you finished looking at me?"

A light voice interrupted their observation and thoughts.

"You were just observing me closely, right? Do you believe that your deductive abilities are on par with a famous detectives?" Seiji asked calmly. "My apologies, unlike a character in a novel, Im just an ordinary person that has nothing special for you to deduce. At least everything about me is normal, so Im extremely sorry that I havent been able to provide any interesting fodder to test me with. Oh, if there is any, though, Im an otaku; not to mention I used to be a complete scumbag just a while before. Maybe that will get your attention, but thats nothing special either, since Im not trying to hide it. Did you find any weaknesses of mine? If so, lets hear it, or else if you keep standing there stupidly, youll turn into a pair of idiots."

His tone of voice remained light and calm throughout.

To the twin sisters, it sounded like the most arrogant challenge theyd ever received.

He was basically saying that he was looking down upon them.

This was a clear insult to them.

However, they simply werent able to detect any weaknesses.

How was this possible?

Perverted, disgusting boys would all have their hidden secrets, and these secrets would become their critical weaknesses.

However, they couldnt discern a single weakness in him at all!?

They felt a hint of anxiety at being unable to rid themselves of this insult.

But they managed to remain calm.

Even if they temporarily couldnt find anything, all was not lost.

Long ago, when they first began observing boys, it was common if they werent able to instantly spot every boys weakness. This was just a repeat of that type of situation.

The boy in front of them definitely didnt have zero weaknesses; he just hid them much better than others.

"Oh my, Kotomi, Im rather heartbroken."

"I know, Rion, I feel so bad."

The two of them laughed lightly as they clasped each others hands.

"We didnt even do anything; we just wanted to meet the person that our younger brother admired."

"Yep, yep, our little bro that we took such good care of for more than ten years went to work for just one day."

"And then he became someone that yelled and shouted at his older sisters."

They giggled softly.

"So, thats why Kotomi really wants to know..."

"Indeed, Rion would love to comprehend..."

"Just what kind of weird person would make our brother so strange!?" The duo exclaimed together.

"Sisters" Hoshi Amamis face flushed deep red, and he prepared to say something charged with emotion, but Seiji raised his hand and stopped him.

"As you can see, Im just a normal person," Seiji said calmly as he stared at the twins with a strong light radiating from his eyes, "instead of meeting me, you should reflect on yourselves. Why did your younger brother that youve spoiled for so many years feel closer to me, someone he met at work and hasnt even known for three days, compared to the two of you?"

"Oh my, Kotomi, did we do something wrong?"

"Oh my, Rion, we didnt do anything wrong."

The beautiful duo both wore confused expressions and blinked together cutely.

"We always gave our brother beautiful clothes to wear~"

"Theyre just about always girls clothes and some really strange clothes! None of it is anything I want to wear, and you guys never give me anything that I want to wear!"

"We always cooked delicious food for our brother~"

"You always put strange ingredients into the food and love to watch my reaction and laugh at me!" Hoshi continued denying his sisters statements.

"We always took our brother to fun places~"

"Even if you did, you always played tricks on me! Leaving me behind on purpose, taking me to scary places, forcing me to go on rides I was too afraid to go on, or making me participate in abnormal programs" Hoshi trailed off as he continued to list his sisters deeds against him.

"Weve always been thinking about whats best for our brother!"

The twin sisters blatantly ignored all of Hoshis replies and cackled together in unison.

"Sometimes, I wish that you wouldnt care so much about me" Hoshi sighed helplessly.

The giggling twin sisters and the dejected younger brother made for an almost comical sight.

Were they acting in a comedy sketch?

Mika and Chiaki failed to suppress their laughter at the sight.

Mika and Chiaki seemed to believe that they had a close family relationship.

Until they suddenly noticed that Seiji, who had been looking directly at the twins all this time, wasnt smiling at all.

Rather, his expression turned grave.

Without even blinking, he stared directly at them with a sharp glint in his eyes as if he could see through them.

"You dont feel like youve done anything wrong?" He suddenly spoke up again in a severe tone.

"Senpai?" Hoshi also noticed that Harano-senpai wasnt his usual self.

"Of course not! Kotomi hasnt done anything wrong."

"Obviously not! Rion wouldnt make any mistakes."

The twins continued to giggle. Their eyes sparkled brightly, and their mouths faintly arced upwards alluringly.

"The one in the wrong is"

"The one whos become so strange"

"Our little brother!"

Their tone of voice, their body language, and even their words were cute.

Seiji widened his eyes.

He saw it.

"Sisters Rion and Kotomi" Hoshi smiled wryly, not knowing what to say, "you guys"

"Are disgusting." Seiji interrupted.

"Er?"When Hoshi heard Seiji interrupt him, he looked curiously in Seijis direction.

The result was that Hoshi saw an expression hed never seen before.

His Harano-senpai had such a grim, dark expression.

"You two are truly disgusting."

Cold, direct, harsh, clear, and condescending.

That was the tone of voice that Seiji had towards the giggling twin sisters.

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