Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 372

The first person that Hana saw was a strange girl who was wearing a black windbreaker, a breathing mask, sunglasses, and a wool hat, covering her face entirely.

"Is this person covering her face an idol or a pervert?" Hana asked.

"Don't say something so bad like calling her a pervert. She just doesn't want to reveal her identity," Seiji responded.

"Normally, those who don't want to reveal their identities are either famous idols or some type of pervert."

"This way of looking at things is too extreme!" Seiji felt as if he had been included in this category as well as he recalled his attire for the Winter Snow Festival. "If you must, she's closer to the idol category."

"Could she be Miyuki Sakuraku?"

"A national idol is together with me no way! This isn't a television drama or some variety show."

"If that's Miyuki, I'm going to tell everyone on the internet immediately."

"You're so terrible!"

If a national idol really did disguise herself and come to such an event, and was found out about it, that would definitely cause a huge commotion, which was no joke at all.

"She's a girl that I met on the internet, and is somewhat famous in her own profession. Her internet name is Reiko."

"Is she in the adult video profession?"

"No! Stop guessing, she just doesn't want to say, which is different from you who doesn't want to reveal your identity."

"Hmph What about the girl to her right?" Hana looked over at the girl wearing a pink wool cap and wearing a warm winter jacket.

This girl was cute, but was only at an ordinary level.

Hana paid quite a lot of attention to the fact that Seiji had previously described his companions by saying "I think they're quite beautiful," but now that she saw the real people in question, they were like this

At this moment, the camera moved as Seiji moved, anda beautiful girl with amber eyes and pigtails entered the stream.

Hana was rendered speechless.

Why did the style suddenly change!?

This pigtailed girl was obviously at a different level from the girl wearing the pink wool cap. It was as if a manga's style had suddenly changed from a 4-koma to a romance manga. This was a bright and shiny youthful beautiful girl who would definitely be flirted with if she was walking alone on the street.

Seiji told her that the girl in the pink wool cap was also his internet friend, whose username was Lavender.

But Hana was no longer paying attention to Lavender. Her focus turned to the beautiful girl with pigtails.

"Who is this with the pigtails? Didn't you say that you were only going with two others?"

"At the time, I was only going with two others, but two more came along later," Seiji explained. "As for this person, she's my neighbor as well as my classmate, Mika Uehara."

Neighbor classmate Hana's eyes twitched when she heard this.

At this moment, the camera moved again and showed her a silver-haired beauty next to the pigtailed girl.

This girl had a handsome face and seemed somewhat boyish, but was still doubtlessly a girl. She was currently smiling at the camera.

"Are you currently filming me?" Chiaki made a pose as if she was an idol doing a photography shoot.

"Yes, I'm currently giving simple introductions of you all to her," Seiji explained.

"Is the microphone on?"

"Not yet."

At Chiaki's request, Seiji turned on the microphone.

"Hello! I'm Chiaki Wakaba, Seigo's classmate and good friend. We're such good friends that we've even slept together before~" The silver-haired beauty chuckled as she talked to the camera.


Not only was Hana on the other side of the stream astonished, Yukari and Kaho at the scene were also astonished.


Seiji and Mika both glared in unison at her.

"More accurately speaking, we've slept together under the same roof," Chiaki laughed as she added that part.

'Oh no, even sleeping together under the same roof wasn't a small matter!'

"She only slept one night in my living room. Don't make it sound so ambiguous," Seiji sighed.

"Still, that's under the same roof. By the way, I should mention that my current target is to sleep in the same bed as you~" Chiaki sent him a flirtatious expression.

"Stop messing around!" Mika stopped her.

"As you can see, she loves to joke around," Seiji said to Hana.

There was no response.

Seiji put on his Bluetooth headset, connected it to the internet, and requested a voice chat with Hana.

"She's an excellent candidate for a friend with benefits."

After Hana accepted the voice chat, her first sentence almost caused Seiji to choke.

"I can tell that as long as you ask her, she'll let you do her, so why don't you try that out later?"

"Try your face!"

"Hmph Perverted familiar with no limits."

"Why am I the one being insulted here?"

"Because it's the truth."

"Truth, the hell!" Seiji energetically retorted.

"What did she say?" Chiaki was quite curious.

"No need to mind. Let's begin looking around." Seiji forcefully ended this topic of conversation, and then looked around the convention.

There were huge crowds of people inside, and through the waves of people, he could also make out countless stalls, various posters, products for sale, and decorations

"I hope that everything we want to buy still has stock remaining. Time to go!"

Their group began their search.

While waiting in line, they had already planned out what they wanted to buy, and scheduled an order to explore the convention in.

However, they didn't head directly for their targets, instead looking around as they walked towards their targets. If they saw any stall that interested them along the way, they would stop to take a look. If there was something anyone wanted, they could decide on their own to buy it or not.

As they walked around and looked at everything, Seiji's spirits gradually rose.

Not only him, Yukari and Kaho got into high spirits as well.

The three of them passionately discussed various products on display here, and proactively purchased whatever interested them. Their eyes all seemed to be burning with flames, almost as if they were young children at an amusement park.

Mika was influenced by them and her spirits began rising as well.

After that, she discovered that not only were Seiji and the others in high spirits, everyone else Just about everyone they saw in the convention was filled with passion!

People came to this convention due to their hobbies.

Well, there might have been reasons other than hobbies for coming here, but coming here for their hobbies was definitely by far the main reason. Everyone had excited, lively expressions, and their spirits were all at the max that was the evidence.

Mika felt something indescribable after realizing that she was in the midst of all this burning passion.

All these groups and individuals' stalls here were selling products that were personally created or crafted by them.

They created these products to their own likes and sold them to others to pass on their passion.

And as for the people buying these products, perhaps some of them were also creating products of their own, and maybe some of them would prepare to do so in the future

Their hobbies had been actualized here and were being transmitted from person to person. Everyone here accepted others' likes, and also transmitted their own likes to others. This was a world of its own!

2-D. Mika thought about this term she had learned from Seiji before.

She felt as if she came to a sudden realization and understood what it meant now.

Before, Mika had been determined to like that which Seiji liked, and indeed made some progress thanks to Kaho's assistance.

But only at this moment did she truly understand what it was that Seiji liked, and why he was so passionate about it.

The "something" that was hidden in anime, manga, games and other such forms that had incomparable charisma for so many was finally faintly beginning to touch her.

Although it was only a little, she had indeed touched it.

Seiji was writing his story, drawing, writing his game script, making a game, and wanting to sell his game next summer at this convention the main reason for all this was for that "something!"

Mika was unable to express it in words, nor did she need to express it.

She already knew what it was that she needed to do, and she would begin to proactively do it more in the future.

Right now, all she needed to do was face him, smile, and talk to him with her heartfelt emotions.

Especially this one sentence

"This doujinshi convention is really interesting!"

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